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Eddie Hollis, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


The Ransom of Hazzard County[]

He reads a newspaper while Billy Joe gets a phone call. He hears Billy Joe agree to be a deputy for Hazzard County and when Billy Joe hangs up the phone, he is told that was the break they’ve been waiting for. He stands up, remarking ‘how about that’ and saying they have been looking high and low for a big hit and one just got handed to them on a silver platter. Billy Joe says they will work it from both directions.

When Billy Joe comes out of the Police Department in town, he takes off in his car so Billy Joe would pull him over. Billy Joe loudly asks what he thought he was doing and he responds, also loudly, saying he’s sorry and the accelerator got stuck. Quietly he says he got Coogan’s call and what is going on. Billy Joe says he hit something big, $150 grand. He asks if Coogan figured out a way to pry it loose from Boss and Billy Joe says not yet. He suggests a con game but Billy Joe says no. When Billy Joe says maybe they can scare it out of Boss, he grins before saying they could use a bomb threat as they used it once before. Billy Joe agrees, saying he’ll write the ransom note and for Eddie to wreck something as an example. He agrees saying he’ll run over to Greenville to see if he can get some dynamite. He drives out of town.

After returning from Greenville, he puts dynamite in Rosco’s car before returning to his own. He then calls Coogan, informing him that the bundles’ been plant, and is told to stand by.

He waits in his car in the town square until he sees Coogan in the Police Department window pulling on his ear. Taking that as the signal, he gets the car phone and calls Boss. He asks if Boss got their note, which Boss confirms before saying he has nerve threatening him. He says they aren’t threatening as they mean it. He says if Boss doesn’t come up with the money it will be the end of Hazzard. Boss asks what if he thinks he’s bluffing, he tells Boss to look out the window before putting down the phone and blowing up Rosco’s patrol car. He then drives out of town.

Billy Joe meets up with him in secret, telling him that blowing up the patrol car didn’t work. He suggests they blow up something bigger, like a building but Coogan pulls out a map. Coogan says they need to hit the farmers where they live and he suggests a grain elevator or a cotton mill. Billy Joe suggest the dam.

They drive out to the dam to look at it and Coogan says that is the target. He is surprised, asking Billy Joe that he intends to blow it up before saying that would take a lot of dynamite. Billy Joe says they won’t have to, pointing out the spillway turn valves and says all Eddie has to do is turn them and open the dam. Eddie says that is beautiful.