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Eddie Lee Memphis is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Play it Again, Luke[]

After arriving in Hazzard, he stays in the trailer with Hoby while Candy Dix goes to see her fans. He calls Starkey. He pleads for more time, asking for a few more days. Starkey refuses and says if he doesn’t have the 100,000 by sundown he will be killed. Starkey hangs up and he tells Hoby that the man is going to kill him for sure. Hoby asks what are they going to do. He says he’s going to do the only thing he can, go through his things and see if there is anything left to borrow on. Hoby says he already borrowed on everything and he says he knows it but he’s gotta find something or some way to get the money before looking through the files.

As they continue to go through files, Eddie Lee tells Hoby there isn’t anything there. They are interupted by Candy’s arrival. She tells him that the show is starting and asks if he’s coming. Eddie Lee ignores her and she asks what he’s doing. He snaps that it’s none of her buisness. She asks why e can’t ever be nice to her and he tells her that he’s got a little problem and for her not to ask for nice until he figures it out. She tries to explain and he snaps at her that all she’s gotta worry about is singing her pretty songs she wrote. He looks at her and tells her to leave him be as he’s gotta think and she leaves, upset. Hoby finds an insurance policy, and jokingly tells him that maybe he can borrow against that. He tosses it aside before suddenly grabbing it again. Seeing it’s worth 75,000 he tells Hoby ‘this will do it’. Hoby says he can’t collect the money unless Candy dies and he turns to his cousin saying ‘you said it Hoby, I didn’t. Shocked, Hoby asks that wants to kill her.

They go into the concert and hear Candy stop to dedicate a song she was singing to a local boy, a friend of hers, named Luke Duke. When the concert finishes, Boss pats his shoulder and tells him that Candy is something. He agrees, saying she could have been a big star before changing it to ‘she will’.

After they go into the trailer to see Candy Dix kissing Luke. Candy Dix introduces them all and they shake hands. Candy says she is spending the day with Luke and he tells her that he’s afraid not as they have some important buisness to do. Candy insists and he says he’s not asking her, he’s tellign her and for her to go back into the bedroom and finish dressing. Luke says he thinks the lady should be allowed to chose what she does and he smirks remarking for Luke to do himself a favor and let him do the thinking. Candy asks Luke to wait outside and Luke leaves, passing him.

Candy goes outside and he follows her, asking where she thinks she’s going. She says she wants to talk to Luke and he says no, and he tells her what she gotta do. Luke comes over, saying for him to let her go. He objects to Luke refering to him as friend, saying they aren’t friends and this isn’t Luke’s buisness before punching him in the face. He treis to drag Candy away but Luke gets back up, hitting him. He gets back up but Luke takes him down again. He gets up to see Candy leaving with Luke, Daisy, and Bo. He helps Hoby up, saying they need to get her back or he’s dead. They get in their green car and follow the General Lee. When Bo stops, they do too and get out. When Hoby points a gun at the boys he tells them to hold it where they are and says for Candy to get out of the car. When Luke tells Candy to stay, he tells Hoby to keep Bo covered as he picks up a piece of wood, saying he’s going to teach Luke a lesson. When he takes a swing at Luke, Luke flips him over the car and grabs him by his shirt before knocking him down. The boys get in the General and drive away. He says they need to get Candy back and Hoby asks how. He asks about J.D. Hogg and says they can get him to help.

They go into Boss’ office at the Boar’s Nest, where Rosco is as well. Boss greets him and he asks for them to cut the bull and get to the point. He says a man named Luke Duke and a blode haired dude kidnapped Candy. Boss says the Sheriff will go out and find her, mentioning ‘for a price’. Surpized he remarks ‘you’re looking for a bribe Hogg?’ and Boss says that it’s business and he will pay them to get Candy back. Rosco says he wants a piece of the contract and Boss offers 25,000 for 10%. Hoby says he can use it and he agrees, shaking Boss’ hand.

They go to Boss Hogg’s office in town to sign a contract with him. They are surprised when Luke comes in, saying he is there to file charges of assault with a deadly weapon. Boss asks who and Luke, noticing him, points at him. He stands up and Boss explains that Eddie Lee filed a kidnapping charge against Luke. Boss goes to call Rosco and he stops him, saying it won’t be necessary. He cuts Luke off and says he will drop all the charges against him and he just wants Candy back. Boss asks isn’t that reasonable and Luke disagrees. Annoyed he goes to hit Luke but Luke throws him into Boss and flees. They manage to get outside, but the Dukes are already gone and Rosco tells them that he saw the boys on their way out of town and Candy Dix was with them. He says Candy can ride back with them and he and Hoby rush off the persue them, Boss yelling that they are legally sworn in deputies.

Bo stops suddenly, causing Hoby to swerve to the side, turn, and start chasing him again. When Hoby starts ramming into the General, he tells Hoby to pull up next to them and knock them off the road. Hoby protests that it will kill them and he agrees, saying it will be an accident while fleeing from the law, which happens to be them. In shock, they watch Bo jump the General over a hay truck. He tells Hoby not to try it and Hoby stops. Hoby asks what now and he says to go back and press the fat man.

They return to Boss’ office to see him practicing a speech. He interupts saying Boss isn’t persenting anyone because they ain’t got anyone. Boss says he has the Dukes surrounded but he shakes his head and reveals the Duke got away. He asks what Boss is going to do about it. Boss promises to have Candy back in an hour. He asks what if the boys call the state police. Boss calls the oportator, making sure the boys cannot call the state police and he and Hoby head to wait at the motorhome.

At the trailer, Eddie Lee calls Starkey and when the man answers he goes to say who it is but is cut off by Mr. Starkey, who asks if he has the money. He says no, but he will have it, he swears it. He explains his ‘gal’ has a life insurance policy that will name him the benificitary but in order to make that policy pay off he needs one more day. He says he would like a twenty four hour extension. Starkey says he has a partner and has to talk to him first. They hang up and Eddie Lee sighs, worried.

When the phone rings, he assumes it’s Starkey and tells Hoby to keep his fingers crossed. He is shocked to hear Candy, asking ‘where the devil’ is she. Candy says she will come back if Eddie Lee promises not to hurt any of the Dukes. He says of course not and what happened between her old boyfriend and him was just a misunderstanding. He asks where she is and she says in town. He offers to pick her up in front of the Emporium in thirty minutes. He promises that they will never have a cross word between them as long as she lives. They leave.

After arriving in Town, they pick up Candy and drive down Peach Tree Lane.

When Candy asks where they are going in such a big hurry, he says for a ride. When Hoby comments about her and Candy asks what he’s talking about, he tells her it’s just a little 75,000 deal he got cooking for them.

When they come to a road block by Enos, Hoby asks how they knew while going down another road. He tells Hoby they don’t, and that Boss put Enos there to stop the Dukes from leaving. Hoby says they should just kill Candy now and Eddie Lee becomes angry as Candy asks what they mean. He says Hoby has a big mouth and to keep driving until he says when. Candy tries to get out and he grabs her saying she isn’t going anywhere, yet.

Bo and Luke force them into a junk yard and Hoby crashes into a pile of cars. The two get out of the car and flee, Eddie Lee tossing Candy to the ground in the attempt. They cut through the cars in the junk yard, seeing Bo and Luke behind them. When Hoby trips, he stops and Hoby tosses a rock at the boys to stop them. They keep running but Luke manages to catch up and jumps on him, knocking him to the ground. They start fighting and he tries to run again but Luke chases afterhim. They start fighting near the car crusher and he gets a piece of wood, hitting Luke in the stomach and trying to crush him in the machine. Luke rolls out of the way and he attempts to flee but Luke grabs him and knocks him down. He is taken to Boss and Rosco, where Boss takes his money back and he is arrested.