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Enos Strate to the Top is the third episode of Season 3 of The Dukes of Hazzard.


After taking a snapshot of Uncle Jesse in Atlanta, Daisy inadvertently gets two bank robbers in the shot who kidnap her in exchange for the photographs. Meanwhile, Enos, against Rosco's orders, helps the Dukes rescue Daisy and eventually, he is offered a job with the Los Angeles Police that he has always wanted.


Balladeer: ↵Now you may notice something usual here. A Hazzard Police car that ain’t chasing nothing. And the reason Deputy Enos Strate is acting like a hound dog chasing his tail is because he is putting an edge on his driving skills. You see like most of us, old Enos has had a secret dream. And the difference between him and most folks is that Enos is either too dumb or too smart to ever let it go. Enos’ dream is to be a police officer in a big city. Now the question that comes to mind, is there any big city ready for this? Now this is the story of how old Enos Strate, least likely candidate is going to the join the Los Angeles Police. Which never would have happened if the dukes’ hadn’t been on their annual trip to Atlanta. Y’all are keeping up with this, ain’t you?

Enos is practicing his driving and does a jump.


Daisy takes a picture of Jesse in front of the Atlanta National Bank, catching two bank robbers in the back as they come out and remove their masks. Cogsgroves sees Daisy take the picture and scolds his men. Jesse decides they are good to leave. The four men watch Daisy and Jesse leave and follow them. They attempt to run Daisy off the road by Eagle Rock and she calls Bo and Luke to come help her. Bo tells her that they are going to try. Bo and Luke come up and Luke starts ramming into the car. They find the car has no plates and Luke continues to ram into them. The car leaves and they head to town to get a new fender.

Town of Hazzard

Alex is helping Boss out of his car and into a wheelchair when Cletus runs up saying he’s been looking everywhere for Boss. Cletus explains he lost his job at the junkyard and needs help getting a new one. Boss pulls out a vacancy list, offering a garbage truck job and town Santa Clause. Enos goes into the Post Office to pick up the mail from Miz. Tisdale. He goes outside to see Bo, Luke, and Daisy who were shopping. Luke brings up the number of letters and Enos tells them about how he’s been putting in applications to all the big cities but he’s been turned down so much that he's afraid to open them. Bo tells him to open the one from New York and Enos asks him to read it, but it’s a refusal. Enos says he doesn’t have too many things to put on his applications due to the boys solving all the big cases before leaving. The Dukes are worried.

Police Station

Rosco sits on the floor with his new dog Flash, explaining the rules of being a police dog. Enos is watching and comments that the dog has ‘At Ease’ down. Rosco tries to teach Flash how to fetch by doing a demonstration. Rosco goes to get lunch only to collide into Boss as he’s coming into the booking room in a powered wheelchair. Boss says this is Lulu’s fault before noticing the dog. Flash starts barking at Boss, scaring him. Boss gives Enos a number of wanted posters and asks about the papers Enos is already holding. Enos explains that he is planning to apply to other police departments as he can’t do any of the dirty tricks Boss requires anymore. Boss fires Enos as of Friday and Rosco is stunned.

Hazard Garage

While the four crooks are at Cooter's with Cooter working on the car, they notice the Duke’s arrive. Bo and Luke hand over the film to the mail truck as he goes to leave. Enos rushes up and tells Bo to hand over the letters to the mail truck as well and he quickly does. Bo comments about the number of letters and Enos explains he was fired as of Friday, shocking Luke and Bo. They are even more upset to know it’s over them. As Enos leaves Luke tells Bo that isn't right and decides they need to do something.

Police Station

Bo and Luke go into the police station and tell Rosco they want to talk about Enos. Bo asks Rosco how could he let Boss fire Enos when Enos does twice the work at half the pay. Rosco says he’s sorry about that too but they know Boss’ word is law and come Friday Enos’ badge will be on the collar of his dog.

Duke Farm

Luke goes into the kitchen during the night, unable to sleep to see Bo, Jesse, and Daisy are all up as well. Bo says they are all just worried about Enos. Bo suggests circulating a petition but Jesse says no one would sign it as Boss has something over everyone. Jesse sends them all to bed. The four men come to the farm and search for the film. One accidentally hits the horn on the truck, alerting the duke’s to their presence. Bo and Luke come out and Cosgroves shoots at them. Daisy shuts off the lights and the duke men find the tires are all shot out as Daisy pulls the horn. Jesse tells them to pray now, and they’ll call Rosco in the morning. When the boys' comment about how Rosco is unlikely to do anything, Jesse says that is why he told them to pray. They all go to bed.

Police Station

Boss decides to hire Cletus. He asks Cletus to pay for his civil service exam, which Cletus does. Boss runs him down on the various tricks he orders Rosco to do. Rosco is putting flee powder on his dog when Bo, Luke, and Daisy come in to report the attempted theft of the pickup. Rosco accept to take them seriously. Enos vogue for them and Rosco says if the incident wasn’t real Enos should have known and arrested them. But Rosco could have saved his job. Luke thinks that sounds like a good idea. Rosco writes it off and tells the dukes to leave.


The dukes head back to the Farm and the Bank Robbers realize they need Daisy to get the film back. They wait until they see the truck and make a move. After wrecking the truck, the two men take Daisy in the truck with them. Enos arrives and tries to stop it but is knocked out.

Police Station

Enos, Bo, and Luke go to see Rosco and try to get him to look for Daisy. Rosco do believe them. But, When Bo says they wanted Daisy specifically Rosco asks what they would want with her as the dukes are poor. Enos and the boys go outside and try to figure out what was going on. They hear Daisy on the C.B. Cosgroves tells them they want the film Daisy took in Atlanta and they will give her back. Daisy tries to clue in Enos and the boys by remarking about Enos' word being like money in the bank. Enos recalls that the bank in Atlanta was robbed and they realize Daisy accidentally took a picture of the culprits.

Post Office

Bo, Luke, and Enos go to the Post Office to get the pictures. Miz Tisdale makes them take a number and show them their ID before handing over the pictures. Outside they go through the pictures and find the one with the robbers. Enos realizes he’s seen them before. They get a call from the bank robbers again. Daisy tells them that the fishing is bad and they need to keep trucking before she flees. However, she is caught before she can get away. Cosgroves tells them they need to be at the south side of Benson’s Gulch at 4 pm or they will kill Daisy. Luke realizes she was telling them where she is. Luke says the only places that fits her description were the old quarry and Crater Lake. Bo says they can’t get radio transmission from the quarry so it's gotta be at the lake and Luke says she is in a truck.

Police Station

They show Rosco their evidence and Rosco did listen. But Luke gives the pictures to Enos and Enos wants to go help them. Rosco tells him he isn’t going and Enos says he will go AWOL if Rosco doesn't authorize it. Rosco reluctantly agrees but asks him to take care of a cockroach before he leaves. Enos agrees but when he goes in the cell, Rosco locks him. Enos accuses him of lying to him and Rosco says if Enos had gone AWOL he would never have been able to get another police job again.

Crater Lake

Bo and Luke head up to Crater lake and find the truck. However, Cosgroves was ready for them and demands the pictures. When the boys say they don’t have them, they decide to kill Daisy. After the boys plead, he tells them that they will keep to the original deal.

Police Station

Rosco goes into the office to speak to Boss. Rosco says that it’s hard to get good deputies and he likes to have Enos around and he offers 15% of his pay to keep Enos. Boss keeps refusing and Rosco offers 25% and says Enos works 7 days a week and 14 hours a day and he can’t be bought but he wants Enos. He then offers 30%. Boss says that Cletus is already agreeing to kick back 50% and Rosco says Cletus is stupid. Boss tosses him out. Bo and Luke arrive and Enos realizes he has a key to the cell on his belt. While Rosco is playing checkers with Flash, Enos hands over the pictures and frees himself before chasing them. Rosco chases them all.


Daisy learns they intend to kill her after getting the pictures. Bo, Luke, Enos, and Rosco go through a number of road work areas and result in pain getting on all the vehicles. They arrive at the meeting place. Bo tells Enos if anything happens to them, he should take over. The boys toss over the film and the men shoot at Bo and Luke. Enos call for help and Rosco arrives. Hearing the gun shots he hides in his car. The men flee and Enos and the boys chase and Rosco join the chase.

Bo and Luke jump across the gulf with Rosco and Enos following. They chase after the four crooks. At an intersection the truck goes one way and Enos agrees to split up. Bo, Luke and Rosco chase after the car and Enos chases the truck. Daisy tries to get out again but is stopped. The two men Enos are chasing head toward town. The two Daisy is with conclude they lost Bo, Luke and Rosco but Daisy laughs at that. Realizing the boys are about to jump onto the car she ducks down. Bo lands on the car and Daisy laughs about it. Rosco shows up to arrest Cosgroves and Driver.

Town of Hazzard

Boss heads to Rhubottoms when he is nearly hit by Enos. Enos asks if he’s seen a truck and Boss reminds him he’s going to be fired in an hour. Boss hands him a number of wanted posters and tells him to hang them up. The two men dump the truck and steal a car. Enos sees them and chases after them. They drive into a pit of quicksand and Enos pulls them out and arrests them.

Post Office

Enos stops at the post office and gets a letter. He is accepted to the LAPD, startling Bo and Luke who just arrived. Bo congratulates him and Luke shakes his hand. Bo says they are proud of him and Luke says to come by before he leaves.

Balladeer: ↵And so we come to Deputy Enos Strate's last official minute as a member of the Hazzard County Sheriff’s office. Naturally the Dukes wasn’t going to let old Enos leave town without throwing a humdinger of a farewell party. Friends you just see what happens when the oldest virgin in Hazzard County joins the Los Angeles Police.

Police Station

Enos officially turns in all his things. Enos tries to shake his hand but Rosco refuses. Enos leaves. Rosco gets up and goes to follow him but Enos comes back in, hitting him with the door. Rosco is upset for a moment but calms and offers to shake his hand, then hugs him. He tosses Enos out and tells him to stay out before becoming emotional.

Duke Farm

Jesse and the Dukes have a toast for Enos and Daisy tells him they wish him luck and kisses his cheek. Bo says they are going to miss him a lot and Luke says they will make sure Cletus dedicates his first ticket to Enos. Enos says they are the best friends a fella could have.


Daisy takes Enos to the airport in the General and makes Enos promise to write her. Daisy calls him back and shows him they all bought his hat to give to him. She says they are proud of him and he says he will try not to let them down. Daisy then kisses him. Enos leaves.


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  • Atlanta National Bank
  • Airport

Hazzard County[]


  • This episode establishes that Enos' childhood dream was to be a police officer in a big city.
    • Enos has been sending applications to big city police departments for some time.
  • This episode is Emma Tisdale's first appearance.
  • This episode introduces Roscos' Basset Hound Flash
    • Rosco found an ad for the dog in the Police Gazette Magazine
  • At the end of this episode, Cletus becomes a full-time deputy for Hazzard County
    • He lost his previous job at the junkyard at the beginning of the episode.
  • Boss Hogg is in a wheelchair through the episode with a gout.
    • Lulu had previously had a gout in The Rustlers
    • Boss also remarks that it's because of Lulu's rich cooking, establishing Lulu is a good cook and refuting the balladeer's comments in One Armed Bandits.
  • Bo Duke was part of the football team when he was in High School and was a linebacker.
  • At the end the Balladeer refers to Enos as the 'oldest virgin in Hazzard'. This is how Enos was introduced in One Armed Bandits.


  • James Best had made the suggestion of giving Rosco a lazy dog and the suggestion was approved, resulting in the character Flash.
  • This episode was meant as the backdoor pilot into the third attempt at a spin-off.
    • This episode served as the back door pilot into the series "Enos", a series about Enos Strate working in the LAPD with his partner Turk.
    • The hat from the dukes becomes Enos "lucky hat" that he uses through the series of Enos when things get intense.