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Earl Beckett is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


State of the County[]

After being hired by J.W. Hickman to scare Boss Hogg into paying for his protection, he sets out for Hazzard County.

While on the side of the road he holds out his thumb, hitchhiking. Daisy pulls over in her jeep, running the General Lee off the road. He watches the car and Daisy climbs out of the jeep, greeting him. He says hi and asks if they were friends of hers he just saw fly by, calling her ma’am. Daisy asks ‘huh’ before commenting they are Bo and Luke, just her cousins and they do that all the time for fun. The boys walk up and Bo asks if Daisy remembers them, saying that they are the two fella’s she almost killed. He apologizes saying it’s his fault. He hold up his thumb saying ‘never thought this little thing here would cause this much trouble’. He says he’s just looking for a ride into Hazzard. Daisy quickly says ‘well let’s go’ and tries to pick up his suitcase. He tells her to let him help and she remarks he travels heavy. He gets in the jeep and thanks Daisy as they drive away.

Daisy asks him what brings a Texas boy to Hazzard and he says financially Hazzard is the end of the line for him. She asks what kind of work he is in and he tells her he’s pretty handy around cars. Daisy says she might know a job that can be arranged for him and he excitedly asks ‘you do’ which she says yes. He looks at his thumb asking ‘you hear that thumb? You hitched us into one lucky day’. He introduces himself to her and she introduces herself back and shakes his hand as she drives.

When they arrive at the Garage, Daisy introduces him to Cooter and they shake hands. Bo and Luke pull up. While the Dukes talk to Cooter he walks over to the General, noticing the tax envelope sitting in the front seat. He then looks under the hood and tells them that the ballaster resistor is cracked and shorted out. Cooter agrees to hire him part time. He asks if there is a cheap room-n-house but Daisy tells him he can stay in the loft upstairs in the garage and that it comes with the job. As Bo and Luke leave he says he’ll grab his suitcase and Daisy offers to help him unpack. He follows Daisy up into the loft, Daisy saying she thinks he might like it.

He and Cooter go to the Boar’s Nest and he is approached by Daisy who he is happy to see. She asks how the job is and he says it’s going just fine. She tells him she’s glad and she introduces Jesse to him. He shakes Jesse’s hand and is invited to sit down. Daisy gives him a beer on the house. When Boss Hogg, Rosco, and Flash come into the bar, Cooter tells him he better drink the beer fast as the man who just came in can smell a nonpaying customer a mile away. Boss talks to Jesse and he gets up asking Daisy if she will dance with him. Boss asks who is he and Daisy says he is ‘Earl’. Boss asks him that doesn’t he know there is a rule that the employees never dance with a customer. Daisy argues the customer is always right and they go to dance, but Boss calls after them saying he isn’t a customer until he pays for the beer. As they start to dance, Boss Hogg’s office explodes.

He holds Daisy as everyone yells in shock. When Boss and Rosco accuse Bo and Luke of setting the bomb, he goes over with Daisy and the rest to stand by the boys. When Bo and Luke pretend there is a second bomb, he and Daisy crouch down together. The two then stand up and watch Boss and Rosco, laughing when Rosco destroys Boss’ watch thinking there was a bomb in it.

After returning to town, he hides behind a newspaper as Hickman and Rollo come by. Hickman says Boss needs more persuasion and says Earl knows what to do next as Earl is the bomber and the one who framed Bo and Luke. Earl says not a soul in town suspects him and to consider it done. Hickman says he’s a good man.

At the Garage, he pulls off a tire and looks up to see Daisy standing over him. He laughs and asks her how she expects a man to do his work when there is a pretty girl like her standing over him smiling. He asks her if she’s heard from Bo and Luke and Daisy says she hasn’t heard anything and Jesse is trying to find them. He asks if she should be with him which she says no. He asks how come she isn’t at work and Daisy asks if he is trying to get rid of her. He denies it. He remarks he supposes it can’t be easy being the only girl working a farm. Daisy says maybe one day her prince will come along and take her away from all this. She adds that they don’t get too many princes coming through Hazzard and asks if he would happen to be one. He says he doesn’t know and will have to ask his daddy if he’s been a king without telling him. Daisy says she bets he is and Earl says ‘could be Princess’. They go to kiss but are stopped by Bo and Luke’s arrival. They explain Jesse’s idea to have everyone testify to Boss that Bo and Luke were not near Boss’ office and he agrees.

They go to the city hall and he stands with Daisy as the others express Bo and Luke’s innocence. At some point he managed to get a bomb in the truck of type writers. Boss drops the charges and they walk away moments before the bomb in the van goes off. He shelters Daisy and watches Bo and Luke flee.

He hears Daisy pull up to the Garage on Saturday, slamming on her breaks. He turns to her, telling her if she keeps abusing them breaks she is going to need new pads. Daisy says he can change them even if they don’t need it and they kiss. She says she was on her way to see the boys and asks if he wants to come. He says he would love to but Cooter went to Atlantic City for new parts and he can’t just leave the place. He tells her to tell them he said hi. Daisy says this time they are really in trouble and he says it has to be some crazy to go around bombing things like that. He says things will be fine and kisses her cheek before telling her to run along and see the boys and apologize to them. When Daisy leaves he heads to the phone and calls Hickman's number. He greets Rollo and is given to Hickman. Hickman says he did good but not good enough and says Boss is making a speech at 1:00. Earl says he knows and Hickman says to stop him. He tells Hickman it will cost him double the money and Hickman agrees. He goes up to the loft and sets a bomb.

In the square he places a bomb in a bush. He goes back to the loft to see Daisy is there and is looking at a gun in his suitcase. He grabs her and covers her mouth before forcing her to sit down. Daisy stands up and tells him that she cared for him and she thought he cared for her. She accuses him of using her and he tells her to hush up and it will all be over at 1:00 and he’ll be on his way. Daisy asks ‘bombs away’ and he says it’s what he does best. Daisy realizes that he plans to blow up Boss’ speech and tells him he can’t do that. He forces her to sit down again and checks his watch, saying just ten more minutes.

While waiting for the speech to start, he watches out the window. Daisy tries to wrestle the gun from him but he pushes her back. She tries a second time and he pushes her back. He sees Bo and Luke escape from jail and tells Daisy that her cousin’s got out. Daisy kicks the gun out of his hand and screams to Bo and Luke after shoving him in boxes. He tells her to get away from the window and pulls her back explaining he doesn’t want to hurt her.

He pushes Daisy in a car down stairs saying she will drive. They leave, hitting Bo on the way out of the garage. As they go he notices the General following. He yells at Daisy to hurry as the boys are gaining on them. He tells Daisy where to drive and Daisy says it’s not a road but deer crossing. He snaps for her to make like a deer. He tells Daisy to step on it and she snaps that she is. When they see Jesse he tells her to go around his road block. He then comments that he doesn’t think Daisy is trying too hard to lose them and Daisy tells him that if he doesn’t like her driving then shoot her. He tells her that isn’t a bad idea. He calls the others on the C.B. and tells them that if they don’t stop their vehicles he will shoot Daisy. Jesse tells him they are stopping and not the harm Daisy. He watches everyone stop and says she’s worth something to him after all. Daisy knocks the gun from his hand and wrecks the car. Daisy marches him back to Rosco with a gun at his back and Bo grabs him to keep him from running, handing him over to Rosco. He turns states evidence against Hickman and Rollo for assault so that he won't go down alone.