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Eddie, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Lulu's Gone Away[]

Anna Lisa, Eddie, and Billy Ray follow Lulu Hogg to her Flower Club meeting, watching her from their blue car. He says that is Lulu, right on schedule. Anna Lisa praises his weeks in Hazzard, observing Lulu. They follow Lulu, planning to kidnap her when she reaches crabapple lane. They are surprised when Lulu stops and Eddie says she must be having car trouble. They put on their masks to take her now, but another car comes up, the General Lee and they pull them off again. Seeing her leave with Bo and Luke, Eddie says they should forget it. Anna Lisa scolds him. Billy Ray says they are going to drop off Anna Lisa, then he and Eddie will get Lulu.

At the Trailer, Billy Ray tries to call the Hogg Family home but gets no answer. When Anna Lisa says to try the Boar’s Nest, he recalls that Boss Hogg’s office is there. Eddie and Billy Ray leave.

They wait outside the Boar’s Nest to see Lulu is still with Bo and Luke and they are leaving together. He curses, saying she is still with them and asks what do they do but Billy Ray says they follow them for now.

They follow Lulu to the Duke Farm and watch her have dinner with the Duke Family. He grabs Billy Ray’s arm, asking what are they doing and learns they are eating. They decide to inform Anna Lisa that they aren’t leaving until they get Lulu.

The next morning they see all the Dukes leave and Billy Ray tells him Lulu is alone. They put on their masks and go inside, surprising Lulu. She tries to bolt and they catch her. She claims Boss will not pay for her but they take her to the car anyway.

They take Lulu back to the trailer, blindfolded, and call Boss to deliver the ransom.

After Billy Ray tells Boss to come to Sheep’s Hollow, they go out there with Lulu to make the exchange. He helps bring out Lulu for Boss to see. Boss says he wants to see Lulu, so they move her out for him. When they hear a siren though, they leave with Lulu. While exiting the hollow, they see another cop and remove their masks. He tells Lulu to get down.

At the trailer, he says he wants to take care of Lulu then get out of town but Billy Ray objects. He says they should teach Boss a lesson.

Billy Ray goes outside before coming back in with an unconscious Bo Duke before tossing him on the bed in the trailer. Billy Ray says after they get the money they will take Route 7 past the amusement park to the tristate highway. He asks that Boss called in the law and Billy Ray says Bo isn’t a cop. He says if Bo has friends, they probably know where they are now. Billy Ray assures them that Bo’s arrival just made everything easier. Billy Ray asks where the rope is and he says in the trunk. He is told to get Lulu in the car and as he and Anna Lisa try, Lulu’s blindfold comes off. Anna Lisa says Lulu has seen them and he says not to worry about that for now. After Billy Ray finishes, they leave the trailer behind.

They stop at a payphone and Billy Ray calls Boss to issue a new ransom. After Eddie says that Hogg might tell someone about it, and Billy Ray says he’s counting on it. After they go to town to claim the ransom from Boss. After they do, they leave with Lulu.

As they drive away, they celebrate their win, Anna Lisa hugging him. Lulu says they don’t know anything if they think they won. As they go, he points out Lulu can identify them and asks why Billy Ray promised to give her back, but Billy Ray reveals he plans to kill Lulu. Lulu remarks she isn’t afraid of them.

Bo and Luke cut them off, forcing them into a nearby amusement park where they flee the car on foot. He glances back to see Bo is chasing him. Bo manages to catch him on a flight of stairs but when he is turned around, he punches Bo in the face. As Bo falls down the stairs, he turns and continues to run. He jumps a number of gates, continuing through the park to stay ahead. He runs onto a raised path and Bo catches him again. He manages to shove Bo back before jumping off. Bo follows him. He goes through the bumper cars toward the water slides. Bo catches him again and they wrestle around before he is knocked into the water. Bo remarks that ought to teach him a lesson before telling him to come out.

Bo escorts him back and he sees Billy Ray try to flee but get caught. He is arrested by Enos and Rosco.