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Sheriff Edward Thomas "Big Ed" Little is a fictional character featured in the American television series, The Dukes of Hazzard. He was portrayed by Don Pedro Colley.

Character Overview[]

Edward Thomas Little is the Sheriff of Chickasaw County in Georgia, a county next to Hazzard County. He had an angry tendency to punch and kick fenders and doors off cars that he wrecked. He was also not afraid to pull out his trusty 12-gauge shotgun and open fire. He is a left-handed police officer. The ill-tempered sheriff hated Bo, Luke, Daisy, Coy, Vance, Uncle Jesse, and Cooter immensely and was well aware that Bo and Luke were not allowed to enter his county. He prayed every night that he may catch Bo and Luke before Rosco could[1]. Sheriff Little was constantly irritated by the bumbling performance of Sheriff Rosco Purvis Coltrane and the crookedness of Hogg, although he thought highly of deputy Enos; Little was strict, by-the-book, and a competent law officer, everything that Sheriff Rosco was not (although he too had little luck in capturing Bo and Luke). He has a wife named Rachel and a daughter who he once wrote a traffic violation for when she made an illegal left hand turn in her toy car. [2] While known for his anger, he promised Rachel that he would try to control it.[3]


Season 3[]

My Son, Bo Hogg[]

Sheriff Little finds a moonshine still. He hooks up a detonator to it and blows up the entire still in front of two Federal Revenue Agents who were trying to take it for evidence.

While on patrol, he is stopped by Bubba who informs him that a shipment of shine is coming to Chickasaw from Hazzard that afternoon. He says he will be waiting and thanks Bubba for the tip saying ’10-4’. He finds a can on the ground and throws it into the air. He then shoots it multiple times to knock the can into the trash and comments that he hates litter.

He waits by the County Line, commenting Shine is coming and he can smell it. He gets a call on the CB from Boss Hogg and asks what can he do for him. He is told that Boss wanted to warn him that there is a shipment of illegal liquor coming into his county by way of highway 16. He says he’s going to catch the whiskey running dogs and send them back the pieces. He leaves to Highway 16 but changes his mind and returns to Highway 3.

He sees Boss and Rosco standing in the middle of the road, addressing Boss and Rosco before welcoming them to the county. He comments it looks like they finally caught him with his 'pudgy little hand in the whiskey jar'. Boss says he and Rosco were chasing the shine runners and the driver took off. Boss says they are taking the truck back to Hazzard for evidence but Little says it’s in his county and he’s destroying it. He takes a jar from Rosco and steps back from the van before shooting at the boxes inside, breaking all the jars of moonshine.

Season 4[]

Double Dukes[]

Rosco calls Sheriff Little to tell him Bo and Luke robbed a bank. He sets up at the Chickasaw County line. Rosco radio’s him and he answers. Rosco asks if he has seen any sign of the General Lee and he says if there was they would be in cuffs already. He goes to smoke a cigar when he sees the General Lee with Turk and Moody pass. He chases after them. He calls all his deputies saying he is chasing the General Lee on 71 headed east. He orders all cars to join the chase. As he continues the chase, Bo and Luke join in, cutting between him and the General he was chasing. Confused he remarks that he must be working without a full set of lights if he’s seeing double. He radios his deputies to say he has two General Lee’s now and he wants both of them. When he cuts through a field he is hit by Boss and Rosco and is forced to stop.

After Turk and Moody are caught and taken back to Hazzard, he goes and takes custody of them and before moving them to the jail in Chickasaw.

Coltrane vs. Duke[]

While waiting by his car, he sees Bo and Luke pass by in the General into his county. He catches up to the boys and overtakes them. He tries to cut them off but is unable to stop due to the extra powerful engine and goes off the bridge into the ravine. He climbs out his car yelling he’s going to get them and the boys drive away.

While sitting in the ditch, Boss calls him to see if he’s ‘got his ears on’. He says they are on and burning. Boss tells him that Bo and Luke are coming through his county and he says he can hardly wait. He says he will get them, stuff them, and mount them.

He sets up his car across the road to block Bo and Luke but Bo manages to get around it. He yells at Bo, following in his car. He chases the boys to a construction zone and tries to follow Bo when he jumps over it but lands in a hole, destroying his car. He shakes his fist at the boys as they drive away. He promises he will get them. Not too long later Slick Doggins runs into him and he arrests him.

10 Million Dollar Sheriff: Part 2[]

He is contacted by Jason Steele. In his effort to get Bo and Luke, Steele wants him to wait behind the Chickasaw County line as he tricks Bo and Luke to cross. He agrees. As he’s waiting, he gets a call addressing him as ‘John Law’ asking if he’s ready to go fishing. He says he can find a couple of suckers worth catching. Steele says he’s bringing the boys now.Steele crosses the line and stops, but Bo and Luke manage to keep from entering Chickasaw.

Cletus Falls in Love[]

After getting a call from Boss to help in arresting Bo and Luke, he drives to Hazzard. While arriving he nearly hits Boss and Rosco in the street. After he parks his car, Rosco runs over and starts yelling at him. He gets out of the car, fixing his uniform and holding up a fist, silencing Rosco. He gives Boss a small bow and takes off his helmet, having Rosco hand him the check and put it in his helmet before putting it back on. Rosco starts talking about his plan and Little cuts him off yelling ‘Coltrane!’ and telling him to go play with his rubber duck. As Boss and Rosco fight he tells them he has his own idea how to nab them. He tells Boss to get his bounty money ready as the Dukes are as good as ‘in the pokey’. He salutes Boss and Boss says that is what he hired Little for. He gets in his car and leaves.

He sits in the file room with a shotgun across his lap. Bo and Luke sneak in and he greets them as they go to get into the file box saying ‘howdy boys’. He remarks it’s nice of them to ‘stop in’ while he stands up. Luke greets him and Bo asks what he’s doing out of Chickasaw County. He explains Boss hired him to nab them and he knew Luke would figure returning to the file room was the last thing Hogg would figure on ‘but I ain’t no Hogg’. He cocks his gun and the boys run for the window. He yells for them to come back, calling them a ‘weasel’. He grabs Bo’s belt before the young man can get out of the window and throws Bo head first into a filing cabinet. He then points his shotgun out the window, yelling after Luke telling him he had better come back as he is ‘minus a cousin’. Luke stops and surrenders, walking back.

He stands with Boss and Rosco as they talk to Bo and Luke in their cell. Boss tells him that they are leaving at 7am sharp and for Little not to take his eyes off them as they are sneaky. He salutes.

As night falls, he sits in a chair watching them. Hearing Bo and Luke talking he tells them to shut up and hit the sack. He adds that in case they got any ideas to forget them, before standing up and telling them he never sleeps. He starts pacing.

At 6:45 the next morning he tells Bo and Luke to get moving, waking them up. He tells them that in 15 minutes they will be traveling. Luke, who was already up, tells him that they were unaware he was for hire and maybe they can do him one better than Boss. He laughs asking ‘with what? Another bum check?’ before telling Luke to forget it and they aren’t talking their way out of this one.

A moment later they are surprised by Daisy and Cletus coming down the stairs, both giggling and talking. He goes over to them asking what is going on and there is no visitors allowed. He says for them to go and Daisy says they are looking for Boss to marry them. As they begin to flirt more, he gets annoyed calling them ‘ding-a-lings’ and saying for them to cut it out. He says it’s a jail, Hogg ain’t there and for them to go. Cletus refuses to move saying Boss has to be there. When Bo and Luke add in their comments he tells them to shut up and that the others are going to make him mad. He starts pushing them out and Cletus hits him with flowers, telling him not to push them. However he hears a loud crash and turns back in to see Bo and Luke climbing out the window. Grabbing his shotgun he yells for them to stop or he will shoot. He trips on a chair and shoots the ceiling. As he gets up, Rosco comes down asking what that was. He tells him to get out of his way as the Dukes are getting away. He shoves past Rosco and runs outside. Once out there, he sees the boys are gone. Boss runs over, asking what is going on. Rosco says its Little fault they got away and he gets mad, yelling Rosco’s name to which Rosco says anyone could make a mistake. Boss asks how he could let them escape and that he warned Little the boys were sneaky. He says the boys had outside help. He says he’ll bring the boys back draped over his hood. Boss tells him to bring them to his meeting at nine. He hands over the check to Boss for his meeting and tells Boss that when he gets through with the boys there won’t be enough of them to bring to Capital City. He gets in his car and gives chase, narrowly avoiding the pie man who is trying to cross the street.

He catches up to Bo and Luke, saying he’s got them. Luke run him off the road into a bush. Little tries to back up but fins his car is stuck. Angry he hits the steering wheel. He gets the car unstuck and catches up to everyone, falling in behind Daisy and Cletus. He yells that they can’t ‘do that’ and tells them to pull over so he can go after the boys. He yells for them to get out of his way, calling them fools and starts shooting. As he goes to pass Cletus and Daisy though, Cletus suddenly swerves and run him off the road and into the creek. He yells in anger, hitting the steering wheel.

Shine On, Hazzard Moon[]

Little sets up a number of bottles and shoots them all as target practice. He hears Boss Hogg calling him on the CB, telling him that Jesse Duke is running shine in his county. He is also informed Jesse will be going to Lakeland Corners. He leaves to intercept Jesse, furious.

He catches up to Jesse and follows him. Bo and Luke then arrive, getting between him and Jesse. He watches Luke climb out of the General and jump into the pickup while the vehicles are still driving. Bo holds him off long enough for Jesse and Luke to dump the still in the pond and he and Bo pull up at the same time to see it sink. Furious kicks his car, knocking off a fender.

Miss Tri-Counties[]

Sheriff Little gets a call from Boss Hogg, telling him that Bo, Luke, and Daisy are coming into his county. He waits at the county line and falls in behind the boys as they drive. He calls Bo and Luke over the CB, saying for them to slow down and pull over. When they ignore them he tells them to do it again.

The boys lead him into town and he spends about a half hour chasing them around the square, getting angrier as he does. They then leave town, going north. As he chases them they come up to a road that is mostly blocked by a rock slide. Bo takes the General Lee onto two wheels and Little comments that he don’t believe it, watching the General drive through the rocks with his head tilted to the side. Bo knocks down a rock, blocking him and forcing him to stop. Furious, Little gets out of the car and kicks it hard enough to turn the car.

Share and Share Alike[]

After hiring a new deputy, Little starts going to Used Car lots to find a car for the man. He arrives in Hazzard at the Used Car lot, being approached by Lulu, Daisy, and Murkin. Lulu asks what brings him over there and he explains about the new deputy. He says he is looking for a good used car. Lulu points out a police car on the lot and Daisy offers to make a sweet deal. Daisy takes him by the arm and escorts him to the car. Lulu offers to make a fine price on the car with four new tires. He looks over the car and says the color is wrong as Chickasaw cars are green and white. Daisy says they will repaint it. He says a man has got to be crazy doing business with a Hogg, much less a Duke, but if the price is right. He pulls out his check book and buys the car. He hands the check to Lulu addressing her as ‘my dear’ and asks when they will do delivery.

While waiting for the car he hears Luke call Daisy to inform her there are stolen credit cards in the vehicle over the CB. He heads out to meet them. As he does he is suddenly cut off by Boss and Rosco, losing a fender. He is approached by Boss and Rosco, who thought he was Lulu and Daisy. Boss says it looks like they made a little mistake but Little growls ‘wrong, you boys made a big mistake.’

He forces Boss to honor the agreement he made with Lulu and pay the repairs on his car.

The Law and Jesse Duke[]

While not in the episode, Sheriff Little and his department go on strike and win, earning better working conditions, two week vacations in a year, five days of paid sick leave, and a pay increase.

Season 5[]

The Treasure of Soggy Marsh[]

Sheriff Little receives a call from Boss, asking how he’s doing and how things are in Chickasaw. He comments that it’s nice, quiet and peaceful and he aims to keep it that way. Boss tells him that while he hates to ruin Little’s day, there are a few criminals headed his way, surprising Little. Boss specifies that there are three and they stole some diamond cuff-links that have been in his family for generations.

He spots Daisy, Vance, and Coy outside of the Print Shop. Little scolds Daisy, saying he thought she had more sense than to show up in Chickasaw with the boys. She tells him that while she would love to argue with him she has to get going. He stops her showing them the warrant. Vance says he didn’t need a warrant for that and Coy tells him to go ahead as they have nothing to hide. He says they’ll see about that before opening the glove box and finding the cuff-links. He shows them to Daisy, asking that they still think they have nothing to hide. The boys deny seeing them and he says that is just what Boss said they would say. Daisy slaps them out of his hands and when he bends over to pick them up she kicks him so that he falls. The boys drive off and he gets back up. He tells her she shouldn’t have done that and there is no way the boys are going to get away before chasing after them. He shots back that he will deal with her later. He chases the Dukes around town until they pick up Daisy and out into the county. He jumps a construction site after the boys and continues the chase until the General stalls out. He takes all three back to the prison and locks them up.

As he puts Vance and Coy in a cell, he tells them to make themselves at home before saying they got one call between the three of them. The boys say that Little knows they don’t belong there and Boss is up to something. Coy says they will have to talk to a dozen people to figure this out and Little says as long as they do it all in one phone call. Daisy decides to call Uncle Jesse and Little puts the keys down out of reach, telling Daisy that ‘in case you got a mind to knock something else out of my hand, I’ll put in the quarter.’ She agrees and he does before handing her the phone and going to do paperwork. He listens to Daisy telling Jesse about how they were framed, amused.

After Jesse comes to the jail, he leaves on an errand. He returns to see the Dukes escaping, nearly colliding with Jesse’s pickup. Furious he goes around Jesse to chase after the Dukes. When Coy stops in the middle of the road he swerves and runs into a fence. After getting his car back on the road he continues the chase. After a bit he realizes he lost the boys.

He stops at a park payphone and calls Boss, talking to Rosco for a moment on the phone first. He hears Boss conclude he’s calling to thank him for the tip. Boss asks him what he wants and he informs the commissioner that the Dukes broke out about a half hour before. He says that the boys are headed to Hazzard and he’s coming after them. Boss protests saying for him not to, to Little’s surprise, and that Boss will have Rosco catch them. Little refuses, offended saying he wouldn’t trust Rosco to catch chickenpox and he’s only officially advising Boss of what happened. However he is still chasing them before he hangs up.

Driving around Hazzard, he finds Enos in a pond. He pulls Enos car out and tells Enos to get in with him before heading out again.

They hear Daisy on the C.B. say she found some divers at Soggy Marsh and that she will be careful. Enos tells him that it sounds like Daisy is in trouble and they are a long way from Soggy Marsh. He tells Enos to just point the way.

Little and Enos encounter Rosco on the road. Rosco runs him off the road and Enos asks if he’s okay. He tells Enos not to worry about him, to worry about Rosco when he catches him. Little then gets back on the road.

Little and Enos arrives just as the Dukes take down the crooks. He arrests Pruitt and Biff.

Later he stands with Enos and Rosco at the Police Station while Boss rips up the map from the treasure hunt.

Season 6[]

The Boar's Nest Bears[]

While out on patrol, he gets a call from A.C. Tate Jr. telling him that Bo and Luke Duke are going to be coming into Chickasaw and Tate wants him to arrest the boys and haul them in. He grins before responding, saying thank you as Mr. Tate just made his day. He says the boys are violating their parole and are his.

He drives out to the county line and cuts off the road as he sees Bo and Luke heading toward him. He tells them to stop but Bo drives around him. He gets angry and chases after them. Bo intentionally knocks a boulder down in front of him, which Little hits causing him to lose his front fenders. Little gets out of the car to check on it before shaking a fist after Bo and ripping off the door.

The next day he is out driving when he spots the General Lee. He uses the CB, telling the boys to cooperate now or he’ll make them stop. Bo responds, apologizing but saying they don’t have the time to be social with him. The boys drive past and he turns to chase after them. Luke goes off road and he follows them only to loose them when they jump over a gully. He shakes his fist after them before punching the hood of his car and the bumper falls off. Little grabs his helmet in exasperation.

While out driving he nearly runs into the General Lee with Bo and Daisy in it. When Bo blows past him, he gives chase. Bo jumps over a creek and he stops, unable to follow. He gets out and yells at Bo. He leaps onto the hood, and the back passenger door pops off.

After getting back on the road, he finds Bo sitting in the General outside of the hospital and chases him down the road. He continues to chase Bo in circles around the hospital until Bo picks up Daisy and heads back toward Hazzard.

He follows Bo down a road into a construction site where he is stopped dead by hitting a pile of rocks that Bo jumped over. Livid, he gets out of the car and looks over its destroyed appearance before reigning in his temper.

Dead and Alive[]

Seeing Artie Bender and an armored car on the road side, he stops and asks what is going on. Artie says there was a robbery and there were two of them in a car, pointing out what direction the men went in. Figuring the crooks would be the first car he could see, he drove down the road catching sight of the General Lee. He catches the boys when they stop and he gets out of his car. He tells the boys to get out of the car. Bo listens but Luke doesn’t, trying to talk to him. He grabs Luke’s arm, pulling him out of the General. Bo tries to explain that they didn’t do anything but he just tells him to hush. Bo tries again and he tells Bo to hush, prompting Bo to put his hands up. Luke tries to talk and he hushes him too.

At the Police Station, he starts booking Bo and Luke, typing out the report. Bo argues with him, asking that if they were the crooks why would they stop and wait for him. Bo asks where the money is too and he says they tossed it out the window figuring they would go pick it up later. He says it ought to be worth twenty years. Luke says he can prove they are innocent and reminds Little they are allowed a phone call. He pushes the phone to Luke, saying they got one call as he doesn’t want any judge tossing this case out on legal technicalities. Luke says they will have it cleared up and he sits back in his chair as Luke says the witness’ phone was cut off. Luke decides to call Uncle Jesse and Bo says they can’t call him or Daisy. Little just chuckles as he continues to type. Luke gets a hold of Gussie Peabody and when he finishes, Little takes the phone saying ‘now it’s my turn’. He has the operator Jezebel connect him to Rosco. Boss answers the phone and it’s it over to Rosco. Rosco tries to greet him but he cuts him off saying ‘Coltrane, I just wanted to let you know I did what you ain’t never been able to do.’ Little informs him that he arrested Bo and Luke for grand theft. Rosco gets angry, saying he has gone too far and Little laughs at his distress. Rosco says he wants the boys in his county ‘right now if not sooner’ but he hears Rosco and Boss talk and he says he doesn’t know what they are gabbing about. He goes to hang up but Luke takes the phone only to learn his witness is dead. He hangs up the phone and goes back to typing his report.

He goes to Bo and Luke’s cell, opening it and saying its time to go see the judge. Luke and Bo suddenly shove him back with the cell door before running. He yells for them to stop, and chases after them but he slips on soap on the floor and he and the cleaning lady fall onto the ground. He manages to get to his feet and follow Bo and Luke to the impound yard. Bo drives through the gate and he dives to the side to avoid it before getting into his car and chasing after the boys.

Bo drives through a construction site and jumps over it, to which he follows. He turns around another bend to see the General sitting. He stops and gets out before looking in the car to find it empty. Thinking the boys ran into the trees, he goes and looks. Hearing the General, he sees Bo and Luke driving away. He yells for them to freeze, running down the hill and Luke waves. Frustrated, he goes to get in his car to see he has two flat tires. He pulls out his CB to call for backup but accidentally rips it out. He tosses it in frustration.

After making wanted posters of Bo and Luke, he goes to Hazzard and starts putting them up. He is approached by two men, Lenny and Phil, asking if the men are the ones wanted for the armored car robbery. He says that is what the poster says. He says if they find the boys, turn them in, they got a $500 reward. He leaves to continue putting up fliers.

As he continues putting up posters, Rosco yells to him. He ignores Rosco, and the other Sheriff walks over, saying for him not to pretend he doesn’t hear him and that he’s violating. Rosco tells him that he has half a mind to write him a ticket. Little says he doesn’t even have a quarter of a mind much less half. He tells Rosco to buzz off and Rosco says he will catch the boys. He tells Rosco that he couldn’t catch a cold if he was naked as a jaybird in the snow. Little picks Rosco up, hanging him by the back of his uniform on a flag pole. He says for Rosco to hang around for a bit and watch a real Sheriff do his job. He leaves to continue hanging posters.

He uses Rosco’s office and orders a state wide APD on the Duke boys. Boss and Rosco come in and Rosco reminds him that it’s his office. He says it’s his command office now. He hears someone calling for him on the CB and he and Rosco both reach for it but he gets it first. Rosco says that is his radio and he says it was his name being called. He answers and is told that there are some people chasing the Dukes and they need some help. He asks where they at and is told they are on Paxton Road heading west. He leaves, calling Enos on the radio to assist him. He reaches where the boys are, but the boys evade him and cause him, Enos, and Phil to crash into each other.

He arrives at the Hazzard Police station to see Bo and Luke fleeing in the hall. He pulls out his gun, which Luke manages to redirect as he and Bo run in the other direction on a wet floor. Little chases after them, stopping them in the hall but he is hit by a door and knocked over by Boss and Rosco. All three fall on the floor, upsetting the cleaning lady.

He gets up and heads after the boys in his car. He and Rosco try to cut each other off for the leading car chasing the boys. They lose the boys when they jump the General. He gets out, approaching Rosco and says they are his prisoners before asking which way the boys went. Rosco refuses to answer and he says they have ten seconds to tell him or he will tell them which way they are going to go. Rosco gets upset.

They head toward Hazzard Pond when he sees Bo and Luke coming from the other direction. He turns and follows them, Rosco behind him. When the car ahead of the General starts shooting at him, he forgets about the Duke boys and starts shooting back. The Dukes cut the men off and they wreck. Artie tells him that the two men, Phil and Lenny were responsible and he arrests them.

Play it Again, Luke[]

While not physically in the episode, Little is contacted when Bo and Luke are accused of kidnapping a singer named Candy Dix. As Boss' request, he sets up a road block on highway 11. The boys never appear at the road block.

The Fortune Tellers[]

Season 7[]

Sittin' Dukes[]



Sheriff Little