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Ernie is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Ghost of the General Lee[]

After causing some trouble hustling, Chief Lacey takes them to the county line. He breaks their pool cues, tosses away their dice, and throws their marked cards. He tells them he will arrest them if they ever enter his county again before leaving. As Lacey drives away he picks up a broken cue and mentions “I’m gonna drop his head in a side pocket’. When Phil says they have no money he pulls out a pack of marked cards and loaded dice from his hat saying they’ll head to Cottondale as there’s a lot of suckers there. He decides to steal a car in the meantime.

As they walk they spot the General Lee while Bo and Luke are in the pond skinny dipping. They run up to the car and when asked what he thinks, he says he sees a neon sign saying 'grand theft auto'. He runs around to the passenger side and tosses the clothes on the door into the back before climbing in. They laugh as they leave and he remarks it shouldn’t take them long to get to Cottondale and that the car is ‘double strong’. When they almost cross into sweetwater he remarks that is the wrong way. When Rosco spots them and chases them, he tells Phil to push it as Rosco is gaining. When asked what to do now he tells his friend to take a left. They accidentally jump into the pond and get out of the sinking car.

They go to the Boar’s Nest and play pool. Cooter is impressed with their skill and tells them that wasn’t a half bad shot. Cooter bets he can’t do it again. He says he isn’t much a gambling man before asking how much. Cooter puts down five dollars and he sets it up. They hear Rosco explain that Bo and Luke ran into the pond and that they believe the boys are dead. They become interested by Boss saying Bo and Luke stole a watch that belonged to Jefferson Davis.

Later he goes out back with a number of guys to bet using his loaded dice. He looks into Boss’ office seeing Boss putting money in his safe as well at the watch. Ernie and Phil decide to steal the safe but are alarmed when they hear someone come in. He signals for Phil to take care of it and Phil captures Daisy. He tries to open the safe while listening for the clicks and when it fails he decides to steal a pick up and take the whole safe. When asked about Daisy, who they tied up, he says she isn’t going anywhere.

They steal a pick up an heft the safe on it. They drive down the road and pass the Dukes in the General, surprising them. They pass Rosco then Boss and he remarks it is a busy town. After a moment Phil sees the cars all in his rear view mirror and tells Ernie they are coming after them. When asked if it’s the cops he corrects it to the whole town. As they cross into Sweetwater, he says that he hopes Chief Lacey thinks they are leading a parade. They get caught in a pile up and are told to get out by Lacey. Lacey tells him to open the safe and he asks that if he could, does the Sheriff think he would cart it around with him. Lacey arrests him.