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"Enos' Last Chance" is the tenth episode of the sixth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


While Enos was on the LAPD, he arrested and testified against hit man Frank Scanlon (Don Gordon). Now, Scanlon, who wears a different disguise for each job he does, has escaped from prison and arrived in Hazzard, and he will stop at nothing to make Enos pay for putting him away. The dukes help Enos capture Scanlon. Rosco's inattention to Scanlon results in an easy escape from the Hazzard jail, and Boss Hogg fires Enos for it. After Scanlon blows up Enos' empty car with a bomb, the dukes and some of their friends set a trap to stop Scanlon before he can hurt Enos, but Scanlon turns the tables on them, and kidnaps Daisy, figuring that the easiest way to Enos is through Daisy. Scanlon demands that Enos give himself up, alone, or he will kill Daisy. The dukes and everyone else in Hazzard set out to rescue Enos and Daisy and help Enos get his job back.


Balladeer: Well, it’s in Hazzard, it’s in a hurry, and it ain’t a Duke. So, whoever that fella is, he’s probably up to no good. You know, decent folks don’t carry on that way unless they’re up to no good. Uh huh, what’d I tell you? Now if I had to connect that fella, he guns, and that newspaper clipping, I’d figure right off that ol’ Enos was in trouble.


A green car is driving on the road, speeding and passing the Greenbille and Hazzard Junction. He pulls off the road and gets behind a series of bushes. He checks a gun in the glove compartment and ensures it’s loaded. After he checks a newspaper article about Enos capturing a syndicate hitman from the Los Angeles Tribune. After balling up the paper, the man gets out of the car and waits by the road.

The General Lee comes by with Luke, Bo, and Daisy. Luke asks if they should pick him up and Bo agrees saying he doesn’t like seeing anybody walk in the heat. Daisy agrees and they stop. They invite the stranger into the car, and he gets in. Bo climbs into the backseat with Daisy and Luke drives to town. The man introduces himself as Len Brady, saying he is on his way to Capitol City.

Town of Hazzard

The dukes and the man arrive in Hazzard, stopping at Rhuebottom’s. Luke says that is as far as they go, and Bo asks if there is anything else they can do for him. He declines and walks away. The dukes watch him, commenting on the man when Daisy tells them they got more important things to worry about, like getting Uncle Jesse’s long list of items from the little money they have. The boys laugh before they go inside.

As Scanlon approaches the police cars, he notices a key is in one of the cars ignitions. While he moves to get a closer look, he nearly bumps into Rosco, who is carrying a large tray of grits souffle.

Police Department

Enos is going through the files when Boss comes out of his office, order Enos to move the box out of the way. Enos says not yet, and Boss goes back into his office, upset. Rosco comes in a moment later, announcing he brought the grits and Boss comes out of his office, ecstatic. Rosco give the entire tray to Boss. Boss told Enos saying he’s please that Enos didn’t screw up he convinced Enos to go out and get some fresh air.

Hazzard Square

Enos goes outside where the hitchhiker is waiting. Seeing a woman named Mrs. Huckabee, Enos rushes over to help her with a number of packages she is carrying. Meanwhile the Dukes come out of the store and fondly see Enos helping her. They are all stunned when the hitchhiker runs out, holding a gun at Enos. Bo and Luke run over to help, and Daisy follows. Enos wrestles with the man in the street, getting the gun but the man escapes. Luke follows after him and Bo gets Enos before the two join the chase. Daisy stops to help Mrs. Huckabee with her dropped packages. The hitchiker runs into traffic, forcing the boys to follow. The man cuts through the square before reaching a tall wooden fence. He waits for Luke to reach him and uses Luke’s momentum to toss him through the fence. He then pulls out a knife and tries to stab Bo as he reaches him, but Bo gets control of his hand. Bo hits him in the face, knocking him out as Luke and Enos rejoin him. After checking on Bo, both turn their attention back to the assailant. Enos recognizes him as Frank Scanlon. Enos informs them of what he knows about the man. Enos arrests him.

Police Department

Boss and Rosco bicker as Enos brings Frank into the station, Bo and Luke following. Boss and Rosco try to write off Enos’ arrest, but Bo insists that Enos just arrested a Grade A criminal. Rosco disregards it, saying to let the man go. Luke corrects them, informing them that the man is a hitman. Alarmed, Rosco tells Enos to hurry and process him. Enos tells the boys to help him, and Bo praises Enos as they do.

While Enos processes him, Boss calls the California Police and is told there is a fifty-thousand-dollar reward for Frank. Boss claims that he personally caught Frank, shocking Rosco. Boss is told someone will arrive for Frank the following day. Boss says to make sure they have the reward with them. As Boss hangs up, Rosco protests that the duke boys and Enos captured Frank. Boss tells him that he and Rosco know that but the people in California will never know that.

As Enos locks Frank’s cell, Frank threatens him. Boss and Rosco come down and tell Bo and Luke to leave. As the boys do, Frank lifts the keys from Enos’ belt. Boss and Rosco try to trick Enos into signing a report that claimed Boss arrested Frank. While they bicker about the report, Frank shoves open the door, knocking the law officers down and take Enos’ gun. Enos manages to keep him from taking it completely and the gun goes off. Bo and Luke hear the gun from upstairs and come running back down. Frank attempts to leave, noticing Bo and Luke and knocking them down the stairs before fleeing. Enos, Boss, and Rosco untangle themselves as Luke pulls Bo up and they chase.

Outside Daisy is sitting on the General, talking to a local female when Frank comes outside. He shoots out the tires on Rosco’s patrol car. Then he takes Enos’ car and leaves town. Bo and Luke come running own and tell Daisy to follow the man, getting into the General and Daisy drives off. Boss, Rosco, and Enos then come outside, and all get into Rosco’s car before realizing the tire's flat. Enos and Rosco attempt to fix it. Frank drives around the square, Daisy chasing him. He drives to some roadwork and shoots at Daisy, but she jumps over the whole thing, turns around, and continues to chase after Frank.


Uncle Jesse heads to town in his pickup. He sees the patrol car with Frank come speeding toward him. He runs the pickup off the road and stops, shooting out the front tire of the General. When the Dukes end up stopped next to the pickup, he leaves. Bo says they need to change the tire before asking Jesse if he’s alright. Jesse demands to know what is going on. The kids explain.

Frank continues to drive down the road and attempts to pass a truck. Seeing a car coming from the opposite direction he continues to drive and nearly causes an accident. The truck driver and the car driver both argue on the side of the road, trying to figure out what happened. Meanwhile Frank reaches the spot he hid his car. He goes through the trunk to find his next disguise.

Town of Hazzard

Boss and Rosco scold Enos not to let Frank get away. Bo, Luke, Daisy, and Jesse arrive saying they lost Frank on Miller’s Road. Boss decides to fire Enos and the Dukes protest. Boss takes his gun, badge, and patches. Jesse yells at Boss but Enos stops him saying he may not be fit to be a deputy before leaving. Daisy chases after him and Jesse says Boss made a mistake. Boss heads over to see Rosco.

Police Department

Enos goes into the locker room and Daisy chases after him. He tells her to go away, and she refuses, saying for him to open the door. She tells him she won’t leave until he opens the door. Enos does and apologizes to her. He asks her to please go away now. Daisy says last week he thought she hung the moon and now he won’t talk to her. Enos says that was when he had a future worth sharing. He says she deserves the best, not him. Daisy says to stop putting himself down and she followed him to find out what is going on. Enos says that it was all Scanlon's fault, he used and stole the keys in the car and Enos’s innocent because Scanlon's guilty of stealing his car.

Hazzard Square

Rosco tries to speak up for Enos, but Boss tells him he has to have Frank in custody by tomorrow. Rosco suggests that he could do it if he had Enos, to which Boss says he doesn’t have Enos. Rosco finishes the tire and prepares to leave.

Hazzard Garage

The dukes go to the garage and fill Cooter in on what is going on. Daisy says that Enos already listen to her, and Bo says Enos is so upset that Frank Scanlon's terrible loser. Luke offers to put out their own APB sarcastically and when Cooter tells him to just grab his CB and do it, Luke decides that is actually a good idea. Luke calls over the CB to see if anyone has seen the police car. A few people respond back negatively but Clem Boswell calls in and informs them of the car near the Greenville intersection. Daisy realizes that is where they first picked up Frank that morning. Bo and Luke head out to check it out.

Greenville Intersection

Frank finishes changing into a preacher disguise and reloads the gun he took from Enos. He closes the trunk, gets into his car and drives off, leaving the police car behind.

Bo and Luke head to the junction, jumping over the truck and Clem in the road. Luke has Bo stop when he notices the police car hidden in the bushes. Luke realizes there was probably a second car and finds the discarded shells while Bo finds a mustache. They realize that Frank changed disguises and reloaded. They decide to head to town to get Enos. The boys call back to the garage to inform them of what they learned.

Hazzard Garage

Daisy informs the boys that Enos is cleaning out his desk and has announced he intends to leave town. Luke says to stop him as Frank is headed back to town. Daisy tells them to leave it to her.

Police Department

Daisy comes in while Enos is packing. She asks where Enos is going, and he says it doesn’t make a difference. Daisy says it does to her and she already misses him. Enos says he’ll always remember he trying to stop him but if he leaves Frank will leave too. Daisy protests that Frank will probably still take his anger out on someone, probably someone who helped arrest him when he got to Hazzard. Enos concludes she means Bo and Luke. Daisy says they need him before closing his box and taking it, announcing that Enos will be staying at the farm. She says she will not take no for an answer as she walks away, Enos chasing after her.

Hazzard Square

Scanlon watches Bo and Luke pull up to the garage. They inform Cooter and Jesse of everything they found while Enos and Daisy come outside. Enos agrees to come with the Dukes and Daisy signals the others to which they are amused and happy. Jesse remarks Enos never had a chance. Daisy walks Enos over to the garage and announces Enos is going to stay with him. Enos thanks Bo, as he is the closest one, and Bo says it’s nothing he wouldn’t do for them. Meanwhile Scanlon tosses a bomb into Enos’ car. Enos thanks Jesse and greet Cooter before Daisy offers to ride out to the farm with him. Enos walks Daisy to his car before noticing the bomb. The two takes cover as Enos’ car blows up.

Everyone comes running to see what happened. Bo and Luke check on Daisy and Enos while Jesse and Cooter get the fire extinguishers. Boss comes running out to see what happened. Enos told them that he’ll much better that he’ll less afraid of this as he didn’t nearly got them all killed again. They explain what happened to Boss and Boss becomes alarmed before running back inside. Jesse wonders how they are going to find him if he got by them so easily.


Boss calls Rosco on the CB, who answers saying he has Scanlon in Box Canyon. Boss informs him that Enos car was just blown up and Rosco begs Boss to tell him that Enos is fine, which Boss quickly assures him of. Boss reminds Rosco that they have a killer running all over town and he orders Rosco and Flash back into town. Rosco rushes out to find him.

Duke Farm

Bo keeps look out and reports back into the farm over the radio, where the rest of the Dukes and Enos are eating, that everything is clear. Jesse tells Bo to come back in and he’ll take his place. As Jesse grabs his shotgun, he tells Daisy to bring him a sweater of it gets cold. Enos meanwhile tells them more about Scanlon’s trial. He tells them that Scanlon is a killer. Bo comes inside and Daisy says he can’t blame himself. Luke says he’s tired of Scanlon calling the shots and Bo disregards it says he’s hungry. Luke suggests they flush Scanlon out but giving the man a time, place, and opportunity to get at Enos. Enos says it’s a good idea but Daisy protests as it’s dangerous for Enos. Enos insists it’s part of his job and Daisy reminds him he was fired. Enos insists on trying, saying he became an officer to protect the people of Hazzard. Bo asks how they would do it and Luke says they will put it over the radio since Elton is working at the station. They all get up and Bo goes to inform Jesse of what is going on.


While Daisy and Enos wait in the car, Bo and Luke talk to Elton. Elton goes on the air, announcing that it is three pm before giving a commercial. After he returns to the conversation with Bo and Luke, and they explain they want to set a trap and need him to do an interview with Enos to do it. Meanwhile in the car, Enos remarks that Elton is a good friend of his but maybe he doesn’t want him on his program. Elton goes on the air announcing they are interviewing Enos that afternoon at five pm.

Police Department

Boss and Rosco, who are listening to the radio, become alarmed to hear Enos will be at the radio station. Boss tries to yell at the radio.

Hazzard Sawmill

Scanlon listens to the radio, hearing that Enos will be in town at five. So, Scanlon push his car out of the sawmill and crash into a ditch.

W.H.O.G.G. Station

Enos is excited, telling Daisy he’s going to be on ‘Who’s Who’ and Daisy kisses him saying everything will work out.

Police Department

Boss is upset and Rosco says that was dumb since there is a killer after Enos. Boss says he needs to call Elton right now. However, Boss becomes happy and Rosco becomes concerned. Boss tells Rosco that Scanlon is going to hear that and come back so Rosco can catch him. Rosco asks that Boss expects him to do this alone, Boss assures him he can do it. Rosco wants to forget the whole thing, but Boss asks if he wants Enos hurt. Rosco says of course not. They go outside.

Hazzard Garage

Jesse gets together some of his ridge runner friends and they meet with Enos, Cooter, Daisy, Bo, and Luke at the Garage. Luke goes over the plan, saying if they see anyone, they don’t know they need to call everyone else. Bo and Cooter remind everyone that Scanlon is dangerous. Jesse says they had a dry run already and any stranger who approaches Enos will get a lot of buckshot. Daisy asks if Enos is sure about this and Enos agrees to do it. Everyone else scatters to take their positions.

Police Department

Boss has Rosco get into a disguise. They get a phone call from Luke, surprising Boss and Luke tells them about his plan. Boss tells Rosco he’s in luck as the dukes are going to catch them. Luke says if Rosco and Boss help them, they will give Boss the reward. Boss accepts the offer and Rosco falls in on the plan.

Town of Hazzard

Bo, Luke, Cooter, and Daisy escort Enos to the radio station.

Tarkey’s Farm

Scanlon sneaks onto the farm to steal a pickup.

Town of Hazzard

Bo and Luke stand outside of the Hazzard County Telephone Company. Jesse is on the roof of the county building with a friend. Luke radio’s Jesse and Jesse says he doesn’t see anyone unfamiliar. Daisy, who is in an alley, confirms the report. Boss and Rosco peak out from behind the church sign and also concur with the report. Bo concludes that they will be ready and turns on the radio so they can hear the interview. Elton asks how Enos got fired. Enos explains that it’s a long story and he has nothing but respect for Rosco and Boss. He adds that while people have a lot of concerns about him being fired, he is still going to help out in Hazzard.

Cottonwood Boarding House

Some people gather to listen to Enos’ interview.

Barber shop

Hearing Enos promise to still help out by making citizen’s arrests, the people in the shop clap.

Town of Hazzard

Luke notices a car and asks Jesse about it, but it told it’s Mrs. Crabtree’s car. Jesse says she comes into town every day at this time. The interview continues, Elton asking where Enos likes to fish and Enos joking about being in Hazzard Pond a lot. Scanlon arrives in town and starts driving around. Luke notices the truck, but Jesse says it belongs to Bib Tarkey. One of the ridge runners, Homer, drops his yellow baseball cap and Scanlon spots it. Looking around Scanlon realizes he is surrounded, and it is a trap.

Scanlon goes to the alley Daisy is looking from. Daisy radio’s the others saying she doesn’t think Scanlon will show. Luke radios back that he bets Scanlon will. Scanlon comes up behind Daisy, grabbing her and saying he’s afraid her friend just won his bet. Scanlon takes Daisy to the truck. He then forces her to drive. Meanwhile the interview keeps going, Bo wondering how Enos can keep this up so long. Luke checks in with Jesse and then they try for Daisy. When Daisy doesn’t answer they become worried.


Daisy drives out of town and Scanlon has her stop by a phone.

Town of Hazzard

Jesse thinks the battery went dead but the boys don’t think so.


Scanlon makes Daisy get out and take the phone. He then has her call the radio station.

WHOGG Radio Station

Elton is delivered a note and announces Daisy has been kidnapped. Bo and Luke run to the station as Jesse has everyone pack it in. Boss and Rosco also run over. Elton takes them off the air as Jesse also arrives and allows them to talk to Daisy. Luke asks if she is alright. Daisy says that Scanlon wants Enos to meet him at the north end of Pruitt Meadow within a half hour or he’ll kill her. Jesse says for them to do some fast thinking but Enos refuses. He decides to do what Scanlon wants and leaves. Boss brings up that they have him out numbered. Bo asks why Pruitt’s Meadow. Everyone insists they need a plan. Luke suggests they all dress as Enos and it would confuse Scanlon. He asks Rosco if he got a key to the Sheriff’s supply room and Rosco quickly confirms it.


Enos uses Jesse’s pickup to go to Pruitt’s Meadows.

Bo drives him, Jesse, Luke, and Cooter in the General and are followed by Boss and Rosco. Luke goes over the plan again. They say they need to confuse Scanlon so Daisy can get away and Jesse can get the drop on him. Boss meanwhile tells Rosco not to lose Bo because if anything happened to Daisy, he would never forgive himself.

Cooter reminds Bo that the bridge coming up is out and asks if the General has ever jumped that far before. Bo says no but they never had a reason to. Bo hits the jump, making it across and Luke praises it. Meanwhile Rosco notes that isnt’ the way to Pruitt’s Meadow but to Chickasaw Gorge. Boss tells him he doesn’t care but try to jump for Enos and Daisy. Rosco attempts it but fails, crashing. The two get out of the car. Luke unpacks the bag they got.

Pruitt’s Meadow

Daisy yells at Scanlon as he ties her hands together. Enos arrives and Daisy yells at him to run. Enos surrenders and Scanlon goes to shoot him and Daisy too. However, they hear Bo, wearing a deputy uniform that Scanlon got the wrong guy and he’s the real Enos. While Scanlon tires to figure out what to do, Luke calls out next, coming up from the other direction. Then Cooter yells for him. The three-keep calling Scanlon, making Scanlon look in every direction. Daisy knocks him aside and kicks away his gun. Scanlon goes to get it but Jesse shoots it. Scanlon runs and Bo, Luke, and Cooter send Enos to get Scanlon while they get Daisy. Bo and Cooter go to help but Luke says it’s Enos’ fight.

Enos tackles Scanlon and the Dukes and Cooter cheer him on. Enos catches Scanlon and knocks him out as Boss and Rosco arrive. Everyone comes over and congratulates him. Boss and Rosco celebrate Daisy and Enos being safe.

Balladeer: Everybody was glad, Scanlon did no more. So that’s the last disguise that he’ll be wearing for the next 30 years. When Enos got his patch, his gun, his car and his badge back in time to turn Scanlon over to the LAPD. Naturally Enos wouldn’t accept the reward just for doing his duty, so he donated it to the Lawman’s Benefit Fund of the California Police. He figured them folks out there could use all the help they could get. After Scanlon's return back to California, Enos' dreaming about saving Daisy’s life. Shoot, that would give anybody confidence.

Police Department

The Dukes, Cooter, Rosco, and Boss gather as Scanlon is handed over to the LAPD. They give Enos the reward money and Boss reinstates Enos. Bo, Luke, and Daisy congratulate Enos and Boss tries to get the check only to fall into the LAPD officer.

Duke Farm

Daisy and Enos sit on the porch with all the dukes. Daisy then kisses Enos’s cheek.


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Hazzard County[]


  • While in the LAPD, Enos arrested a syndicate hit man named Frank Scanlon. He comes to Hazzard to get revenge on Enos
  • Once a month the dinner in the town of Hazzard has a special of Grits Souffle, Boss' favorite from the dinner
  • After Enos is fired, Rosco again tries to talk Boss into rehiring Enos. Rosco has done this nearly every time Enos is fired by Boss
  • When asked about his favorite fishing hole, Enos remarks it's Hazzard pond and he's been in there quite a few times 'fishing and otherwise'. Bo and Luke trick Enos into jumping into Hazzard pond frequently.