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Meet cale

Dukes Meet Cale Yarborough is the seventh episode of season two

Bo and Luke help NASCAR superstar Cale Yarborough and his assistant test a new supercharger, which he plans to unveil at the upcoming Illinois 500, and keep it out of the hands of Boss Hogg's latest associates, the dreaded Jethro brothers.

Balladeer: Now Rosco don’t chase the Duke boys for practice. Where the Dukes are concerned he’s all business. There ain’t nothing he won’t do to cause the Dukes trouble.

Bo and Luke are in the General, Luke driving toward the state line. Rosco nearly crashes into the Jethro Brothers. Bo remarks they should pull over before getting to the state line. Luke agrees and does so, but they already crossed the line without knowing. Rosco calls Boss who is in the Boar’s Nest and he tells Rosco not to disturb him when he is meditating at his shrine. Rosco tells him that the boys crossed the line. Luke and Bo hear it over the C.B. and realize they are in trouble. Bo is confused by the road they are on and the boys realize they have never seen it before. They come up on an abandoned race track, seeing someone using it. Bo and Luke are approached by a driver wearing a helmet and Chet Garvey. While be interrogated about their intentions they learn the driver is Cale Yarborough to their excitement. After talking to them, Cale decides they are alright and decides to explain what he’s been doing.

Balladeer: Well it seems Mr. Cale Yarborough has been doin’ a little shadetree mechanic work. They come up with a real live thingamajig.

Cale and Chet show Bo and Luke their turbo charger. They explain they are trying to keep the Jethro Brothers from stealing it, and Bo and Luke say they have heard of the brothers. Cale explains there is still an issue with the part and Luke asks to test it. Cale agrees to let them. Bo and Luke take his car out and Bo drives around the track. The boys follow the instructions and use the turbocharger but it cuts out and they return. The boys agree to help them by getting Cooter.

Boar’s Nest

Cooter and Jesse are playing chess. Daisy brings them refills and Cooter thanks her. As the Jethro brothers continue to look for Cale, Daisy wins the game and Cooter teases Jesse only for him to snap at Cooter. The Jethro Brothers slip into the Boar’s Nest and they ask Daisy a few questions. Bo, Luke, and Chet arrive too. They are spotted by the brother’s as they talk to Cooter, who nearly yells about Cale to the whole bar before the boys can silence him. Cooter asks if this is a secret what are they telling him for. Enos arrives outside and reports to Rosco that he sees the General resulting in Rosco heading to the Boar’s Nest. Enos goes inside and Bo and Luke bolt as Cooter takes Garvey with him to the Garage. Rosco arrives as Bo and Luke pull out of the parking lot and chases after them. Rosco decides to take a shortcut down Woodchuck Road to cut them off. Bo and Luke take a different road and stop to wonder where Rosco is. He comes out of the woods and confronts the boys.


Roco arrives with Bo and Luke at the jail. Bo and Luke happen to hear Simon and Rowdy approach Rosco as they are taken into the Jail and they realize the two are probably the Jethro Brothers. Rosco and Enos set up to take Bo and Luke’s finger prints. Boss comes in, happy to see Bo and Luke have been arrested and Rosco accidentally gets ink on Boss’ jacket. Rosco follows Boss out telling Enos to book the boys. Luke asks for their phone call but Enos reminds them that the last time they asked, they hung him on the wall. The boys say they are entitled to one phone call and Enos allows them. Luke calls Cooter’s to warn Garvey. Instead of staying with Cooter as requested, Garvey goes to bail the boys out. The Jethro Brothers leave the phone company and spot Chet. Rosco and Enos are playing cards and Chet comes in to pay the bail for Bo and Luke. They head over to Cooters. The brothers bug the cars.

Boar’s Nest

Boss wants to know who Garvey is and why he would pay $200 for the boys. Boss then gets a call from Mabel who reads a telegram for him of the Jethro Brother’s looking for Cale Yarborough.


Garvey gets the valve from Cooter and he, Bo, and Luke leave. Simon and Rowby go to follow but they are arrested by Rosco for a number of charges.

Boar’s Nest

The Jethro Brothers are taken to Boss Hogg and Boss orders Daisy to bring them in some drinks and asks them for 15,000 dollars and he will get them the turbocharger that he knows they are after. Daisy listens in outside as Simon agrees.

Race Track

The boys put the new turbocharger on Cale’s car. Cale tests it but his car spins out. Cale tries again. When it works Cale returns and asks the boys to join his pit crew. Before they can answer either way, Daisy calls on the C.B. asking if the boys have met any Mr. Yarborough. They say they have and she tells them that Boss and the Jethro Brothers are planning to steal his turbocharger. Meanwhile the brothers and Boss are listening in due to the bugs planted in the cars. Jesse then calls Bo and Luke and tells them to come back to the Farm, angry with them.  Boss meanwhile calls Enos.

Duke Farm

Jesse is concerned about their probation and Bo explains it was a risk they both felt they had to take. Luke says they are trying to protect the turbocharger and Jesse says he doesn’t care about that. Luke and Bo say that isn’t how Jesse brought them up and Bo says that Jesse always said they should never turn their backs on someone who needed help. Jesse reluctantly agrees but tells them to be careful. They spot Enos arrive and Enos greets them all before telling them he has a warrant for their arrest. Bo and Luke are surprised that Boss is the judge and Jesse says that there isn’t any reason writen in the warrant. Jesse shows him that the warrant isn’t justified. When Bo and Luke leave Enos realizes what happened and that Jesse tricked him. He goes after the boys.

Race Track

Bo and Luke return and talk to Cale and Chet. Luke comes up with a plan, not knowing that Boss and the Jethro brothers are listening.


Balladeer: Step one, the Cale Yarborough’s white car is out in the open for the whole world to see. Step two, you send ol’ Garvey on the road out of town, hoping’ them other guys will follow him. And step three was real clever. Drop Cale Yarborough at the bus stop. You let him take that thingamajig and slip out of town real quiet like. It was one slick plan, and it didn’t work worth a pitcher of spit.

Bo drives the white car into town and Luke picks him up. Then Garvey leaves in the RV. They go to take Cale to the bus stop to see Rosco and Enos waiting. Bo turns and goes the other way with the officers following him. Bo asks how they could know that and Luke suggests a lucky guess as Boss and the brothers laugh about it. Luke decides to send Cale on the train depot but Boss heads them off. Bo and Luke turn around again. Luke tries for the only plane in Hazzard but they find that Boss got there too. Bo and Luke get chased again and Bo losses them by jumping the General.

They pull over and discuss how Boss and the rest know where they are. Cale makes a comment that makes Luke check the cars and they find that someone put a wire in them. Luke tells Bo his plan, amusing Bo. Luke puts the bug on the horn and has Bo hit it, telling Boss they know about it. Boss changes the agreed price to 20,000 for his help. Luke has Jesse and Daisy meet them at Cooters.


Cooter, Jesse, Daisy, Cale, Bo, and Luke set about painting Cale’s car and one more to look like the General. Rosco sets up a barricade with Enos at another location. A third one is blocked by Boss and the brothers. They set out in the three General’s.

Balladeer: Now just to keep you all from getting confused, old Jesse is driving General A, Daisy is at the wheel of General B, and in C, in the middle, in the real General Lee; now that’s Bo and Luke with Mr. Yarborough, I think. Luke’s plan was to confuse the enemy and he did a pretty fair job of confusing me.

Jesse takes Sumner Road and crashes through Boss’ barricade, causing Boss, Alex, and the Jethro Brothers to chase him. Enos heads out to cut them off. Rosco goes to join in the chase and Enos notices the General behind him, being driven by Daisy. He follows her in the decoy. Boss says they are going west and Rosco says they should be going East as Enos is chasing them. Jesse turns off at Sutton’s Crossing and Boss orders them to cut them off at the North Fork. Confused, Rosco asks them all to make up their minds when he passes Bo and Luke. He chases them. At the crossing of Sutton’s Mill, Sutton’s Creek, and Sutton’s Landing; all three Generals pass, converging together. Jesse’s car goes down due to the radiator. The others chase again. One General goes left and one goes right. One police car goes left, and Boss and the other go right. Daisy pulls over showing Enos he chose wrong but Enos disagrees. Bo and Luke trick Rosco in going through a road block. Luke says he’s out of ideas and Cale suggests using the turbo.

Rosco, Boss, Alex, and the brothers set up a road block. Bo jumps over the road block.

Race team

Balladeer: Boss and Rosco had a heart to heart talk, all about what went wrong. So that’s how two Dukes helped one of the Worlds greatest race drivers win the Illinois 500. The Jethro Borthers came in last which was a lot better than they deserved. Don’t y'all just love happy endings.

Boss yells at Rosco. Bo and Luke watch Cale win the race with Garbey in the pit; Daisy, Jesse, and Enos watch in the stands.

Main Cast[]

Guest Stars[]


  • Joey Sagal as Motorcycle Guy


  • This is the first time Bo and Luke meet Cale Yarborough
  • This is the first time in the series Bo and Luke leave the State
  • Cale Yarborough says he knew a man from Hazzard named Skeeter. Bo explains that Skeeter used to help Jesse with Black Tilly when he ran moon shine.
  • Enos references the time Bo and Luke hung him on the wall and left him in The Big Heist