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Elmo is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Uncle Boss[]

He drives Hughie into Hazzard, commenting that ‘it’s sure pretty country nephew Boss’ and adding that the ‘cars are right colorful’ referring to the General Lee in front of them. Hughie tells him it’s Bo and Luke Duke and orders him to run the boys off the road, which makes him grin. He runs them off, beeping as he drives away. He pulls into the Boar’s Nest and gets out to get the door for Hughie before getting out his bags.

Hughie has him take the car and hide it on the Duke Farm.

After the car is returned he waits in it until Hughie is ready to leave. He drives out of town to allow for Hughie’s cover story and after a short time Hughie tells him to turn around and head back.

Later he drives Hughie and Boss toward the State Police. They are chased by Enos but Boss tells him to get moving. However Bo and Luke cut him off and Boss tries to give him directions to get back on track. At Boss and Hughie’s instructions, he drives through a creek bed and through a culvert. However Bo and Luke continue the chase and he is forced to drive the other way. Rosco redirects him into a canyon. A street later Jesse joins the chase.

He is forced into the junk yard and avoids a large magnet before it is dropped on them. He looks stops in shock but leaves as told. Before he can he is blocked by the Dukes and forced to stop, allowing Cooter to pick up the entire car with a magnet. After they are released, he speeds away, nearly hitting Rosco in the process.

After returning to Hazzard when the police trip went bad, Boss throws Hughie in the back of the car and they leave.