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Ed Monroe is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard


High Octane[]

When they are holding the contest in Hazzard County, he is the main judge. He tests an engine that runs on horse manure. He is unsure about it but tells the man to go ahead. He is startled when it explodes. As he walks along he is approached by Boss Hogg who shakes his hand saying ‘howdy your honor’. He tells Boss to get on with it and drop the ‘your honor’. Boss talks to him as his driver fills the tank while bragging, saying it will change the country. He interrupts Boss to tell him they are ready. They watch the engine turn but not start. Boss tells him there is something wrong with the engine and he tells Boss there is nothing wrong with it. He moves on and Jesse comes into the building before asking to go next. He is impressed when the engine runs and he tells Bo to turn it off. He asks what is it and Jesse explains it’s moonshine whiskey. He tastes it and is impressed. Luke reminds him it’s not legal and he tells them that doesn’t really concern him. When Roxanne tries to take the whiskey and he refuses to hand it over saying it is now belongs to them. When Jesse asks if he won, he tells Jesse they need to take it to Washington first to see how feasible it is. Jesse gets upset calling the entire thing a sham. He tries to take his jug back, but Monroe refuses saying it is going to Washington. Jesse gives up and they all leave.