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"Dukes in Danger" is the twenty-seventh episode of the fourth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


For the second time in a matter of weeks, friends and enemies are forced to band together to defeat a common threat. A prison car that is escorting two convicts, Leeman (Steven Williams) and Hammer (Bill Fletcher), has an accident, and Leeman and Hammer escape. They go to the Duke farm, where Jesse is preparing to drive into town to make his mortgage payment to Boss Hogg, and they take the Dukes hostage. Their car keys are confiscated, and all their communication devices are disabled. With Boss Hogg getting impatient about the mortgage payment, Boss and Rosco go to the farm to collect the payment, and they become hostages too. Everyone is forced to improvise and cooperate while trying to get the attention of Cooter and Cletus, the only two people who are free to rescue them.


Balladeer: Bo and Luke Duke know every highway, road, and cow path in Hazzard County so well that they could probably drive ‘em blindfolded. You know a lot of folks wondered why the Duke boys keep hanging around Hazzard. Well one reason is life in Hazzard is plum full of surprises. Now the Dukes don’t know it yet, but this prison car taking a short cut to the Federal Slammer in Atlanta is gonna land them in more trouble than Custard had Indians.


Luke drives the General down the road with Bo. Up ahead Rosco is hiding a red traffic light in a tree. He tells Flash to watch as they will make a fortune on it. In the car, Bo remarks that for once they can take it easy and kick back. Luke says they will have no issue making it to the bank. Rosco hears a car coming and gets excited to see the Dukes. He drops the traffic light, shocking Bo and Luke. Luke stops in confusion and Rosco gets in his car. Luke takes off and Rosco follows him. Bo laughs in amusement and Rosco slides into a tree. Not wanting to give up, Rosco chases after them in reverse. The boys drive away anyway.

Randall drives Leeman and Hammer toward the state men, taking a road through Hazzard. As they go, they see the General Lee being chased by the police car in reverse. Stunned all three turn to watch the strange fight, flipping the car. Down the road, not having seen it, Bo and Luke pull off the road and cause Rosco to drive into a tree and get stuck. Luke says they should go back and help him before the squirrels get at him.

Leeman and Hammer get out of the wrecked car, yelling at the guard Randell before seeing he’s unconscious. They take  his keys, unlocking their cuffs.

Luke hooks up Rosco’s car to pull it out with the General, Bo assuring Flash that everything is alright. However it doesn’t work.

Leeman and Hammer get free and Luke pulls Rosco out of the tree. Bo is amused as Rosco gets out of the car with Flash. Luke asks if they are in one piece and Rosco says Flash is in a state. Bo says she’ll walk it off and they got to get to town for the mortgage payment. Rosco stops them to write them a citation. However Luke just drives away. Annoyed, Rosco decides to chase after them backwards again. He attempts it only to drive into a ditch.

Town of Hazzard

Boss calls Mabel and has her connect him to Laverne. Shconfirms that Jesse hasn’t paid the mortgage yet. Boss tells Laverne there is 30 minutes to go and at three she is to close the doors. Boss thinks today may be the day when Jesse misses his mortgage payment.

Duke Farm

Jesse and Daisy get ready to leave, Jesse saying they got twenty minutes and they are cutting it short. Daisy comes out to the truck when Leeman and Hammer confront them. Daisy tries to separate Jesse from the men but Jesse gets out of the truck anyway. Leeman asks about the mortgage money Daisy mentioned and Jesse hands it over.


Bo and Luke keep driving to town, Luke saying they are going to be a little late. Meanwhile Cooter is driving down the road. Randall, regaining consciousness, realizes what happened and run out to the road seeing Cooter. Randall tells Cooter everything.

Police Department

As three o’clock hits, Boss celebrates. He orders Laverne to close the bank before singing ‘Old McDonald’ changing the words to reflect him owning the phone. He then pulls out the foreclosure papers.

Bo and Luke arrive in town and see the bank is closed. Worried at not seeing the truck, Bo calls Jesse but Hammer pulls out the CB. Bo and Luke become concerned and Bo continues to try calling. In the station Boss continues to sing when Bo and Luke come in, asking if he’s seen Jesse. Boss says he hasn’t and now the Dukes have lost the Farm. Luke protests that Boss must give him some slack and Boss asks where does it say that. Boss leaves to serve the foreclosure notice. The boys try calling the farm again using the station’s CB but get no response.

Duke Farm

Jesse remarks that they have all the Duke’s money now and should leave but Lee and Hammer refuse, saying they intend to stay. The head toward the house and Hammer tells Daisy to make them something to eat. Daisy becomes annoyed and Jesse smooths everything over by offering to help make food.


Boss continues to celebrate as he drives. He is surprised when Bo and Luke come up behind him. Bo tries to go around him but Boss refuses to let him pass. Bo ends up forcing him in a hay pile before they drive off for the farm. Boss pulls out of the hay pile to see two teenagers Winnie and Bob, who were having a romp in the hay from the square dance the night before. Boss tells them to get out of there and they run off. Boss gets out of the car, checking on the engine and commenting on the younger generation.

Duke Farm

Bo and Luke arrive while Jesse and Daisy are making food. Leeman threatens them not to say a word as he goes into a closet and Hammer goes into the living room. Bo and Luke run in, worried about Jesse and Daisy. The come into the kitchen and all three Duke men start talking quickly. Hammer comes into the kitchen, announcing his presence. Realizing what happened, Bo moves toward Hammer before telling Luke to ‘go for it’ before attacking the man. Luke tries to bolt out the door but Leeman comes back in, stopping him. Worried, Luke looks into the living room where Hammer is hitting Bo. Daisy throws a plate at him and Leeman tells him to stop. Hammer shoves Bo into the kitchen table where Luke helps him up. Luke asks if they are okay and Jesse says they have the mortgage money. Luke proposes they escaped from the station wagon they saw on their way to the farm, which Hammer confirms. Leeman and Hammer say they aren’t going anywhere until things calm down. Leeman has Hammer take Bo and Luke into the living room to watch them.


Cletus comes out to get Rosco from the ditch. Rosco yells at Cletus the whole time and they start arguing. As Cletus unhooks his car, Rosco drops the chain on his head. Boss, having gotten his car started again, calls for Rosco over the CB. While Rosco is distracted, Cletus throws the chains on Rosco’s foot, making him yell in pain. Rosco answers the CB, still howling in pain and Boss tells him to meet him at the Duke Farm as he’s foreclosing and there might be trouble. Rosco agrees and puts down the CB. Cletus apologizes and Rosco says he’s the sorriest deputy there is. Rosco tells him to go to town and that he hates Cletus. Cletus says that’s not nice and the two go their separate ways. While driving Rosco nearly has an accident with Cooter. He stops and Cooter and Randall tell him about the escaped convicts. Rosco sends them to town, to have Cletus give Randall a patrol car before he continues on to the Duke Farm.

Duke Farm

Hamer goes through Bo and Luke’s bedroom, taking some of the boys clothes. Bo protests but Boss arrives. Leeman tells Hammer to take the boys in the back. Hammer moves Bo and Luke to their bedroom while Leeman has Jesse and Daisy sit in the kitchen and tells them to get rid of Boss. Leeman hides and Boss comes in. Boss says he’s been waiting for this day for a long time. Jesse tells him they can’t leave and Daisy tries to help. Jesse tries to force Boss out but Boss refuses. He sits at the kitchen table saying he isn’t leaving. Daisy and Jesse try to get him to leave again but Boss refuses, saying he will not leave. Leeman comes out saying he made his choice. After a moment Boss realizes the danger they are in and Hammer brings in Bo and Luke. Boss assumes the two are mad at the Duke Family but the convicts say Boss is staying. Taking advantage of the confusion, Luke bolts out of the house while Bo trips up Hammer to help Luke escape.

Outside Hammer comes out the door and Luke tackles him. Before Luke can hit him, Hammer gets out his gun and forces Luke to back up. Hearing a siren they stop. In the house Daisy says it sounds like Cletus but Bo says it’s Rosco. Boss tells Leeman that whoever it is works for him. Hammer comes back in with Luke, Luke telling the others that it didn’t work. Leeman gets frustrated and tells Hammer to take Jesse and Daisy this time as he wants to watch Bo and Luke.

Rosco pulls into the farm, blinded by Flash and hitting the clothes line and a fence. Leeman has Boss, Bo and Luke all sit down and tells them to get rid of the Sheriff before he starts shooting. Rosco and Flash come inside, Rosco telling Flash to snap. Meanwhile Boss and the boys are pretending to get along about the foreclosure. Rosco puts down Flash, who goes to the closet. Bo and Luke try to get Rosco to leave and Rosco says it’s nice to see the boys cooperate. Rosco informs them all about the convicts escaping and that he’s going to look for them. Boss tells him to go do that. Flash starts scratching at the closet and Rosco says that they must have a huge mouse. Luke says the cat will take care of it but Rosco says they don’t have a cat. Bo says they will get one, rather they will get two and Rosco should go out on hot pursuit. Rosco insists on checking however and before the others can stop him he opens the closet. Rosco realizes they are the convicts. Leeman tells Rosco to get up his hands and calls for Hammer to come back in. Rosco tries to hand Flash to Boss and the two bicker. Seeing an opening, Bo bolts out the door. Luke gets up but Hammer is there and stops him.

Bo gets in the General and tries to drive away. Before he gets far Leeman shoots out a tire. Bo is forced to stop and Leeman runs over, telling Bo to get out of the car. Bo says they have no call holding them prisoner in their house. Leeman orders him out again and they go into the house. Daisy and Jesse were watching out the window. Leeman says they aren’t going to chase after Bo and Luke anymore, that they next time one of them escapes he will just shoot Daisy. Luke and Bo ask them to leave again and Leeman says they are staying and tells Daisy to finish making their dinner. Boss and Rosco go to eat some fruit but Leeman separates them. Leeman takes Boss into Bo and Luke’s bedroom and has him call Cletus, telling Cletus he is in charge and not to disturb him for a few days while he is at the Duke Farm.

Police Department

Cletus gives Randall a gun and the keys to the spare patrol car. Randall leaves and Cletus hears the phone ring. Answering he tells Boss about the escaped cons. Boss tells him that news travels fast before telling Cletus he is in charge. Cletus hangs up, excited. He pretends to address the people of Hazzard but trips and falls into the cell. Thinking he’s locked in he yells for help before hitting the bars to find they weren’t locked.

Duke Farm

Leeman and Hammer go to all the cars, pulling the CB lines and cut the phone lines.  After getting changed, Leeman goes back to the living room where Boss, Jesse, Luke, and Rosco are being watched by Hammer. Bo and Daisy are cooking in the kitchen. Luke and Jesse both want to get to the barn, because the bows and arrows as well as Jesse’s shotgun are out there. Leeman tells them to be quiet.

Cooter pulls up to the farm with Dixie. Leeman and Hammer are surprised and the others are alert. Cooter comes into the house saying he hopes they don’t mind company and should put on another plate. Cooter walks into the kitchen and is surprised to see Boss and Rosco. Luke writes a note asking for help as Cooter tries to drop hints about wanting to eat, remarking craw-fish gumbo is his favorite. Cooter remarks he hasn’t had a chance to get dinner and it’ll be too late to eat dinner when he gets home. Luke gives the note to Daisy, who slips it into Cooter’s pocket while distracting him by thanking him for bringing Dixie and kissing him. Cooter leaves.

Leeman and Hammer come out, Hammer taking the gumbo from Boss as he wants to eat it. Boss tries to eat the tomatoes but Leeman takes them. Boss decides to try to biscuits, Bo warning him not to push his luck.


Cooter drives down the road, accidentally running Randall off the road. They stop and Randall scolds Cooter to which Cooter apologizes saying he was distracted. Randall says he’s looking down Old Mill Road for the convicts and Cooter says there is only one farm that way, the Duke Farm, and he was just there. Randall agrees to look elsewhere and tells Cooter to be careful as they are dangerous.

Duke Farm

Rosco tries to feed the biscuits to Flash but Boss protests. As the two fight over the food, Leeman snaps for them to give him the food and he tosses it in the trash. The Dukes mostly ignore it as they do the dishes. Hammer comes in saying he checked out the barn and they can put the group out there for the night. Luke, Jesse, and Bo protest but Leeman agrees. Boss talks to Leeman again, offering him money. The Dukes listen and Rosco accidentally tells them all about a money belt that Boss is currently wearing. Leeman takes it and Boss tells Rosco that if they get out of this alive he will kill him.

Police Department

Cletus calls Laverne to tell her about how he is now in charge. He is started when Randall arrives, dropping the phone and screaming. Randall tells him he can’t find the convicts anywhere and Cletus says he is standing on his gun. They both go to pick it up, hitting their heads together.

Sleeping in the barn

Duke Farm

The Dukes, Rosco, and Boss move into barn with Hammer. Bo and Luke settle down next to each other talking about the bows and Leeman tells them to keep their eyes and mouth shut. He tells Daisy to keep close to him so he can keep an eye on her and Luke says he and Bo will watch her too. Daisy lays against Bo and they settle down for bed. Rosco and Boss protest but Hammer yells at them. Everyone goes to sleep, Boss and Rosco fighting over a blanket.

The next morning they all wake up to the rooster crowing. Bo asks if it is alright if they open their eyes yet and Hammer agrees saying for them to not move around. Luke comments he’s hungry and the others agree. Daisy offers to make her homemade sausages and Jesse adds that they have fresh milk and eggs. Excited, Hammer agrees to let them gather what they need, having Bo and Luke stay put. Boss and Rosco approach Hammer, trying to bribe him again. Annoyed, Hammer gets to his feet, threatening to shoot him when Jesse returns with the milk. He throws it on Hammer’s face. In anger, Hammer shoots his pistol, dropping a piece of equipment on Boss. Hammer runs into the house to get Leeman and the Dukes set up barricades and get their shotgun and bows.

Leeman and Hammer come out to confront the Dukes. They take cover around the house as the Dukes shoot arrows at them, Bo and Luke intentionally hitting close to them. Boss and Rosco bicker and Boss decides to milk a goat.

Police Department

Cletus sits in the station, calling Mabel and telling her that if the Governor calls to take a message while smoking Boss’ cigars. Cooter comes in, startling him and causing Cletus to fall out of his chair. Cooter explains he found a note in his pocket and thinks the Dukes are in trouble. Cletus asks what he said and Cooter says for him to just come with him.

Duke Farm

Boss manages to milk the goat as the fire fight keeps happening. Bo decides to make a run for Dixie, something Jesse and Daisy protest on. Luke agrees, telling Bo to give him his last arrow so Luke can cover him. Bo makes the run but isn’t able to do anything and is forced to go back. Hammer meanwhile comes out of the house with Randall’s bag. Boss tries to drink the goat milk and an egg, disgusted with the creation. Hammer digs out some tear gas and they throw it into the barn. Daisy run over to grab it, tossing it back at them and the tear gas is sprayed on them. They decide to flee, taking Rosco’s car and shooting out all the other cars’ tires. Bo and Luke run to the General, trying to change the tire quickly to chase after them.


Hammer and Leeman drive off in Rosco’s car. They pass Cletus and Cooter who are in Cletus’ car at the same time as Randall in the spare car. Cooter sees them and has Cletus and Randall both turn to give chase.

Duke Farm

Daisy goes to get the bows and dynamite arrows as Bo and Luke finish up. Boss tells the boys to get his money belt back and Boss, Rosco, Jesse, and Daisy watch them leave. Rosco is upset he can’t go with them.


Bo cuts across fields, intending to catch up. Bo jokes that with Luke in the Marines the General will have to join the air force. They catch up to the others, falling in behind Leeman and Hammer and cutting in front of the police cars. Leeman starts shooting at the General and Luke shoots dynamite arrows at the road. Luke curses that he missed, before Leeman hits the windshield and Bo says they didn’t. Luke tries a second time. Hammer run off the road, allowing them both to be captured. Bo reclaims the money belt and the mortgage money.

Balladeer: And so the escaped convicts were finally captured by the Duke boys, and turned over to the law. After they’d been relieved of Jesse’s mortgage money and Boss’ very fat money belt. But the Duke’s problem wasn’t over. Cause they had to get Boss to accept that mortgage money. So they counted on ol’ Boss’ greed. They slipped the mortgage money into the money belt, which meant that Boss had accepted the payment. And the Dukes kept the farm. Now you do realize that this all started ‘cause they got their first traffic light in Hazzard County. Don’t you?

Duke Farm

Bo and Luke return to the farm. Boss refuses to accept the mortgage money after everything that happened. Bo and Luke slip the mortgage money into the money belt before giving it to Boss. Boss takes it and notices the money before becoming upset. Bo and Luke shake hands as they Dukes celebrate.


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  • At the beginning of the episode Rosco remarks that he loves Caviar. He first tried it in 10 Million Dollar Sheriff
  • In Share and Share Alike, Bo and Luke had said that they knew the difference in pitches on the police sirens. Bo illustrates this again in this episode, recognizing Rosco by his car's siren.
  • This episode is the second time Bo and Luke's bedroom is seen in the show.
    • The Carnival of Thrills poster is still hanging in the boys room
    • The motocross poster from the Fugitive which Bo won is sitting behind the dresser
    • The flags, trophies, and pictures that were last seen from My Son Bo Hogg are still in the boys room.
    • By one of the beds, most likely Luke's, are pictures of boxers reflecting Luke's time as a boxer in the marines which was first brought up in And in this Corner Luke Duke
  • When Cooter brings Daisy's jeep to the farm, he hints that he wants to eat dinner with the Dukes. Bo and Luke previously joked that Cooter would assist them in exchange for food in Pin the Tail on the Dukes.
    • Cooter claims that Craw-fish gumbo is his favorite, but it may have just been him hinting he wanted to eat dinner with the Dukes.
  • Cletus brags to Laverne over the phone that he is in charge of Hazzard and promises to protect her. Cletus and Laverne were previously dating in Cletus Falls in Love.