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Enos was the first episode of the Enos TV Show.


Enos Strate arrives in Los Angeles from Hazzard county after accidentally capturing two criminals to take a job as a regular unformed officer of the LAPD. Enos' new streetwise partner, Turk Adams, tries to put up with the country-bumpkin while their superior Lt. Broggi must put up with the trouble that Enos gets himself into. In his first case, Enos uses his hometown methods to help break up a prostitution-blackmail case (aka Code: 111) the Department is working on. Enos' new neighbor Joy gets tangled in the mess before she heads back to Wichita.


After getting accepted to the LAPD, Daisy takes Enos to the airport where Enos admits he’s nervous as he’s never flown in anything but a car. Daisy tells him to promise to right before giving him a Hazzard Police Officer hat, saying it is from all the Dukes and it’s for luck. Enos puts it on, saying he will try not to let them down. Daisy then kisses him goodbye.

Arriving in L.A., Enos writes to Daisy, saying Los Angeles is a lot like Hazzard only with more of it. He says he’s been assigned to the Metro Special Branch, admitted he isn’t exactly sure what that means. Meanwhile Lt. Broggi holds a ceremony, introducing himself and explain that those present, which includes Enos and Turk, have been selected for a special branch of the metro squad under a new program the lieutenant initiated to broaden the units ethnic and social base. He asks if anyone knows what that means and Turk jumps up saying ‘it means your going to mix more spades and beaners with your honkies Sir’. The cadets laugh and Broggi, annoyed snaps that he knew he could rely on Turk. He informs them that they will work in every department, sometimes in uniform and sometimes in plain clothes and they will determine if the program continues. He explains their job is to watch and learn.

The cadets go through a number of tests. The first is the shooting range. Enos shoots a number of shots, none of them hitting the center of the target. When one of the sergeants reprimands him saying he is supposed to hit the target, not around it, Enos says he isn’t done. He shoots two more and says he was making an E, before hitting the side of the target and turning it around to reveal the E for everyone. Proud he tells them he can make a heart too and the lieutenant remarks they have a wise guy, which Enos sincerely thanks them saying he appreciates it.

The next test is disarming. Turk and Enos are paired up. Enos goes to attack Turk, but Turk uses a baton to throw Enos aside. They go again, and again Turk throws Enos to the ground. He then restrains Enos. They are told to go again, and Enos is tosses aside gain. Enos grins, enjoying it as they are told to go a fourth time. This time Enos picks up Turk and holds him to his chest, saying ‘that’s a Hazzard hug’ and the other recruits are amused. Enos then drops Turk and Broggi is unamused.

The training is  completed and Lieutenant Broggi addresses them all in the briefing room with Captain Dempsy. He says tomorrow is their first day and adds that it is the same day the Vice Squad begins Code 1-11. He says it is an operation to crack a prostitution and blackmail ring. He says if they hear that code they need to drop everything and help the vice squad. Captain Dempsy then takes over the briefing, showing a screen in the back of the room. He shows a blurry side image, saying it’s the only picture of the man they have, a man they have been after for six months. He says the man is coming in to take over the ring this week and all they know for sure about his is his name is ‘Scorpio’. One of the officers says they must be kidding and they all laugh. Dempsy continues, saying as soon as they find the rings location they will sound the code 1-11 and they need to capture everyone in one raid. He says they have been working on this for six months and none of them better blow it. Enos shakes his head to show he won’t.

Enos drives his beat up car to the office, Lieutenant Broggi approaching him with another officer and reprimanding him for being late. He is informs he is to work with J. Adams in cruiser 10. Enos apologizes again, saying he was getting a new car. The two officers look at the beater in disbelief, asking that he really just bought that. Enos says he had indeed, even called home and sold some pigs to get the money. The two officers just walk away in shock. Enos grabs his Hazzard patrol cap, putting it on before heading over to patrol car 10 where Turk is waiting, surprised. Enos asks that he is J. Adams and Turk remarks that he knew Broggi didn’t like him but he didn’t think he hated him that much. Enos says he thought his name was Turk. Turk says the name is short for ‘Turkey’ and he was called that because he was always in trouble with department. They shake hands, Enos introducing himself to which Turk gives him a wide eyed look confirming he already knows. Turk says for Enos to drive as they get in. Enos happily agrees and Turk pauses asking that Enos can drive in the city. Enos confirms by saying ‘boy howdy’ and Turk asks if Enos is going to continue to wear the funny hat.  Enos is a little offended by the questions and Turk confirms that Broggi hates him before they get in the car and drive off.

Enos tells him to buckle up, annoying and surprising Turk. They hear a code 2-11 and Enos asks if that is a hold up at the liquor store. Turk confirms, calling him ‘plow boy’ and says they are sitting on top of it. The dispatcher says the suspect is escaping west in a blue sedan, which pulls out directly in front of them. Excited that they are the first, Enos cheers and Turk is annoyed saying he doesn’t believe this. The blue car continues to run and Enos chases after it while Turk calls into the dispatch to say they are pursuing it west on ‘Logan’. Enos praises him for his c.b. talk, further annoying Turk. Enos cuts through a parking garage, enraging Turk who demands to know if Enos thinks he’s Burt Reynolds. He tells Enos to slow down and then to stop but Enos refuses. Enos continues to chase after the men and hits a number of trash cans. Turk decides to request for backup and Enos says he doesn’t need any help to catch the driver. Turk says it’s not for the blue car, but to come get Enos. The blue car drives into a stack of boxes, stopping it dead and Turk screams at Enos as he slides their car into the blue sedan, effectively trapping the robber inside. The man climbs out the window and surrenders. Turk meanwhile tries to escape from the car.

That night Enos knocks on his neighbor Joy’s door as he stands in the hallway holding all his belongings. He tells Joy he accidentally locked his key in his apartment and needs to use her phone to call the apartment manager. Joy explains there is no point as it’s football season and the manager of their building is a bookie and can’t be reached during this time. When Enos expresses confusion she concludes he’s not from L.A. and invites him in to rest while they think of what they can do. Enos comes inside and they introduce each themselves. Joy gets a phone call from someone named ‘Faith’ saying all their makeup got delivered to her place and she’ll bring it to the girls later. She hangs up before asking Enos if he would like to have a drink. Enos thanks her and she lists off alcohol before he asks for buttermilk. Joy is shocked, remarking she hasn’t thought of buttermilk since she left Wichita. She asks Enos if he has a credit card, which he denies, and tells him to just watch.

Joy uses her credit card to force open the door to Enos’ apartment to his amazement. Enos says he needs to put one under his doormat in case he loses his key. He thanks her.

The next day, Lt. Broggi is mixing medicine into his drink, telling Enos that he was on duty for seven minutes and they already wrecked a police car. He says Enos nearly totaled it and Enos says he bet Cooter could fix it. Confused Broggi asks ‘what’ and Enos explains Cooter is an ‘old boy’ back in Hazzard who could fix anything. Broggi tells him to stop before standing up and says that the LAPD makes over 200,000 arrests every year but they only have about 2,000 police vehicle and they can’t afford to wreck a car every time they make an arrest. He pretends to laugh before ordering Enos to the briefing room. He snaps at Enos, sarcastically saying he shouldn’t have ‘bothered you with these trifling details’ to which Enos smiles saying it’s no bother and he’s there anytime. Enos offers to pay for the police car by selling more pigs before leaving. Broggi asks what has he done to his program.

Enos enters the briefing room and the sergeant scolds him for being late, asking if he had another wreck getting there and making everyone laugh. He then takes a folder from his partner to look over some operational codes. Enos moves to his seat, greeting Turk as he passes him and asking how his head is since Turk has a bandage on his forehead. He then asks if he misses anything and furious, Turk tells him ‘no, I think you managed to hit everything.’ The briefing starts and they explain Scorpio is officially in town.

Everyone leaves for work. Enos goes to get in the drivers seat but Turk shoves the door closes on him, saying he will drive. Enos asks if he’s mad before moving to the passenger seat. In the car Enos asks if Turk wants some jerky, to which Turk shakes his head. Enos then tells him about the number of arrests and the number of cars the department has and Turk gives him a confused look. Enos then remarks that Scorpio is something, confusing Turk even more. Enos says that in Hazzard they have criminals like ‘big eyes, cotton mouth, and no toes’ which just annoys Turk. Enos says Scorpio is straight out of Flash Gordon. Turk tells him to forget about it. He says he had been on the force for eight yeas and has never gotten close to a big raid. They get a call by the dispatch and Enos responds asking ‘what you got’. He is told to check the 5-07d code at the highlands. Enos agrees and excitedly tells Turk about it. Annoyed Turk snaps ‘terrific’ and Enos asks what it is. Turk, in controlled anger, says it’s a barking dog. Enos loses his enthusiasm.

The two arrive at the house to hear the dog barking. As they get out, Turk snaps that no, Enos isn’t coming. He says he gets in enough trouble with Broggi himself and for Enos to just stay by the car. Enos says if he needs anything to holler as he’s good with animals. Turk says he can see that before leaving. Enos notices a man trying to climb over the fence and calls out to him. Spooked the man flees. Enos chases after him saying he just wants to talk. The man calls him ‘blue eyes’ saying for him to back off. Enos tries to get him to stop but he flees. Seeing what is going on, Turk joins the chase. The man runs across a number of roof stops before jumping back to the ground, Turk behind him and Enos in the rear. The man knocks down an old woman and Turk stops to help her as Enos continues the chase. Furious the woman starts hitting Turk with her purse. The runner then collides into a bench, knocking it and the man sitting on it to the ground. Enos tackles him and Turk arrives, helping restrain the man. Enos pulls a gun off the man and Turk finds an LAPD badge on the man, to his annoyance.

Broggi has both Enos and Turk in his office, saying arrested a narcotics undercover officer. Enos says he had a gun, which Broggi agrees he did. He snaps that if the captain cancels the program because they just blew a stake out, but Enos interrupts him saying they didn’t. Broggi asks what he said and Enos says Turk wasn’t even there and it was all Enos' fault. Turk looks at Enos in shock and amazement as Enos says that he was the one responsible. Broggi asks if Enos heard the term ‘blue eyes’ which Enos confirms. Broggi asks about the code for ‘blue eyes’ which the sergeant says they covered in the morning briefing to mean undercover operation. Broggi demands to know how Enos missed it then and Enos reminds him that he was in the office getting yelled at for the police car so he missed the codes. Turk tries not to laugh.

After being dismissed from the office, Enos asks how he can be put on probation without being convicted of a crime. Turk says Enos surprised him and Enos says if he listened to Turk they wouldn’t have been in trouble. Turk takes the blame for not briefing Enos on the codes he missed before grinning saying it was a good bust. Sad, Enos says it’s too bad it was a cop. However Turk continues to grin and asks if Enos wants to drive. Enos says no because if things continue like this, he might just run over the lieutenants mama. Turk shoots back that he never had one. Enos adds he’d hit his dog. Turk rubs his head, agreeing.

That night, Joy helps Enos in his apartment. Joy tells Enos that when you’re feeling down that is the best time to have a party. Enos calls her deep, which she comments on with awe. Enos puts popcorn in his buttermilk, calling it a popcorn float and she says it reminds her of Virgil, her former boyfriend. When Joy remarks that she wanted to be a model or get into movies, Enos says she has a good job to her shock. Enos says this has been the three worst days of his life. Joy encourages him by saying Virgil once said that he never had more than three really bad days in a row. She leans toward Enos saying tomorrow has to be a good day. When Enos doesn’t move she pulls back, proposing a toast with their butter milk, which Enos happily returns.

Broggi is outside of the ‘Vixen Club’ with a number of agents in an undercover van. Captain Dempsy confirm this is Scorpio’s operation. Broggi asks if Scorpio is inside but Dempsy says no, he’s on the way. He says the place is crawling with prostitutes and pimps. He says he doesn’t want any police cars so he wants the unmarked metro cars. Broggi orders the 1-11 code to be activated.

Enos and Turk are getting lunch when they hear the code 1-11. Excited, Enos slams on the gas, causing Turk to dump his milkshake all over himself. When the address is given to the location, Enos slams on the brakes causing Turk to slam his food into his face, covering himself in mustard. Annoyed, he looks over at Enos who asks where Forbs and Highland is. Turk points behind him and Enos tells him to buckle up before tearing off in reverse.

Broggi and Dempsy are talking with the officers in the unmarked van when they hear a car speeding up. They look up to see Enos and Turk speeding to their location. Enos hits a number of trashcans and the two scramble out of the car, Turk now clean. They run to the can and Broggi snaps at him saying ‘sneaking in?’ He calms down and informs them that the place is Scorpio’s operation and while Scorpio isn’t there yet, it’s ‘full of hookers’. Turk asks if he means prostitutes, and Broggi becomes annoyed. They are informed a new girl is going in and the group all turn to see Joy. Enos is surprised and goes inside after her to everyone’s shock. Dempsy asks if ‘that idiot’ is one of Broggi’s men and Broggi informs him he hasn’t quite decided yet.

Joy enters the club, being confronted by Posey for being late before he yells for everyone to be ready for the boss’ arrival. Enos sneaks into the building, calling out to Joy and surprising her. Enos assumes she is a cosmetics saleswoman who works with prostitutes, to Joy’s shock. He tells her that people may get the wrong idea and they need to get her out the back. He tells her there is a police raid about to happen, and Posey hears it. He announces it to everyone and all the people scatter.

Outside the others hear Enos accidentally inform everyone there is about to be a raid. Turk, who is sweating profusely, and Broggi are exasperated while Dempsy angrily informs them that Enos just blew it. They start the raid, despite Scorpio not being there. The officers swarm the place while everyone attempts to flee. Enos and Joy work try sneaking through the confusion toward the back. Turk finds Enos and Joy before Enos goes out the door. Meanwhile Posey, who escaped the raid calls Scorpio to tell him what happened. Scorpio orders him to kill the cop who seems to infiltrated them.

Enos gets called to Broggi’s office. Broggi says that in Enos’ first three days he has wrecked a police car, arrested an undercover officer, and blown a major vice raid. He says at this rate the mafia is going to make Enos a godfather. Enos reminds him about the probation and Broggi asks if Enos knows why he’s not fired yet. He shows Enos an award, explaining it was given to him by the police commission because of this program. Enos says he appreciates it and Broggi says Enos is their test case. He says he is required to give Enos an equal opportunity. He closes his door saying between the two of them, if Enos goofs up one more time and he will send him back to Hazzard in disgrace. He then dismisses Enos.

Scorpio confronts Posey, furious. When Posey says he thought Scorpio had bought a cop like the previous boss had, Scorpio says that is how their last boss ended up in jail along with that very cop. Posey suggests one of the girls turned them in, but Scorpio says they don’t know about the bigger operations. Posey says five girls were arrested and brings up the fact that Enos let Joy go. Scorpio concludes that Joy must have been Enos’ informant. Posey says he doesn’t know and Scorpio says to kill her. Posey says it was Joy they are talking about. Scorpio backtracks, admitting that there is something about Joy he likes. He says he is going to invite her to Bermuda with him. He says if she doesn’t agree to go, they will kill her slowly.

Joy finishes her run where she runs into Enos, who accidently startles her. She thanks Enos for helping her the day before. Joy mentions she had thought he would have come to see her that night. She is stunned Enos doesn’t expect anything from her for his help and she is sad to hear he is on the verge of getting suspended. She is further touched by Enos insisting she was a nice girl who shouldn’t be involved in that. Enos then leaves for work.

The men in the locker room talk about how Enos goofed up the raid and then couldn’t even keep the girl he caught as she ‘escaped’. Another officer informs everyone that Enos got his car by selling pigs, making the cops laugh harder. Turk is watching them, unamused and Enos comes in, clearly hurt. Enos asks if he can talk to them and everyone falls quiet. Enos says he’s sorry he embarrassed them and he doesn’t want them to look bad on account of him. He offers to do bad and the officers shrug off the comments as they leave. Turk smiles saying ‘that’s my man’ to the officers as they pass him. One offers a half-hearted apology. Enos notices what Turk is wearing and says he thought they were supposed to be in plain clothes. Turk says this is his ‘pimp suit’ and where they are going it is Enos who is in ‘costume’. He says that where they are going is where Turk used to patrol. As he puts on a fedora, Enos asks if he’s going to wear the funny hat. Turk just looks at him and they both smile. Turk says no before taking it off and asks Enos why he blew the raid. Enos says he knows Joy, to Turks amazement. Enos insists she isn’t a hooker but his neighbor who sells cosmetics. Turk questions that before getting annoyed with Enos. When Enos says he couldn’t let her be mistaken for a ‘harlot’ Turk realizes Enos truly believes she is a saleswoman. Turk tries to make him understand that Joy was a prostitute but Enos wonders if she was just trying to find a new apartment. Annoyed Turk puts the hat back on.

Joy is drying her hair when she is startled by Posey. Posey walks out of her bathroom, saying Scorpio wants to talk to her. Confused she follows him saying she doesn’t even know who that is before recalling ‘that weird one’. Posey is surprised saying he is nuts but he is the boss and he wants Joy exclusively. Joy tells him that she wants out and this would just put her in deeper. She tries to quit but Posey shows her a roll of film with negatives of her with a corporate big shot to her horror. She admits she didn’t know who the man was and Posey asks if she thinks she can make a judge believe that. He tells her to get her head strait. As he leaves, he tells her Scorpio is leaving for Bermuda the next day and Joy is going with him.

In the car, Turk asks what will it take for Enos to see that Joy is a hooker. Enos protests that she can’t be and Turk notices some people walking on the side of the road. He turns the car around and pulls over on the said of the road. Turk stops and Enos asks if he knows the men. Turk confirms he does, saying they are ‘the shakers’. Enos asks if he means a religious group and Turk says they are shake down men who sell protection. Turk says he used to run into them periodically and 10-1 they are going to hit the bar. Enos asks if Turk thinks they will get in trouble with the department for getting involved. Turk says he knows they will, but what fascinates him is how. Enos offers to go first and Turk says there are three of them. Enos says when he gets tired Turk can jump in before going into the bar and leaving Turk dumbfounded.

Inside the bar the three confront an employee who tries to run. They grab the man and hold him on the bar while they start to trash the place. Turk and Enos see what is going on and Enos asks that Turk really thinks Joy is a hooker. Turk says she is and Enos needs to face it, adding they need to get started. Turk and Enos sneak up on one, taking him down and cuffing him. Enos then goes to confront the other two. Turk tries to warn Enos about a switchblade, but the man shaker has already pulled it out. Enos tries to bat the knife out of the mans hand as Enos and Turk trap him on the opposite end of the bar. Enos says Joy doesn’t look like a harlot to him and Turk says he needs to see her. Enos says she is two nice and they make a go for the knife again. Enos says if the man cuts one of them, he will stomp him into a little old greasy spider. The man surrenders but when Enos is distracted he attacks him. Turk kicks the knife away and they arrest the man. As they cuff him, Turk says Joy owes Enos a favor so he should just ask her. Enos says he would be too embarrassed.

At the apartment, Joy tells him and Enos is shocked saying he can’t believe it. Enos admits she is the first prostitute he ever met and asks if her parents know, to which she says no. She admits she wants out and Enos says if she wants out then she’s getting out. Enos says all they need to do is get Scorpio, shocking her about the fact he knows who Scorpio is. Joy is alarmed at how easy Enos thinks arresting Scorpio would be and protests that he doesn’t know what he’s up against. Enos says it’s the opposite, as he knows all about Scorpio but Scorpio has never heard of him. Enos adds that he has the whole LAPD behind him.

Lieutenant Broggi asks Enos if he is out of his mind. Enos tries to explain his plan but Broggi asks that Enos expects him to let Enos work on the case. He says Enos has done more damage to the LAPD then organized crime. He chases Enos out of his office saying if Enos even goes near Scorpio he won’t fire him but have him shot.

Enos and Turk walk to the cars. Enos says Broggi said no, and Turk says he figured. Enos tells Turk he should request another partner and Turk asks why. Enos says he’s fixing to disregard their orders. Turk asks how and Enos stops walking, telling him he’s going to catch Scorpio. Turk fixes his hat and smiles saying he’s with Enos. He says he doesn’t mind being called turkey but he won’t be called chicken. He adds that Enos is weird enough to catch him. He asks what Enos’ plan is and Enos puts on his Hazzard deputy hat, saying it was to con Turk into helping him figure something out. Turk laughs saying ‘grits and greens strikes again’. He holds out his hand and Enos puts his fist onto Turks palm, baffling him.

Scorpio’s men inform him that the ‘cop with the funny hat’ was at Joy’s apartment again. Scorpio says when the film gets to the Vixen Club, he and Joy are leaving for Bermuda and the others are to kill Enos. Posey is concerned about this plan, about killing a cop and about Joy talking abut Scorpio isn’t worried about the cops and reveals he intends to kill Joy when he gets to Bermuda.

Turk and Enos are in Joy’s apartment and she asks what if they don’t get Scorpio. Turk says she is the only link between them. Joy asks why are they doing this as the police are not helping them and Enos says it’s because she wants out. She finally admits Scorpio’s men are picking her up that afternoon. Turk says they can follow them to Scorpio. She adds there will be evidence there of a film of his blackmail operation. Joy stands up adding there will be clients and girls too before leaving the room. Turk agrees but Enos quickly says they can’t use it. Turk tells him they need the evidence but Enos says Joy is in the pictures. Enos says there is no point in this if Joy can’t get out clean. Turk says he can’t believe this but after a moment he agrees saying they will have to think something else. He adds there isn’t something else. Joy comes running in, saying there is another operation. She admits she doesn’t know where it is though. Enos proposes they grab Scorpio and make him tell them. Turk, sarcastically, says they can beat it out of him and Enos protests that it won’t work as that is police brutality. Turk drops his head, exasperated. Enos tells Joy that they will follow her before working a shuck and jive for Scorpio, confusing Turk.

Joy is picked up in a limo and is taken through a gate up a long fancy road. Enos and Turk followed in separate cars and parked by the gate. Enos decides to follow on foot to Turk’s frustration. Enos watches Joy and Posey go inside before radioing Turk. Turk teases Enos, saying they could call for backup but ‘we ain’t here.’ Enos says if they did Broggi would just fire them over the radio. Turk laughs.

Scorpio looks at the Vixen film, saying its worth six million dollars and everyone is on the reel. He says that will go with him to Bermuda before accepting a drink before handing it to Joy. He tells Posey to finish filming the Neptune Club that night and then fly out the film to him. Scorpio then takes Joy and they get in the car. As the car goes to drive out the gate, they are blocked by Turk. The driver honks at Turk, calling him a dummy and telling him to move. Angry, Turk gets out of the car to confront the men. As the driver and the passenger approach Turk, Enos yells for them to freeze from behind. When the two turn to Turk, he shows them his badge and gun saying ‘you’re tax dollars at work’. Turk disarms the men before telling Scorpio and Joy to get out. Scorpio does, assuming they have nothing on him and he will be let go. He says he will have their badges for false arrest, to which Enos says their boss wants them fired anyway. Turk handcuffs Scorpio in his car and when Scorpio asks what he’s doing, Turk says he's striking a blow against the powers of darkness. Turk informs Scorpio he wouldn’t sit there for a million bucks as Enos is crazy. Enos gets behind the wheel, putting on his Hazzard hat and telling Scorpio to buckle up before driving away. Turk laughs as they leave. He then opens the door for Joy, saying he got work to do and she got to get out of there. He tells her to run and she thanks him before doing so. Turk then takes the tape.

Afraid, Scorpio asks where Enos is going and he says he’s just driving. Scorpio demands he stop the car but Enos says he won’t until Scorpio tells him where the other operation is. Enos continues driving, Turk following and listening to the entire conversation over the radio to his amusement. Scorpio says Enos is a maniac and Enos turns around, saying he say a real nice obstacle and it’s only fair to tell him that the car is held together with bailing wire, spit, and prayers. Enos drives up on a ramp, saying that is the obstacle and asks if Scorpio will tell him. Scorpio refuses so Enos backs up saying to see if the car can fly before jumping to Scorpio’s horror to Turks’ amusement. Enos finds a cliff before explaining that if Scorpio doesn’t tell him then Enos will go home in disgrace and he would rather die. Enos drives forward and Scorpio spills everything. Turk informs Enos that he heard everything and radioed it in. Enos tells Scorpio that he’s disappointed in him because he thought Scorpio was actually something. Now he’s disappointed in himself for thinking that.

Turk and Enos are in Broggi’s office, who asks if they are crazy. He admits they got Scorpio but they need evidence. Turk grins before offering the blackmail film for evidence. Furious Broggi says that should have been turned in at time of arrest and Turk just looks annoyed as Broggi asks if they can do anything right. Turk winks to Enos to show him it’s okay. Dempsy comes in, excusing the intrusion before shaking Turk and Enos’ hands saying he wanted to give his personal congratulations. Dempsy says they have done a fine job before telling Broggi that he should have more men like them. Dempsy leaves and Enos and Turk grin. Broggi dismisses them to get back to work. He tells Enos that next time he may not be so lucky. Enos says the lord watches for children, fools, and drunks. Enos adds that he doesn’t drink before leaving. Outside the office, Turk and Enos hold their new handshake from earlier.

Enos walks Joy to the bus station. As Joy gets on the bus, Enos informs her that Turk cut out all the parts in the film with her in it before they were turned into the police station. Enos says there is no record of her. When Enos tells her to take care, she tells him her professional name is Joy but her real name is Sarah. Enos tells her to take care and she kisses her hand before placing it on Enos. The bus drives away and Enos returns to Turk.

Turk says after watching Enos, he doesn’t see how the south lost the civil war. Enos says it’s a good thing it did, because then he wouldn’t have gotten such a good partner. Turk tell him to drive but grins. Enos puts on his Hazzard hat and Turk laughs before Enos drives away. Enos closes the letter to Daisy, saying there are a lot of good folks in town.


Actor Character
Sonny Shroyer Officer Enos
Samuel E. Wright Officer Turk Adams
John Dehner Lt. Joseph Broggi
John Milford Captain Dempsey
Pete Munro Detective Bigelow
Anthony James Scorpio
Michelle Pfeiffer Sarah (aka Joy)
Bill Vint Posey
Catherine Bach Daisy Duke (clips from Enos Strate to the Top)


  • Enos and Turk ride together in Metro 10.
  • In this episode, Turk makes a reference to Enos as 'Burt Reynolds' due to his driving. Interestingly enough in the Dukes of Hazzard Pilot, One-Armed Bandits, Luke also teases Bo for how he was driving by referencing Burt Reynolds.
  • In the Dukes of Hazzard series, it was stated in the pilot that Rosco had 2 RV's of prostitute that worked for him. Only 1 of those RV's was ever seen, with Ms. Mabel and Ruby. That made Daisy's Song the only episode of Dukes of Hazzard to feature a prostitute. before the spinoff 'Enos' due to the show's 'Family Friendly' shifts after season 1.
  • Enos mentions that he has pigs back in Hazzard and that he sold a few of them to get the money to buy his car
  • During the conversation between Enos and Joy after Enos' disaster of a third day on the force, a picture of Daisy can be seen hung on the wall of Enos' apartment behind him. It is the only thing in Enos' new apartment set up at that time.