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Emma Partridge is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Emma Partridge is a long time friend of the Duke Family. Her late husband Simon was in World War 1 and was a collector of antiques. After his death she was struggling financially. Unable to make her mortgage, she puts all of Simon's antiques up for sale, hoping it will be enough.


The Canterbury Crock[]

After no one arrives, she is forced to sell everything to Boss Hogg for $250. While Boss has all the items loaded up, he counts out the money for her. She sees the Dukes arrive and Luke and Jesse approach her as Boss finishes putting the money in her hand. Jesse asks that she sold it all for $250 and she tells Jesse that she had to, as no one else made an offer. Bo approaches as Luke says it must be worth 10 times that and Bo says she’s been snookered. Boss then pulls the money from her hand, saying he will take it back and apply it to her mortgage. He tells her she has three days to raise the rest of the $353.62 to her horror. As Boss leaves Jesse apologizes and says they meant to come help her out but it looks like they didn’t arrive in time. Daisy comes out of the barn with a vase. Overhearing, Boss offers a dollar for it. Luke says they will pay $25 for it and she tells him that it ain’t worth that. Luke says they wish it could be more. She says it’s just a dumb souvenir that Simon brought back from England after the First World War. She says they can have it for free. Bo says she can give it to them for free as long as she takes the $25 in cash off their hands. Bo hands it over to her but Boss takes it saying she will deduct from her mortgage. He tells her goodbye and leaves. Jesse tells her they will be getting their crops in soon and then they can help her out a little more. He says until then, they’ll be by to check on her every once in a while. She thanks them and Daisy hugs her. She waves as they leave.

She sees a new car arrive and is approached by Beckman, who introduces himself and offers his condolences about Simon. She thanks him, accepting his card and asks what she can do for him. He says he is a dealer in artifacts like Simon and she remarks that if he means that Simon loved to collect junk then yes. He asks if she knows about a vase bought in Canterbury Crock and she says the little old crock with a lot of funny pictures on it. She says it’s just pure junk and he tells her he’s a dealer in that and is prepared to offer her $500 for it. Shocked she remarks she could sure use money like that and says she can’t sell it to him. He offers $750 and she tells him he doesn’t get her drift. He cuts her off offering $1,000. She explains that she sold it.

When Bo and Luke come to see her, she helps get out Simon’s diary. She stands by the boys as they read it, and Luke says that according to the antique dealer in Canterbury, the vase was commissioned by Cleopatra and was supposed to bring good luck to whoever owns it. Bo continues to read, saying that Simon wrote that the only good luck he got was finding a good woman like her. She blushes. Luke says if that is all true then it would be worth a small fortune. She remarks ‘and to think I didn’t even believe it was worth $25’. She remarks they are going to be rich. Luke says not them and even if they find it first they still figure it to be her’s. He says she needs the money for the mortgage. She blesses them an Bo says she might change her mind as they haven’t’ found it yet. She thanks them as they leave.

The Duke Family comes to see her and presents her with the money they got from Boss Hogg for the vase. She pays off the mortgage from Boss and receives the deed. She watches the Dukes help rip it up and when they hand it to her she throws it in the air in celebration.