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Dukescam Scam is the fourteenth episode of season four of the Dukes of Hazzard.


Boss is arrested for robbing his own bank. Out of pity, and to repay a debt among old friends, Uncle Jesse puts up the farm's mortgage to bail Boss out of jail. But the Dukes later find out that Boss never did rob the bank, and that it was part of an elaborate scheme to swindle the Dukes off the farm.


Balladeer: Once a month, Uncle Jesse gotta make the mortgage payment on the farm at Boss Hogg’s bank on time. And according to Boss’ small friend, on time means to the minute. ‘Course the only grace Boss ever gives is at meal time. By then he’s usually had a bite or two. So the Dukes are tearing up the roads just trying to be on time. And headed out of town on the same road as Emery Potter. Part time registrar at the city hall and chief teller at Boss Hogg’s bank, where Emery should be now. Now Emery ain’t the best driver in the world.

Bo drives the General with him, Luke, Daisy, and Jesse inside. Bo drives through a puddle, splashing up water. Coming toward them on the same road is Emery. Seeing Emery swerving on the roads, Luke warns Bo to watch the car. The Dukes get run off the road and Daisy is surprised to see Emery. Bo figures he is in trouble and wants to go after him but Jesse says no as the mortgage payment was due to midnight so it has to be in the bank when it opens or they will be late. He reminds them they have three minutes and Bo asks him to relax to the other’s amusement. Bo gets back on the road.

Bank of Hazzard

The Dukes arrive at the Bank as a resident, Mr. Derfus, is leaving. They get in line behind Rosco who is about to cash his paycheck. As Laverne goes into the vault, the Dukes greet Rosco who isn’t too happy to see them. Luke asks that it’s payday an Bo asks if that is all Boss pays him, to which Rosco snaps for him to hush and Boss pays him just fine. Laverne goes into the vault before screaming. The Dukes and Rosco run over and she tells them that the money is gone and they have been robbed. Rosco asks who would rob the bank with the Sheriff there, as he has been there since opening. Laverne says the boxes were full of money the night before and now they are empty. Luke asks if anyone has been in there and she says Boss Hogg was earlier. She says he went in with a suitcase then came out and left in a hurry. Lavern sees Boss out the window and tells them to ask him. The Dukes assume he stole it and the Dukes head out after Boss, Jesse giving Laverne the payment. Rosco chases after them, saying he’s still the Sheriff. Bo and Luke help Jesse in the General before driving off.


Boss drives down the road with Bo in the General and Rosco in pursuit. Boss leads them on a chase off road. Luke radio’s Rosco saying they’ll take Boss on the right and Rosco will take the left. Rosco asks ‘my right or your left?’ Luke tells him to forget it. They go around Boss, cutting him off and making him stop. Boss is stunned, asking what is going out. Boss says he wants Rosco to arrest the Dukes for reckless driving but Rosco says it’s not them he’s there to arrest but Boss. Boss is stunned and Rosco takes the suitcase. The Dukes watch as Rosco makes Boss open the suitcase to reveal only clothes. Boss says he’s going on an overnight business trip. Rosco says he’s still arresting Boss until he gets to the bottom of this. Rosco tells Bo and Luke to bring along Boss’ car. In shock the Dukes go along, Jesse saying this he’s gotta see.

Police Department

Rosco locks the cell with Boss inside who insists they are making a mistake. The Duke’s watch as Rosco asks Boss who it could have been and Boss suggests Emery, saying Emery suddenly up and quit. Jesse speaks up and says they did see Emery leave in a big hurry, to Bo and Luke’s surprise. Boss insists for Rosco to investigate it but Rosco refuses unless he pays the 10 thousand dollar bail. Boss says all his money is in a land deal in Colonial City while Bo chuckles and Luke shakes his head. Rosco says the circuit judge is coming tomorrow and the Dukes continue to laugh. Boss asks if Jesse would put up the money for him, making all the Dukes laugh even harder as they don’t have that kind of money, which they don’t want to anyway. Boss says the Farm should be fine and Boss begs Jesse, reminding him of 1938 at Sill Site number 22. Jesse says he got a good memory and it’s asking a lot but he’ll do it. Rosco, Bo, and Luke are stunned but Jesse says it’s different and tells them to hush. Jesse says 45 years ago there was a day where he was arrested and Boss sold all his part of the shine and used the money to get Jesse out. Rosco gives him the papers asking if Jesse is sure. Jesse says a debt is a debt and this is the one he owed him before they leave. After the Dukes step out, Rosco opens the cell for Boss. The two go to the window. Outside Bo and Luke says they think Boss is up to something and they wish they could have talked to Emery before Jesse signed the bail. Jesse asks if they think Emery could have done something like stealing and when they say no, Jesse says that is the end of it. They head back to the Farm.

Inside Boss and Rosco watch the Dukes leave and then celebrate by dancing in Boss’ office for their successful scam. Boss tells Rosco that when he doesn’t appear in court the next day the entire farm is forfeited to the bail bondsman, which Rosco says is him. Boss says after that he only has to show everyone the money is still in the vault. Boss packs up to go to his hideout, asking that Rosco has everything all set up. Rosco says it’ll be a home away from home. Boss says for him to bring all his meals on time, every three hours and to start with his favorite of raw liver. Rosco is disgusted. 

Hazzard Garage

Cooter is working on his truck when he sees Boss leave. Confused he calls the Dukes on the CB. When Luke answers, he asks that Uncle Jesse just paid JD Hogg’s bail. Luke confirms it and Cooter says Boss snuck out with his bags. In the back streets Boss changes his vehicle for a large van.


Jesse gets angry and Luke asks if Jesse really thinks Boss is jumping bail. Jesse says he figures to find out and tells Bo to turn the car around and go back to town. Bo tries to calm him but Jesse keeps yelling at him prompting Bo to nearly hit Les Seymour’s truck. After Bo avoids the accident Jesse snaps at them and Luke says to go to the Farm but Jesse tells Bo to go back to town. Bo obeys.

Police Department

Rosco is talking to Flash about mange when the three Duke men storm in. Surprised Rosco greets them and asks what is upsetting them before saying to take it easy. Jesse gets angry and telling Rosco that he was supposed to keep Boss from leaving town. Bo gets upset as well and Rosco suggests Boss just went on a picnic. Jesse says it’s not funny as his farm is at stake. Rosco tries to toss them out saying he has to worry about more important things, picking up Flash to illustrate that. Furious, Jesse lunges for him but Bo and Luke quickly grab him and pull him out of the building while Rosco cowers, saying Flash would have attacked him. Outside they let Jesse go and he starts calm down. Luke says for him not to let Rosco rile him and Jesse yells that he’s an idiot which Luke says they know. Luke says they need to find Boss and make him go to the trial. Bo suggests getting Cooter and Daisy to help and Luke agrees adding they need to go find Emery too. They head over to Cooter’s, Bo saying he’s never seen Jesse that mad before. At the Garage, Bo and Jesse explain the situation to Cooter while Luke uses his CB to call Daisy, who left town in Dixie and was at the Farm. Daisy agrees to go back to town to get Cooter to find Emery and the boys go to check the moonshine sites.


The boys check the Silver Mine, Dry Creek, and Dead End Canyon with no luck. Boss meanwhile hides his van with a camouflage net. The boys also check the old Indian caves only to be chased out by a bear. Jesse drives his pickup, having checked Meadow Falls and Clear Creek. Not finding him, he CB’s Luke to inform him and says he’s headed to Hidden Pines. Luke says they are headed to Chestnut Creek and Chicken Hogg road next. Daisy meanwhile radio’s in saying her and Cooter are at Emery’s but he put up a sign saying ‘Gone Fishing’. They all talk about how there are all kinds of places he could be. Bo lists off Dry River Creek, Catfish Creek and Cooter takes over saying there’s also Hard Labor Creek, Corn Cob Creek and the Stink Water River, Yellow River. Daisy gives him an amused look as they drive off.

Luke and Bo hang up the CB and wonder how Boss can hide. They realize Rosco is probably going to be taking food to him. They head out to find Rosco.

Boar’s Nest

Rosco arrives at the Boar’s Nest and heads inside to get food for Boss. Bo slips out of the bushes and goes over to the car. He tells Flash not to say a word about it to Rosco as he climbs in the back seat and hides on the floor. Rosco returns and leaves. As he drives Flash tries to get Bo to give her attention but Bo keeps trying to get her to go see Rosco. Luke meanwhile follows in the General. Bo tells Flash to get and Rosco hears it but not well enough so he writes it off as Flash making a noise. Flash continues to bother Luke and Rosco stops at an intersection admitting he’s confused on which way he was supposed to take on Mill Road. Luke comes around the corner, not knowing Rosco had stopped and nearly collides into him. Seeing the General, Rosco says they got to lose the boys before taking off. Luke chases Rosco but loses him when he gets stuck behind a truck.

Rim Fire Gully

Rosco arrives at Boss’ hide out and gets out with the picnic lunch for Boss. After Rosco is gone, Bo opens the door, petting Flash and praising her before getting out. He follows Rosco as Rosco approaches Boss’ van. Boss lets Rosco into the van and Bo double checks. Inside Boss snaps at Rosco for brining him turkey instead of raw liver. Bo goes to Rosco’s car and pulls out the CB before calling Luke. Bo says he is at the cutoff near Rim Fire Gully and for Luke to come in slow and easy. Luke turns around to head over.

Luke arrives and Bo goes over to him, pointing out the truck for Luke. The two approach the van, Luke saying they need to be sure because they don’t want Rosco to nail them for trespassing. Boss and Rosco yell out to them, showing they have already exited the van and know the boys are there. The two approach the boys and Boss yells at Rosco for letting the boys follow him. Bo tells him not to blame Rosco, saying they followed Boss to this hideout. Luke confronts him about skipping out of the trial. Bo and Luke admit they know about Boss doing this to get the Farm and suspect he sent Emery off so everyone would assume he was the culprit. Rosco tells them not to bother trying to find Emery since they won’t be able to find him at Ohoopee Pond. Boss gets upset and says Rosco told them where Emery is. Rosco insists he didn’t since he didn’t mention Boss’ fishing cottage. Angry Boss yells for him to arrest the boys and Rosco sends them to his patrol car. Boss tells Rosco he’s going to find another hide out. Rosco approaches the boys, telling them to get in the back of his car while Boss prepares to drive away in his van. The boys step on the net so when Boss drives away the net falls on Rosco. The boys tangle him up even more before running to the General. Rosco yells for them to stop but the boys drive away as he gets free of the net.


On the road, Billy Joe Dupar is laying down paint lines. Luke heads toward him with Rosco behind them. Seeing the two cars, Billy Joe is forced to swerve, leaving a wavy line on the road. Luke turn down a dirt road and hides behind a tree, causing Rosco to drive by them. After a few moments Rosco realizes they lost the boys and that Boss isn’t going to like it. Luke says that they can forget about Boss for now and focus on Emery.

Boss hides his van behind a billboard of himself. Rosco brings him raw liver and he celebrates. Rosco tells him that the boys never went to jail upsetting Boss. Rosco explains that they disappeared. Boss tells Boss they need to call Emery Potter. Rosco says for him to say hello from him but Boss says Emery hasn’t come on the CB yet. Emery answers from at the pond and Boss tells him that Bo and Luke are coming out to see him and he can’t talk to the boys. He says if Emery sees the boys he will be fired. Boss then happily celebrates with the raw liver. He remarks how in a few hours the Judge will call up the case in court. Boss offers Rosco some of the liver and Rosco is disgusted saying it’s alive still.

Ohoopee Pond

Bo and Luke head to the pond, jumping over a small camp a fisherman is setting up. They arrive at Boss’ fishing cabin and look around for Emery. Not seeing him they figure he’s on the lake. Bo says they should go find him but Luke says it would take hours to find him and they have just enough time to get back to the court house before the trial. Reluctantly the two leave so they can be with Jesse. On their way back they jump over the fisherman again, angering the man.

Police Department

Cletus calls the court into session as Judge Potts arrives. Judge Potts asks where Boss is and Rosco says he jumped bail. Rosco reminds everyone that the bail was the Duke Farm. Upset, Luke gets up and tries to explain to the Judge that it was all a scheme to get their Farm. The Judge says Luke is out of order, which Cletus loudly echoes. Upset Luke sits down. Potts issues a warrant for Boss’ arrest and Rosco asks what about the bail. Potts says he’ll get to the bail if Rosco will let him. Potts says they will hear the case in a week and Rosco asks that it’s forfeited. The Judge tells him to shut up, which Cletus loudly repeats. Rosco snaps at Cletus but Potts insists again for him to shut up, which Rosco agrees to do. The Judge agrees that the bail is forfeited and when Bo stands up in protest and Pott’s tells him to sit down, which Cletus gently gestures for Bo to do. Bo obeys and Potts explains to him that it’s the law and that is all he’s got. Cooter gets up, furious and starts yelling but Jesse calms them all down saying it’s his fault. After the judge ends the case, Jesse says for them to go home and start packing.

Outside Daisy asks where are they going to go. Jesse says they don’t know. Cooter says they are welcome to stay at his place as long as they like. The boys thank him and Jesse says after all these years JD was the winner. He’s surprised to see Boss pulling into town and sends Cooter to get Rosco. The Dukes approach him and Boss tries to pretend that he missed the trial by accident. Bo approaches him, furious and yelling at him but Luke pulls him back before telling Boss that there is a warrant for his arrest. Jesse confronts Boss and Cooter returns with Rosco. Daisy tells Rosco to arrest Boss. Boss insists there wasn’t any crime and says he can prove it. Jesse asks where it is and Boss says it’s in the vault still. They all head over to the Bank to see it.

Bank of Hazzard

As the group goes into the Bank, Laverne angrily confronts them. Boss and Jesse go into the vault and Boss shows Jesse all the money. While trying to keep Daisy, Bo, Luke, and Cotoer from the vault; Rosco accidently pushes the door closed. Inside Boss becomes alarmed while outside Bo scolds him. Luke asks Laverne to get the vault door open, but horrified Laverne explains that the door is on a time lock, that only Boss knows the combination, and that there is only about an hour worth of air in there once the door closes. The entire group are shocked and horrified. Rosco asks if she’s kidding and that there is only sixty minutes of air in there. Bo snaps that he’s wrong, there’s 58 and for Rosco to hush. Inside the vault Boss tries to show them the combination on the monitor. As he does Boss forgets and they realize Boss don’t know what it is. Jesse tries to calm him. Outside Rosco says they should get a bag of dynamite and blow it open. Daisy agrees but Luke says there isn’t enough dynamite in Hazzard. Cooter says he got a high powered drill but Bo says that it would take too long and they got 50 minutes left. Laverne tells them Emery also knows the combination. Bo and Luke head out to find Emery, Rosco giving them his permission to break every road law in the book. Boss continues to try to remember the combination and he and Jesse sit down. Boss tells Jesse about how they only have about 46 minutes of air before they will die if the door doesn’t get opened.

Cletus arrives at the bank to cash his paycheck and is surprised to see Jesse and Boss on the monitor. He asks why are they on the news and Rosco, annoyed, corrects him saying they are stuck in the vault. Inside Jesse continues to calm Boss as he tries to remember the combination. Jesse says that the boys will get them out. Boss says they only got about 39 minutes left. Jesse checks his watch again and corrects him saying they have 41 minutes and Boss is trying to cheat him out of two minutes. Boss apologizes saying it’s a force of habit. The two laugh and Rosco watches on the screen, remarking they are brave.

Ohoopee Pond

Bo and Luke find they are 10 miles out. As they keep driving they jump over the fisherman again. They arrive and Emery sees them. Alarmed, Emery gets in his car to drive away. Bo turns to chase after him, confused on why he’s running from them. Luke calls him on the CB but Emery ignores him. Bo tries to cut him off but Emery just drives in the other direction. Luke tries to call him again and Emery finally explains that he isn’t supposed to talk to them. The boys tell him about Boss and Jesse in the vault and Emery pulls over. He gets in the General and they head toward town with 20 minutes left. The boys asks if he knows the combination and Emery starts saying it out loud, 12 to the right, 10 to the left, and 7 to the right.


Boss apologizes to Jesse for the phony robbery and asks if Jesse can forgive him. Jesse says he would like to wring his neck but he’s too weak so he’ll have to forgive him. Boss says he’s a good man.


Emery continues to repeat the combination as Bo drives. Bo jumps over the fisherman one more time, enraging him.


Jesse and Boss continue to talk, Boss admitting there was something he was thinking about. Boss asks if Jesse will promise him that they will stay friends when they go through the pearly gates. Jesse says he promises. Boss adds that is if he makes it in that direction and Jesse says he’ll make it as he’s got a friend up there. JD asks even though he tried to cheat Jesse out of his farm, which Jesse agrees.

Bo, Luke, and Emery arrive. The run inside with Emery to have him open the vault but Emery gets overwhelmed and faints. Luke, having memorized the numbers while Emery had been saying them, opens the vault as the others move Emery aside, Bo telling him to hurry up as he is worried. They get the vault open and help Jesse and Boss out. As the two men celebrate their survival, Jesse brings up how Boss admitted to his scam. Boss tries to deny having said anything but Laverne tells them there is a recorder in the vault. Luke gets it after Laverne points it out and the boys agree to give it to Boss if he returns the Farm. Boss agrees but Jesse makes him spit and shake on it. Boss is upset but does so.

Balladeer: And a ridge runner’s word is sealed in spit or blood and lasts as long as the hills. Of course even the hills are allowed to change in Hazzard County.


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Hazzard County[]


  • Emery Potter is shown to have two jobs in Hazzard in this episode
    • The only other character to this point with more than one job is Miz Tisdale as the Post Mistress, Cab Owner, and Newspaper Clerk.
  • Jesse and Boss Hogg's years of friendship is referenced in this episode
    • In 1938 Boss had saved Jesse from going to jail by putting up everything he had. Jesse returns the favor he owed him in this episode by using the Farm to pay for Boss' bail.
  • Boss Hogg's favorite food is stated to be raw liver, previously mentioned in One Armed Bandits
  • When the Dukes lose the Farm, Cooter offers to let them stay at his farm.
    • Cooter gave them the same offer the last time they lost the farm in Coltrane vs. Duke
  • The time lock that was previously featured in the Great Bank Robbery is featured in this episode
    • The vault has been modified so that if you have both the key and the combination you can open the vault outside of the timed hours. Boss also keeps a camera and recorder inside of the vault.
  • As Boss and Jesse slowly asphyxiate, Boss wonders where his soul will go upon death. The last time he was concerned with going to Hell was when he thought he was dying in The Late J.D. Hogg


  • This episode was released on Rick Hurst's 36th birthday