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Eddie Rio is a character from the series Enos.


Eddie is a wanted thief, known as "Fast Eddie Rio." For two years the LAPD have been trying to capture him unsuccessfully.


The Hostage[]

He goes into an apartment and looks around, stealing a few items. After pocketing what he is after he steps out the door only to hear someone yell ‘freeze, police.’ He freezes, putting his hands in the air as two officers, Turk and Enos approach him from behind. Enos addresses him as ‘Al Dinsmore’ saying they want to talk to him. Eddie becomes confused and informs them that he ain’t Al Dinsmore. Enos asks if he has an ID to prove it and he asks what does he need an ID for, as he knows who he is and he ain’t Al. Turk tells him to ‘kiss this wall’ before pushing him against the wall and searching his pockets. Turk finds a wristwatch, asking if he always carries it in his pocket. He comments ‘yeah, my eyes are bad. I thought it was a pocket watch.’ Turk then minds a card in his pocket that says ‘Al Dinsmore, Boardwalk Massage Parlor.’ Enos asks if he has a bad back and Turk goes to cuff him. He stomps on Turk’s food and bolts. Enos and Turk chase after him and run him down in the street before tackling him to the ground.

Turk picks him up, holding him by the front of his shirt and says he has one question to ask him. He says the answer is ‘no comment’. Turk says for them to go. He is arrested and taken to the police station. He is interrogated and booked there.