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Emery Potter is a reoccurring character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Emery is a resident of Hazzard. He serves as the County Registrar and the Chief Teller at the Bank. He is a terrible driver. [1] He spent 12 years courting Mabel Wooster and after proposing they met in the Town Square for lunch every day. [2]


Season 2[]

People's Choice[]

He meets Mabel for lunch in the square. When Mabel asks when are they going to set a date, he asks how many years does he have to keep telling her that he can’t until he can financially support her and feed her to which she is accustomed. They are approached by Boss and Rosco, and Boss announces that day has arrived. He greets Boss as Mr. Hogg and asks what brings him there. Boss says he couldn’t sleep since he realized he has been standing between their marriage. Boss says he is going to raise Emery’s salary, by something that he hasn’t determined yet, and giving him a cash bonus as a wedding gift, shocking Emery. Boss asks him to get ‘this adorable little thing here to a preacher’. Flustered he asks them all to wait as Mabel hugs him in joy, but Boss continues and tells them he hopes they will accept the use of his summer cottage at Lake Chicamahonee. Flustered, Emery explains’ he can’t right now as he still has his job as County Registrar. Boss offers to have Enos substitute for him and Mabel begs, but he stutters through another protest. Boss insists they leave now. Mabel drags him over to the car to leave.

Mabel and Emery go to the chapel to be married. While the preacher is conducting the ceremony, Bo, Luke, and T.C. come running up. He is happy to see them when Luke says they need him a moment and he asks what can he do for them. The boys and T.C. explain she needs to have him sign the paper to make her eligible to run. He laughs saying that is no problem and signs the paper. As he hands it back he explains what the problem is that his signature doesn’t mean anything without the stamp. Luke asks where the stamp is and he explains it’s back in Hazzard. Mabel asks if they can get on with the ceremony but Luke says they need to take Emery back to Hazzard. When T.C. begs, he apologizes to Mabel saying it is his civic duty. The boys grab Emery and put him in the General, rushing back to Hazzard. As he drives, Bo checks on Emery to make sure he’s okay.

They arrive at the county building and Luke pulls him out, saying he wouldn’t want to have to tangle with Mabel. They burst into the county building and he yells for Enos to get the county seal quickly. He gets the seal and stamps the paper. Mabel then arrives, hugging him. Rosco comes in and announces he is arresting Bo and Luke. He watches Rosco confront the boys as Mabel clings to him before the boys flee. He, Mabel, and T.C. laugh with Enos about what happened.

Thursday he is running the poll’s and is startled by Mabel’s arrival as she votes, and he calls her honey bun saying he has her ballot. She reminds him they are getting married that afternoon after the polls close. When Wheeler and Peters comes in and says to end the election, Daisy protests saying not everyone has had a chance to vote yet. He tells her that isn’t true, that he knows most people in these parts and from what he can tell, everyone has voted and the election is over. Mabel comes running in and drags him away to their wedding.

At his wedding he is stunned to see Bo and Luke arrive. The boys say he needs to come back to Hazzard again as the election is a tie and he forgot to vote. Luke says the polls close in 20 minutes and Bo says his vote will decide the election and that makes him the most important person in Hazzard, shocking him. The boys beg him and so does Mabel. He says they can do this later but right now Hazzard needs him. The Preacher says he can’t reschedule them again. To appease everyone, Luke has them married on the back of the pickup with Luke as the witness and Bo driving them to Hazzard. After they arrive, Bo and Luke take him out of the truck and drag him into the building. He goes to vote and Boss threatens his job. He votes and hands over his ballot, voting for T.C. He is alarmed when Boss calls him a traitor and fires him but T.C. says he stays as she is now his boss. After they celebrate T.C.’s victory. T.C. gives him a kiss and Mabel then kisses him before taking him home.

Season 4[]

Coltrane vs. Duke[]

With Rosco injured, Boss calls Emery in to be sworn in as a deputy to help Cletus. Boss tells him to raise his right hand, which he does nervously. Boss asks him to do the oath, focused on the Duke boys. He puts his hand down explaining he’s not real comfortable wearing a uniform and Boss pulls his hand up saying for him to just raise his hand and say ‘I do’. Emery tells him that driving fast upsets his stomach as he drops his hand again. Boss snaps saying Cletus needs lots of help in capturing the Dukes. Boss pulls his hand up again telling him to say ‘I do.’ He starts to lower his hand saying he’s not what you’d call a physical person. Boss tells him that in that uniform he bears a striking resemblance to Stonewall Jackson. Flattered, Emery reaches up to his hat asking ‘I do?’ and Boss says he’s sworn in. Boss shoves a set of cuff’s in his hands and tells him not to go anywhere until he has a Duke boy on the other end of that cuff. He and Cletus are shoved out.

While following behind Cletus in a patrol car, Boss calls him and informs him that the next morning the boys are headed to Chickasaw and Cletus says they need to just set up a road block.

The next morning he and Cletus set up their cars to block a bridge. He sees Cletus standing with his arms crossed and mirrors the position himself. Cletus tells him there is no way the Dukes will cross the bridge.  Cletus says they will cross the bridge as soon as pigs got wings. He agrees, fixing his pants and parroting Cletus’ words. They see Bo and Luke come toward them before the boys turn around. Cletus says they outfoxed them but Emery remarks ‘unless they went back for help’. When the boys turn again and come toward them Cletus asks where are the boys going and he says ‘they’re gonna jump it’. Cletus doubts they can but the boys jump over and Emery says ‘they jumped it’.

While in town he is radioed to go after the Dukes and not let them leave town. He speeds down the road, crashing into Cletus and losing his hood. He resumes the chase after a difficult back and forth with Cletus and the cars.

He joins the chase for Bo and Luke behind Cletus but in front of Boss. They catch up to the Dukes but Judge Potts is startled and stops, blocking the road and forcing him to stop. He hits Cletus’ car. While the others are fighting about the trial, he and Cletus argue about who has to move their car first. They stop when Boss yells for everyone to hush. He listens to the Judge sort out the case. After he is no longer forced to be a deputy.

Dukescam Scam[]

Emery is driving down the road leaving town. He is swerving around on the roads, accidentally running the Dukes off the road. He continues driving.

After fishing at Hoopy Pond under Boss’ orders, and collecting a large number of fish, he returns to Boss’ fishing shack to hear his name being called on the CB. He initially assumes Boss is there before realizing it’s the CB. Emery answers asking if Boss wants him to which Boss says that is why he called him. Boss says the Duke boys are coming to see him and he don’t want the boys to. Emery asks why not saying they are nice boys. Boss snaps, saying for him to never mind that and if he doesn’t hide from the boys then he will be fired. He agrees and says goodbye before hanging up.

After Bo and Luke arrive, he hides. When the boys leave he comes out of the reeds.

Later while gathering fire wood, he sees the boys driving up again. Alarmed he drops all the wood and runs to his car before driving away to not be found. Luke tries to call him over the CB as the boys chase him. He ignores Luke and Bo pulls up alongside and tries to cut him off. He drives in the other direction. Luke tries again to call him again saying it’s an emergency. Emery debates a moment before grabbing the CB saying he’s truly sorry but he can’t talk to them as Boss said he would lose his job if he did. Luke tells him they don’t care about that and they need his help. He says they need him to open the bank vault as Boss and Jesse are locked in. Shocked, Emery stops the car in the middle of the road before getting out. Bo and Luke pull him into the General before Bo drives away. Luke and Bo finish pulling him in the car as Bo drives and he says he’s trying to get in. Bo asks if he’s sure he remembers the combination and he says he sure does. He says it’s 12 to the right, 10 to the left, and 7 to the right. Luke tells him to just don’t forget it to which he says ‘I won’t I won’t.’

As Bo continues to drive, he keeps reviewing the combination. Bo tells him to hold on as he jumps the creek. Bo tells him to keep saying the combination and he does.

They pull up to the bank and Bo and Luke pull him out of the car. He continues to repeat the numbers as he stumbles around and the boys pull him inside. He’s taken to the vault door but gets overwhelmed as Luke tries to support him. He feints and Bo pulls him aside where he rests against the wall as Luke saves Jesse and Boss.