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Emitt Ragsdale is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Sheriff of Choctaw County. He is chasing a group of armed bandits that have already hit two banks before teaming up with Rosco to find them in Hazzard County. Luke commented that if he had two more cars he would invade Russia as he’s that mean.


Double Sting[]

When Rosco calls for help on the CB, he informs Rosco that he has arrived in Hazzard with a number of his units. When Rosco calls him again addressing him as Hammerhand he informs Rosco that he will address him properly while on police business. Rosco apologizes but calls him Hammerhand again, annoying him. Rosco asks if he has spotted any of the fugitives and he tells Rosco they have not but they have all the primary roads staked out with his deputies and roving patrols on the other roads. Rosco calls him Hammer again, before correcting it and saying he’s moving north to join him. Rosco tells him to be careful as the fugitives are tough and he comments ‘so are we, out’ before ending the conversation and tossing a railroad spike.

As he patrols a back roads he drives by the General Lee with Bo, Luke, and Colt. He turns around to pursue them. The boys jump a creek and he completes the jump too, saying he needs helicopters. He attempts to follow them around a corner only to see Rosco. Yelling to ask what kind of untrained fool is this, he flips his car. He glares at Rosco, getting out of the car and trying to restrain himself, informs Rosco that his driving is substandard. Rosco says he didn’t turn over

He arrives at the Swamp and yells for everyone to put their hands up. He greets Rosco, asking what is he doing there, before taking custody of the bank robbers. Rosco tells him that it’s his county and he corrects Rosco telling him to look up hot pursuit. As he goes to leave he catches sight of Daisy and stops. He tips his hat and says he hopes she wasn’t too inconvenienced before leaving with his prisoners.


Sheriff Ragsdale is the first of two Sheriff's to be introduced with the first name Emitt, the other being Sheriff Loomis. Both Sheriff's are from bordering counties, carry a rail road spike, and are better known by their nickname.