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Sheriff Emitt 'Spike' Loomis is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Sheriff 'Spike' Loomis has been the Sheriff for Hatchape county for over 32 years. He does not like anyone who runs moonshine. Some time ago he caught Jesse Duke and Boss Hogg fishing in his county. Knowing they were moonshiners, he gave them a warning by using a rail road spike, where his name came from, to tear the driver's door off their car.


Days of Shine and Roses[]

Sheriff Loomis finds a moon shiner and asks the young man driving it if ‘this Ridge Runnin’ Heap of trash belong to you boy?’ about his car. When the young man nods he informs him it doesn’t anymore. He rips off the trunk lid with the spike before ripping off the driver door and a front fender.

While he is in the office, he gets a phone call from what sounds like a woman and asks what they want. He is told it is an anonymous resident of Hazzard. He says he’s a busy man and tellss the caller they have one minute, asking what they want. He is told there is to be a moonshine run. Angry he slams the spike in his desk, demanding to know when. He is told it will be the next day. He yells to ask who and is told Jesse Duke. Furious he listens long enough to learn that Jesse is driving a black coupe. He throws a chair, shattering it and takes a moment to try and calm down.

The next day he gets a call from an anonymous caller, commenting ‘oh you again’ to which the caller says that he was a differ caller, the second part. He tells them to get on with it and he is informed that Jesse just left for his county. He gets angry and slams the spike through the wall repeatedly. He then sets up a barricade across the road into the county.

Loomis waits at the road block, commenting that it is 15:22 (3:22 pm). He is getting impatient and tells his men to be alert. He tells his men that he can smell the runners and it will be any minute now. When he sees the cars coming up he is forced to rush out of the way as Boss Hogg crashed through his barricade. Jesse then passes through the barricade before being followed by the General and a tow truck. Loomis is furious as they come back through his barricade into Hazzard again, Boss Hogg also escaping. He tries to stop them before giving up and getting in his car to resume the chase.

He arrives at the Boar’s Nest, announcing he got Jesse now. Bo opens the trunk and shows him it was just water. He watches unamused as Rosco pulls up in a broken car and Boss Hogg cusses him out.


Sheriff Loomis is the second character with the first name Emitt to be introduced in the show, the first being Sheriff Ragsdale. Both Sheriff's are of bordering counties and have been seen carrying a rail road spike and are better known for their nickname.