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Dusty is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


A con man who works a routine of going into a place with led bars painted to look like gold, getting the bank to agree to watch the gold along with replace it if anything happened, then organizing the 'gold' to be stolen.


Gold Fever[]

He drives into Hazzard, purposely almost wrecking with the General Lee to snap the axle on their car. He tells Buck that the locals are coming as Bo and Luke get out of the car and for them to ‘make it look good’. When Buck insults the boys and they argue back, Bo asks if Dusty took a correspondence course in driving. He accuses the boys of blaming him for the accident. When Harkness tells them to knock it off, he asks how do they know that the Dukes don’t know what they are carrying. After asking about a garage, Harkness offers to have them do some target practice to demonstrate their skills. He throws two glasses into the air and they shoot them, destroying them.

At the garage they are told it will take about a day and a half to fix the car, alarming him. When Buck brings up the cargo, he says that they can’t leave it laying around ‘this dump’.  While Harkness goes into the bank, Dusty and Buck drag in the bars. When Boss jokes about what is under the tarp, he and Harkness smirk to each other before they show the bars to Boss. After Boss and Harkness make a deal they go to move the gold. Rosco reaches to touch it and both Dusty and Buck pull a gun on him. When Rosco starts to babble they put the guns away before moving the gold into the bank vault. After Harkness leaves, Dusty and Buck talk, only mildly distracted by Boss and Rosco.

They watch Enos and Rosco help set up Boss to stay in the bank for the night, becoming nervous. Boss agrees to leave with Harkness to discuss buisness opportunities. Boss tells Rosco to watch Buck, Buck to watch Dusty, Dusty to watch Enos, Enos to watch Rosco and upon his return, Boss will watch them all. After they leave, he and Buck become annoyed with Rosco and Enos and threaten to pull a gun on him.

While Rosco and Enos are gone, they take the bars out of the bank and stage a robbery. They then tie each other up and he sits on the bank floor when everyone comes in. Harkness unties him.

After a bit he and Buck leave town. He drives to a set location in order to bury the lead bars. When they start to unload the bars, Buck says it was easy and remarks that it is especially for their first time running the scam. He hands the bars to Buck and remarks how perfect everything has been working. They bury the bars and head out. At the bank they intimidate Boss until he agrees to give them all the money the bank has.

As they go to leave, they are stunned when Rosco and Enos arrive with Bo and Luke in addition to the bars. When Boss goes to reclaim his money now that the scam has been discovered, he draws a gun. When Harkness says they should go, he helps shoot out the tires of the cars. They flee in Boss’ loan car, Dusty driving.

The Dukes chased after them twice, the first time in a car and the second in an RV. He tries to take a dirt road. They are alarmed when Luke tosses a Molotov cocktail at them and it misses. A third one lands and the car is blown up. He is helped out by Homer Willis and handed over to Rosco to be arrested.