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Eli is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


Shine On, Hazzard Moon[]

He goes with Jasper Fenwick to meet with Boss and Rosco. He pulls out Fenwick’s tasting cup from his pocket so that Fenwick can try some. When Fenwick is disgusted, he says they should have looked up Jesse Duke. When Fenwick threatens Boss and Rosco, Eli punches a fist into his hand to emphasize the point. He and Fenwick then leave.

The next day he is in Jasper Fenwick’s office while Fenwick is on the phone, polishing some of the items on Fenwick’s desk.

He heads out to Boss’ Still Site with a truck, helping Jesse load all the shine until Fenwick’s arrival. When Fenwick says he wants to taste it, he pulls out a cup but Jesse takes it from him. He lets Jesse fill it up and Jesse hands it back to him before he gives it to Fenwick. Fenwick approves of the shipment. He drives away the truck.

Later when Fenwick discovers that the moonshine isn’t what he thought it was, he goes with Fenwick to see Boss and Rosco, giving both of them a black eye.