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Emerson P. Craig, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Emerson P. Craig is a businessman from Savannah and the owner of Craig Cotton Mills. His son Roger married a woman named Mary Lou against his wishes. Soon after the couple had a son, Jamie, but Roger passed away. Seeing Mary Lou as beneath him in status, he has her declared an unfit mother and attempts to remove Jamie from her custody. Mary Lou flees and he hires two men, Fielding and Baldwin, to find her and bring Jamie back.


A Baby for the Dukes[]

While heading to Hazzard to join the search, he is called by Fielding. He tells Fielding that he doesn’t care what they do or how they get him, but he is paying them $1,200 a day and he wants that baby. He says if they have any trouble with the ‘hayseeds’ up there, to take care of them. He adds that he will be in Hazzard in two hours, and Fielding agrees.

When arriving in Hazzard, he goes into the Police Department where he encounters Boss Hogg. He introduces himself, giving Boss his card. Boss asks that he is ‘The Emerson P. Craig’ to which he just nods. Boss shakes his hand and he says from the description he had been given, this man must be Commissioner Hogg, which Boss confirms. Boss invites him into his office, accidentally knocking down a number of boards. Annoyed, he says he doesn’t have time to fool around and he is there on a very urgent matter. He tells Boss that his infant grandson was abducted and his investigators have traced the baby to that area. He shows Boss a picture and Boss says he will alert his police department to look out for the thugs, but Emerson says the baby was stolen by his mother. Boss is confused, so he explains that he was awarded custody at a hearing in Savannah. He says he wants the baby and is offering a $25,000 reward for his safe return. Boss says he will have his men on it immediately and he tells Boss that his men said that they are currently looking for an orange car with a flag on top as it might be involved. Boss says it’s the Dukes. He asks who the Dukes are and Boss says if there is any trouble, you can be sure the Dukes are involved.

He arrives at the Duke Farm with Boss, and they are confronted by Jesse, Bo, and Luke. When the Dukes ask what baby is Boss yelling about, he introduces himself and Boss explains that the baby is his grandson. When Jesse asks what Boss is babbling about, he says he will explain. He says two years ago, his son Roger married a girl who was working in his mills without his approval and against his orders. The two had a baby and soon after his son died. Boss apologizes for his loss. He explains that he didn’t approve of the ‘little girl’ because she was a nobody who was raised on a grubby farm and came from a hick town. He says he went to court and naturally won as she was an unfit mother and he was awarded custody. He says if they know where the baby is, he wants him. Bo asks that he had the mom declared unfit and Jesse asks why, since she was a hard working girl brought up on a farm. Jesse asks if he knew the family to which Craig laughs saying he knew the family, they were from Hazzard. Luke asks for the girls name and he says Mary Lou Tompkins. He concludes they are wasting time talking to the Dukes and Bo brings up knowing her and Jesse says the Tompkins are good people. Jesse says his sense of values are ‘topsy-turvy’ and he can’t judge a person’s value by having dirt on their hands and calluses for growing up on a farm. He says Craig can’t judge them by how much money they have or don’t have. Jesse says some of the richest people he ever met never had a dime.

Furious, Craig concludes the Dukes stole the baby and demands to know where the officers are. Enos and Rosco arrive on horses, and he watches unimpressed. He demands the officers search. Bo stops them saying it is their place. Luke adds that it might be a grubby farm but it is private property. He yells that they are speaking nonsense and addresses Rosco saying that if they have the baby, he wants him. He says for the three to spread out and search the place. Bo, now angry, snaps that he might be a big wheel out in Savannah but he ain’t green beans in Hazzard. Boss agrees that they have to go back to town to get a warrant. He yells that they are all a bunch of ‘country bumpkins’ and that his lawyer is coming up from Savannah. He says that if they do not honor the court order that he has the child, they will all be in violation of the law. Craig returns to his car and leaves.

Craig meets with Fielding and Baldwin, ordering them to put the Dukes under surveillance. When they both confirm they understand, he yells at them to go.

After his lawyer gives him the court order, he storms into Boss’ office where Boss is meeting with Jesse. He shows Boss the order, saying he finally got it. He tells Boss he demands some action and he wants the baby. Boss agrees to look at it and Jesse goes to talk to him but he snaps ‘you keep out of this Duke’. Jesse asks if he ever considered a country life would be good for the baby. Offended, he asks if Jesse seriously thinks that he would allow his grandson and heir to grow up in a shantytown and live in some grubby shack and being pawed by a bunch of people in dirty overalls. Boss points out that he grew up in that town and he doesn’t live in a shack and he isn’t wearing overalls. Angry, Craig seizes the order saying if Boss and his ridiculous police force doesn’t help him find the baby, then he will have them all brought up on charges. He threatens to sue for damages and wipe out that dump of a town. Boss becomes upset, saying that they may be country folk living in a small town, but Craig can’t come in there like that and threaten them, even if he is rich and important. Fielding and Baldwin come in and they go outside to talk.

He rides in a car with Fielding and Baldwin toward Jensen’s Hollow. When Fielding says they are five miles away, he says that is good and they will have to pull off on the road to observe the place without the Duke Boys spotting them. They hear sirens and look back to see Rosco and Enos are chasing them on horseback. They stop and he gets out. Rosco says he needs to search their vehicle and Enos says it’s the man who called them ignorant country bumpkins. He snaps that is exactly what they are and the baby is his grandson. He says he’s going after the baby now and shows his court order to Rosco. He says he is also ordering Rosco to come with them and enforce it. Rosco protests and he says if Rosco doesn’t, he will be in contempt of court and he has witnesses. He tells Rosco to get in the car and not waste anymore time. When Rosco hesitates he screams at him to get in the car before telling him to shut up.

They spot the Dukes arrive and listen to them tell Mary Lou that Boss is helping them and they are going to take her to Jamie. When the Dukes prepare to leave, he tells the others to get going and they get back in the car, following. He tells the men to be careful because if the boys see them, it’ll blow everything. They are all horrified when Rosco starts firing his pistol out the back window, alerting the Dukes to their presence. He tries to stop Rosco but realizes its too late. They stop and he has Rosco thrown out, saying he will take care of Rosco later before resuming the chase. He says he wants the Dukes and the girl and they will force them to take them to the baby. When Fielding goes to shoot out the window, he says to be sure they just hit a tire. However they are faced with a water truck and he yells for Baldwin to watch out for it and asks if he’s trying to get them all killed. They are ran off the road and they lose the Dukes.

Craig, Fielding, and Baldwin check all the buildings along the road to see if they can find Daisy and Jamie.

As they continue, they notice a sign for the Hazzard Sawmill. Fielding sees fresh tire tracks and Craig agrees to check it out. They drive toward the sawmill. They park a ways off and start walking towards it but he walks in front of Fielding, coughing on the cigar smoke. He demands Fielding get rid of it, saying that had he known he smoked those things he would never have hired him.

The three go into the sawmill and not seeing anything, they assume Daisy slipped out the back and attempt to follow her. They are shocked to see a massive fire consuming the area. Baldwin points out Daisy and they chase her into the fire.

When they find their way blocked by flames, he says his grandson is in there and they need to get him out. He tells Fielding and Baldwin to try and make a path. They attempt to put out some of the flames but it’s too much.

As the farmers are helping get the fire under control, Jesse and Mary Lou find him. Jesse asks if he has seen Daisy and the baby and he admits they saw them and the two are in the midst of it. Mary Lou yells that they chased them there and asks if he’s happy now. He begs them to save his grandson. Jesse asks that he doesn’t mind the old farmers helping him. He says he deserves that, that he’s been a pompous, selfish, unfeeling old fool. Jesse adds there’s a few other words to add to that but he doesn’t have the time right now. Craig tells him if they can save his grandson he’ll do anything, even let Jamie stay with Mary Lou.

He is happy to see the General Lee arrive with Bo, Daisy, Jamie, and Druten in it followed by the water truck. When Mary Lou gets Jamie, he looks over them, happy to see his grandson is unharmed. He is approached by Judge Druten, who introduces himself and says he is considering giving Mary Lou custody. He tells Druten he doesn’t need to do that as he is tearing it up. He pulls out the order before doing exactly that.

Later as he prepares to leave Hazzard, he kisses Mary Lou’s cheek and shakes Jesse’s hand, saying he wants to thank Jesse and his boys for setting him straight. He says he was wrong for putting them down, that they are all something special and he is going to be proud to have Jamie growing up amongst them. He also gives Boss the reward money before heading back to Savannah.