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Dunlap is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Rustlers[]

Dunlap goes to see Boss Hogg about selling a horse. While he is in Boss’ office at the Boar’s Nest, Boss talks to his wife Lulu, making a joke to Dunlap that if Lulu got in the winning circle for her race they would possibly slap a saddle on her. Boss asks him how much was the horse and he stands up saying it is $7500. When Boss expresses discomfort at the price, he tells him it is a great horse and a sure winner, to which Boss says it better be. He is surprised when Rosco comes in and becomes concerned when Rosco says there is a better horse and is fascinated when Rosco says the horse covered a quarter mile in nineteen seconds flat. Boss stands up and asks if he wouldn’t mind coming back in a while as the Sheriff has clearly been out in the hot sun and is having a nervous breakdown. He claims he understands and goes to leave, turning on Boss’s C.B. and commenting that he hopes the Sheriff will feel better.

He rushes out to his truck with Cowan and turns on the C.B., telling his partner to be quiet so he can hear. He is forced to shush Cowan a second time so he can listen. Having confirmed the horse is real, he decides to go see the horse himself, saying he knows a man named Harvey Halsey in Memphis who will pay top dollar for it.

They arrive at the Tolliver farm and see Rosco accidentally spook the horse and it take off. He watches the horse with Cowan and says they will take the horse as soon as they get the horse trailer.

While he and Cowan are at the fairgrounds, he realizes the horse has been switched and it’s not the same horse as the day before. When asked if he’s sure he says he’s been peddling them all his life. He admits he has no idea what is going on at the moment but if Boss is involved it isn’t legit. Despite not knowing what is going on, or where the horse even is, he decides to call his buyer in Memphis’s and make a deal. When Cowan questions it he remarks he’s been doing it his whole life.

At their base camp he calls his buyer saying it will be $30,000 and not a penny less. He informs the buyer that he will understand the price when he sees it run and they will have it in two days. Proud he tells his partner that someone else will find the horse for them.

They follow the sheriff to the horse and after the sheriff leaves he is asked how he knew to follow Rosco instead of Boss Hogg. He remarks that his daddy taught him never follow the possum when the dogs will lead you there. He is annoyed when Cowen doesn’t get the metaphor and sends him away. After loading up the horse they head out and he tells Cowan to be careful as they almost crash into Bo and Luke Duke.

When the radiator blows he tells Cowan that he’s been seen by enough people of Hazzard. He says Dunlap will stay with the horse and for Cowan to get the van fixed and don’t talk to anyone. He pulls off the 'Dunlap' sign to help hide the van.

At the camp, he starts to break it down when he hears noises. He looks to see Bo and Luke, with a knocked out Cowan on Bo’s shoulders saying Luke has the next one. He pulls out a gun saying there won’t be a next one. He tell’s Bo to put his partner down. When distracted by Luke, Bo throws Conwan on him. He tries to crawl away but Bo dives on him. He grabs a branch and swings it at Bo, who dodges telling him strike one. He swings again and Bo catches it telling him strike two, before punching him and saying strike three he’s out. He comes too to see Bo leaving in his van and chases him. As they chase he says for Cowan not to let Bo get away. When Bo jumps out of the van he says to ignore him and focus on the truck. When they see it’s empty he realizes someone was riding the horse. They spot Luke and the General and chase after them. They are about to enter the fair grounds but he sees Rosco and they try to flee. They are blocked by the General and arrested by Rosco.