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"Enos and Daisy's Wedding" is the sixteenth episode of the seventh season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


A pair of crooks named Slade (Anthony De Longis) and Jerry (Scott Lincoln) force an unwilling Enos to hand over the bank transfer shipment at the Hazzard Bank. Daisy sees Enos with the money, but Daisy does not see Slade and Jerry, who threaten to shoot Daisy unless Enos does what they say. Slade and Jerry get away. With Daisy only seeing Enos getting the money, the state's Deputy Attorney General (Michael Fairman) jails Enos for the robbery. Daisy cannot refuse to testify against Enos, or she will be held in contempt. Daisy, knowing that Enos would never rob a bank, proposes marriage to him, because a wife cannot legally be forced to testify against her husband. Slade and Jerry try to stop the marriage from happening, because the marriage would mess up their frame job. In order to clear Enos' name, Bo and Luke try to find Slade and Jerry.



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