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"Enos in Trouble" is the ninth episode of the fifth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


Enos' footlocker is shipped back to Hazzard from Los Angeles, and Enos and the Dukes pick it up at the depot, not knowing that a pair of crooks named Carter (Brett Halsey) and Burke (Anthony Eisley) have hidden a fortune in stolen emeralds inside of Enos' flashlight, where its batteries are supposed to be. Carter and Burke are in Hazzard to get the emeralds, and to top it off, Boss Hogg hears about the emeralds, and he also wants them.


Balladeer: General Lee is toting a very special passenger today. Deputy Enos Strate. It’s old Enos’ day off, so he’s wearing civvies. His car is in the repair shop as usual, so the Duke boys are giving him a lift to the freight depot to pick up his footlocker from the time ol’ Enos went a little squirmy and left Hazzard for a big job in the city. I could've told him he wouldn’t like that.


Coy, Vance, and Enos are in the General Lee, heading to pick up Enos footlocker, which finally arrived from LA. Rosco begins chasing after them and Enos says Coy was only going 47 mph and he’s been watching. Vance says it’s never bothered Rosco. Rosco pulls up alongside them and tells them on the CB to pull over. Enos calls over and reminds him it was a 55 zone. Rosco is surprised, asking what Enos is doing with the boys when an oncoming car makes Rosco swerve. Rosco goes through a fence and stops before hitting a scarecrow. They all stop and Rosco yells at them. Silas comes running up to yell at Rosco. The boys all head to the depot. Rosco tries to keep his car from tearing up the field.

Hazzard Depot

The boys park and get out of the car, talking about Rosco while two men watch from a brown car. The one expresses releif that Enos’ footlocker has finally arrived in Hazzard.They comment they just need to grab it and they will be rich. The boys all come out of the depot with the footlocker, Coy getting the trunk while Vance and Enos carry it. Vance complains at how heavy it is. As they go to put it in the trunk the two men from the car, wearing masks, approach them and demand they hand over the trunk. The three are surprised and Enos informs them he is a deputy, which they express that they do not care. Coy and Vance drop the trunk and use it as a distraction to attack the two men, Enos following. The three then get the trunk and flee.


The two men return to their car and chase after the boys. Coy jumps over a water truck and the water on the road causes the men to spin out. Enos tells the Dukes he would have arrested the men but he has Coy and Vance with him who are civilians. Vance says he got the men’s license number and Enos can use that to call into Rosco. Enos says he would make a good deputy.

The two men put sticks under the tire to get it unstuck from where they spun out. The one threatens to kill the others if they get in the way again. They get their car unstuck.

Boar’s Nest

Rosco comes speeding up to the Boar’s Nest, hitting trashcans before grabbing Flash and heading inside. He tries to tell Boss about Enos, but Boss tells him to forget about Enos because he wants to talk about a fast food chain that he’s trying to start. Rosco says it’s marvelous and Boss shows him a sign for ‘General Hogg’s Southern Fricasseed Pig’s Feet.’ Rosco praises him as Flash starts eating the samples. Rosco then tries to tell Boss about the attempted armed robbery on Enos and Boss is shocked. He asks who would want to rob them before wondering if the Dukes have something someone would want and says if there is something like that then he wants to know. They discover what Flash is up to and Boss sends Rosco and Flash away.

Duke Farm

Enos and the Dukes eat lunch. Enos starts talking about food he missed, Daisy’s cooking of blueberry pie, fried chicken, and hot biscuitsm shrimp gumbo, and Daisy. Daisy kisses him and Jesse reminds them about the depot. Vance says they should check the footlocker and Enos agrees. He unlocks it and starts taking out items, including his fishing rod, nightgown, and radio. The Dukes laugh about his nightgown and Enos is embarrassed.


Carter and Burke look for the Dukes and Rosco learned from the Depot that Enos had already picked up his footlocker from the California Metro Squad.

Boar’s Nest

Rosco radio’s into Boss and Boss says for him to get Enos in his office ‘on the double and alone’.

Duke Farm

Rosco calls Enos and tells him to come to the Boar’s Nest. Enos agrees and has Vance and Coy drive him out while they leave the footlocker with Daisy and Jesse.


The boys wonder if Rosco found out anything and Coy helps Enos put on his coat while he rattles off police codes. They see Carter and Burke coming at them from the front, surprised. Burke starts shooting at the General and Vance evades them. Enos apologizes for getting them in this mess and Vance wonders what they want. Coy says the only thing they have of value is the General but Vance says it must be something else as they already had a chance for that. As they drive Vance says he can’t shake them. Coy asks if he wants Coy to drive and Vance jumps the car. The two men attempt to follow but flip their car instead. After checking on the men, Enos insists they go to the Boar’s Nest. Meanwhile the two men agree to go steal a car then find the owners of the General Lee.

Boar’s Nest

Rosco comes outside to see the Dukes pull up. He yells at Vance, saying they nearly hit him. The boys and Enos talk over him, telling him about the men who tried to shoot them. Rosco tells him that he’s told Enos not to associate with the Dukes and Enos tries to tell him about the crimes but Rosco tells him to go inside and that he’s not done with the Duke boys. He and Enos goes inside and the boys says they need to do something. Vance says Coy is going to make a call the State Department of Motor Vehicles. Coy asks ‘I am’ to which Vance says ‘You am.’ Before pushing him into the car.

Inside Enos asks that Boss wanted to see him. Boss says for him to sit in his barber’s chair and have some pigs feet. Boss and Rosco crowd Enos and Boss asks him to tell him about his souvenirs. Enos starts talking about a pencil sharpenrn shaped like a grapefruit. Annoyed Boss tells him he wants to hear about valuables. Enos tells him he a silver belt buckle and a tin money.


Carter and Burke walk and try to hitchhike but the truck drives by them.

Duke Farm

In the living room, Coy hangs up the phone and informs them the car was stolen. Jesse asks how they all got involved and Vance gets the idea that the men want something in the footlocker. They open the locker and go through Enos’ belonging. Daisy jokes that they would be after her picture. Daisy opens the flashlight to see why it doesn’t work and they are all shocked when emeralds pour out onto the floor.

Boar’s Nest

Enos continues to talk about the items in his footlocker, to Boss and Rosco’s frustration as they are useless to them. The phoen rings and Rosco answers to find it’s the Dukes’ calling Enos. Vance tells Enos about finding emeralds, which Enos exclaims out loud shocking Boss and Rosco too. Enos explains he knows nothing about it and they agree that it was possible for someone to have put them in his footlocker while it was in the storage room. Vance agrees to meet Vance and Coy in the booking office in town with the emeralds. After hanging up, Boss says he’ll give Enos a ride into town. He sends Enos out to his car while staying in the office with Rosco. Boss says for Rosco to set up a road block for the boys and take the emeralds from the boys. As Boss goes to leave himself, he decides he doesn’t need the fast food anymore.

Duke Farm

Vance tell’s Jesse and Daisy to watch the farm from the hills in case the men show up before heading to town.


A blue car pulls over to pick up Carter and Burke. The man asks where they are going but they pull him out of the car and drive away.

Vance and Coy pass Rosco’s trap and Rosco chases after them. The boys conclude they have to get rid of Rosco. They lead him into a construction zone and Coy jumps over the workers. Rosco attempts to follow but to the workers amusement he ends up in a tree. The boys check on him before heading to town. Rosco meanwhile checks on Flash.

The two men stop to talk to a farmer, asking about the car.

Police Department

Boss starts making a large sandwich and calls Rosco on the CB, who is being taken out of the tree with a crane. Rosco admits the boys got away.

Outside, Vance and Coy arrive and head into the Police Department. They see Enos, who has changed into his uniform, and show him the emeralds. Vance tells him to call California but Boss comes in, telling them not to do that. The three protest but Boss tells Enos to give him the jewels before threatening to fire him. When Enos goes to hand them over, the boys shove Boss out of the way before picking up Enos and carrying him out to the General. They all get in and drive away just as Rosco arrives.  


The boys evade Rosco but he cuts through Hazzard square to follow. Boss gets in his car with Alex, and has him join the chase. In the car, Enos tells the boys to stop as they need to turn it over to Boss. The boys refuse, saying if they give the gems to Boss they will disappear. For now they want to lose Rosco and get Enos to a phone.

Duke Farm

Carter and Burke arrive at the Duke Farm and head inside. Daisy and Jesse watch from over the hill.


Boss has Alex pull up alongside Rosco. Rosco is surprised to see him, asking what is Boss doing there. Boss says he wants to ensure they get the jewels. Meanwhile they come to an intersection the same time as another car, causing Rosco to run through a farmers’ fence.

The Dukes and Enos watch, feeling sympathy for the farmer. Vance says they will come back after all is said and done to help fix it. Coy tries to cheer Enos up, but Enos laments being a fugitive.

Duke Farm

Carter and Burke finish pulling apart the Dukes’ living room, determining that the emeralds are gone. Daisy wants to go confront the men, saying Jesse even has his gun. Jesse disagrees, saying the shotgun is only for if the men come to them. They see the two men come back out of the farm house before getting in their car and leaving. Daisy says they need to tell the boys and Jesse says he’ll do that while Daisy drives. They chase after the two men on the road.


Alex sits in the car as Boss yells at Rosco on the roadside, telling Rosco to get Enos and the Dukes in jail and get the jewels. Boss priorities the emeralds and says that they will keep Coy and Vance as the fall guys for the emeralds to be stolen while in police custody.

Jesse radio’s Coy, Vance, and Enos and informs them that Carter and Burke changed cars. Coy informs them they are going to take Enos to Greenville Junction to allow Enos to call his previous commanding officer. They arrive at the phone and Enos calls the Lieutenant, to informs him that they recovered the emeralds from a smuggling ring but they were stolen. Vance says that they were probably put in Enos’ trunk. Meanwhile Jesse and Daisy call the boys to inform them that they are still following Carter and Burke and the two are headed right for them. The three get in the General, Enos informing the boys that the Lieutenant told him that they are sending two officers to pick up the emeralds by plane and wants Enos to turn the emeralds over to Boss and Rosco for the time being. Vance refuses. They all decide to hide the jewels. Enos reminds them that he is supposed to be under arrest though.

Carter and Burke arrive at the phone booth and not seeing anything, they decide to monitor the CB.

Stump Water

The boys, Jesse, and Daisy meet up and bury the emeralds under a large tree. Meanwhile Enos gets in Daisy’s jeep and apologizes to them all, saying he needs to turn himself in. The Dukes all protest and Enos leaves to go to jail. Vance and Coy go to get in the General but they find Enos let the air out of the tries.

Police Department

Boss has returned to his office and calls Rosco on the CB. Rosco says he’s on patrol and Boss asks if he found Enos yet. Rosco says no and Boss alludes to the emeralds, shocking Carter and Burke. However, Boss trails off in shock as Enos walks into the police department, turning himself in. Enos hands over his gun before putting himself in the cell. Boss demands he hands over the emeralds and Enos says he doesn’t have them and they are hidden until the California Police came in. Boss then tells Rosco about the situation over the CB, Carter and Burke listening to the entire thing. They decide they need to get Enos before he talks.


The Dukes finish changing the tires and set out to find Enos.

Police Department

Boss has Enos sit in a dark room with a light in his face and tells Enos to talk about where the emeralds are. Enos begs for forgiveness while also explaining that he can’t tell Boss because he promised the Dukes he wouldn’t but he also felt he had to turn himself in. Rosco arrives, saying interrogations are his favorite. Boss says he will handle Enos and tells Rosco to just go outside and make sure no one comes in to interrupt them.

Carter and Burke arrive and approach Enos. They claim they are California police, flashing badges at Rosco before going inside. Rosco concludes he can tell they are actually cops. They approach Boss and Enos, saying they are taking over now and Enos is coming with them. Boss protests and they express they are police. Enos expresses some concern as he just spoke to the Lieutenant an hour ago. Enos concludes that they are the criminals who stole the emeralds and Burke pulls out his gun. He grabs Enos and they leave, Boss being left in shock.

The Dukes pull in and Daisy notices the car belonging to Carter and Burke. Rosco tries to stop all four from going any further and the Dukes tell him about the car. Rosco says the car are the California Police Officers and Coy insists they are phonies. While they are talking the two men get in their car with Enos. They try to speed off and Coy runs out in the road to stop them but they nearly run him down. Coy and Vance get in the General, Jesse and Daisy run for Dixie, and Rosco tries to stop everyone.

Hazzard Square

Carter and Burke go around the Hazzard Square and passing a man changing a tire on his pick up. The General and Dixie follow. Boss comes running out and demanding to know why Rosco is just standing there, asking didn’t he stop them all. Boss tells him that the police officers are fake. They run to Boss’ car but find Alex is gone. Instead they get into Rosco’s car and join the chase, nearly running down the man changing his tire.


Carter and Burke tell Enos to give them the location of the emeralds. Enos refuses, saying all he is required to tell them is his name, rank, and serial number before giving them. Meanwhile the Dukes, Boss, and Rosco continue to chase after them. Boss insists it’s a matter of life and money and they need to get the crooks. Rosco orders the Dukes off the road and Daisy responds over the CB saying it’s their fight as well and for Rosco to back off. Vance offers for them to team up but Boss refuses. Rosco passes Daisy and tries to pass the General. However he goes through Silas Pew’s fence again, to the farmers anger. Burke threatens Enos, getting frustrated with him but Enos again repeats his information. Carter concludes they lost the Dukes and can safely stop and hide out to interrogate Enos.

The Dukes continue to drive on the road, but realize the car is gone. They pull over and all four get out. Coy says they should go get the emeralds in case Enos talks. Daisy insists Enos won’t tell them and that they need to find Enos before the men hurt him. Jesse spots a dust cloud and they realize it’s probably the men with Enos. The four take off to follow it.

Old Cloony Barn

The men stop and pull Enos out of the car and into the barn. The two interrogate Enos, to which Enos says they should be ashamed and ‘if your mommas knew what y’all doing’ to which the two get angry, telling him to both shut up and talk. Enos tells them he can’t do both. Burke goes to strangle him but Carter stops him.

Outside the Dukes arrive and sneak up toward the barn. Coy wants to rush in but Vance refuses. Coy suggests they smoke the men out and Vance decides to make them think the barn is on fire and Jesse will call for the Fire Department. Jesse makes the CB call as Coy gets some rags from the trunk.

Hazzard Fire Department

The volunteer firemen get Jesse’s call and set out to put out a fire. They are in such a hurry they forget three firemen who must chase the truck and jump on the back.


Rosco and Boss continue on the road and Boss tells Rosco he missed the road and they will have to backtrack. Rosco turns around, taking out a number of mailboxes.

Old Cloony Barn

Carter and Burke continue to interrogate Enos, their patience reaching it’s end. Enos continues to repeat the same information, getting louder and louder as he does. Outside Vance, Coy, and Daisy finish putting dried leaves in barrels and move them. They light the barrels on fire and Jesse waves the smoke in the barn. Inside the men get more and more frustrated and Enos contuse to repeat the information. The smoke starts coming into the barn and the two notice it. They conclude the barn is on fire. They grab Enos to leave as they hear the fire truck coming. As they go outside, Coy and Vance trip the two with a rope. The two get up with their guns at Vance and Coy. They pull up Enos and flee, ignoring the firemen who are going into the barn. As the firemen see about the barn, the two crooks leave with Enos and Vance and Coy give chase. Daisy and Jesse stay to help the firemen.


As the two men flee from the Dukes, they encounter Boss and Rosco. Rosco is forced off the road and hits a tree. The passenger door is knocked off and Boss falls out of the car. Rosco gets out to help him and pull thorns off him.

Coy and Vance catch up and Burke starts shooting at them. Coy asks how they are going to catch the men. Vance pulls out a grappling hook he took from the fire truck and gets out onto the window. Enos grabs Burke and wrestles with him for the gun as Vance hooks the back door on the car and pulls it off, the grabble hook having been tied to the Generals’ frame. Enos pushes Burke out of the car and he falls down a hill. Vance then climbs out onto the General’s hood as Enos begins to grab Carter. Vance jumps into the car and helps Enos. Coy then forces Carter to stop. They capture Carter and free Enos.

Balladeer: And so the Duke boys rescued Enos. The bad dues were captured, the stolen emeralds were dug up Enos and the boys and turned over to the California Police Officers, along with the prisoners. Enos got his job back, as well as a reward from Daisy. Now that’s worth the struggle right there. Everything was back to normal in Hazzard by suppertime. Or what’s normal for Hazzard, anyway.

Town of Hazzard

The Dukes and Enos turn over the emeralds and the crooks to the California Police after they arrive.

Rosco polishes Enos’ badge and Boss reinstates him as a deputy. Daisy kisses him.


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Hazzard County[]


  • Silas Pew makes another appearance
  • Enos' time in the LAPD is referenced in this episode
  • When Enos is talking about things he missed from Daisy's cooking, one of those is fried chicken. Daisy used fried chicken to distract Enos in Duke of Duke so her cousin's could escape.
    • Enos also expresses in this episode that he does not like pigs feet
  • When Enos opens his footlocker a few items could be seen inside.
    • These include the hat Daisy gave him when he left for LA, a framed picture of Daisy, a tackle box that Jesse says he's been carrying around for ten years, and his Uncle Odie's old shaving brush that Enos has used since his first shave.
  • The Balladeer jokes that no one is surprised by all the car chasing because it happens every Saturday at the 'Hazzard Watermelon Supper and Demolition BBQ'
  • Alex appears in this episode. He was last seen in New Deputy in Town
  • When being interrogated, Enos says he is only required to give the men his name, rank and serial number, naming 'Enos Strate, Ex-Deputy, 0674932'.