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Elton Loggin is a reoccuring character in the Dukes of Hazzard.


Elton is the only DJ in Hazzard County and therefore kept working by Boss Hogg frequently. He is a fishing buddy of the Duke boys and a long time friend of Enos Strate's.


Season 6[]

Enos' Last Chance[]

After talking to Bo and Luke, he goes on the air and announces that at three o’clock ‘Hogg Standard time here at W.H.O.G.G.’ he makes a commercial announcing anti-vegetarian boot. He goes back to the boys and when Bo says he sure makes his money he apologizes before saying Boss writes all the advertising. He asks what he can do for them and the boys explain they need a favor. He comments anything for his old fishing pals. After the boys explain they need to set a trap for a man who is trying to kill Enos, Elton goes on the air saying he has an important note about a good friend of all of Hazzards, the ex-deputy Enos Strate. He says Enos will be a special guest in the studio at five o’clock.

Elton starts the program at five, introducing Enos for the ‘Who’s who’. He shakes Enos’ hand, saying Enos is a self-made man and a real success story in Hazzard. He asks Enos how come he got fired. Enos says that is a long story and he respects Rosco and Boss Hogg. Enos adds he will still help Hazzard. Elton asks what Enos favorite fishing hole and Enos tells him the pond just south of town but since Elton’s his buddy he’ll share that with him. He says he likes Hazzard pond as he’s been in there quite a few times. Enos tells him about accidentally buying a hundred crickets and accidentally knocking them over and driving into the pond. Elton asks how he gets along with Sheriff Rosco’s dog Flash, and Enos says they are buddies. He continues asking Enos questions and then one of the ladies brings him an urgent message. After reading it, he cuts off Enos and says they are interrupting the program to bring them all a special news bulletin. He announces that Daisy has been kidnapped and the kidnapper has Daisy on the phone currently. Bo, Luke, Jesse, and Cooter come running in and Elton switches them off the air to turn on the phone call. Daisy delivers the ransom as Boss and Rosco come in. Luke comes up with a plan and they all leave Elton in the station. Jesse orders him to let them know if he hears anything and he wishes them all good luck.

Season 7[]

Strange Visitor to Hazzard[]

He makes a public broadcast about the UFO scare in Hazzard. He mentions Jed Barton seeing a UFO over his south pasture and Zeke Ferris shooting at one over his chicken coop. He reminds them that Rosco had asked him to tell everyone not to panic.

The next day while broad casting, he reminds everyone that Boss Hogg has a special broadcast planned at five o’clock. He says while they are waiting they should wrap their ears around ‘this oldie but goodie’. When the door opens he turns to the two men, Mickey and Buck, and greets them before asking if they have a special request. They pull guns on him and tell him to stand up and do as he’s told. He stands up and asks what they want and says if one of the numbers he played didn’t please them they should just tell him and he’ll never play it again. Mickey tells him to shut up and show him how to work the equipment. After they lock him in the closet.

Elton protests when he is joined by Rosco, Boss, and Enos in the closet. When he hears Bo outside ask where he is, he bangs on the door. He is shortly joined by Bo and Luke in the closet. Daisy and Jesse frees them and while he doesn’t know what everyone is running outside for, he wishes them all good luck before taking over the radio and restoring the peace by saying the previous men were phony's doing a stunt, like in the movies.