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Ernie Ashburn is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Ernie is a scam artist known to be working in the South. At one point he was arrested and did time in jail. He has been partnered with Big Daddy since at least 1968.


Big Daddy[]

He drives himself and Big Daddy into Hazzard, Big Daddy telling him politely to slow down as they don’t want to get a speeding ticket to which he agrees saying ‘no sir.’ As he drives, Big Daddy tells him about is time in Hazzard, driving to church every Sunday and singing in the church choir.

When he pulls into town he gets out of the limo, brushing past Boss Hogg and Rosco, and lets Big Daddy out. He watches Big Daddy talk to his son, Jefferson Davis Hogg.

When Boss, Rosco, and Big Daddy leave, he starts wiping down the car. He is surprised when Jenkins approaches him. When Jenkins greets him, he remarks ‘no names’ before asking how Jenkin’s has been. Jenkins says he didn’t know Ernie was working that territory and he says he isn’t, they are just passing through. He shakes Jenkin’s hand and they part ways.

Big Daddy and Ernie stand beside the bank, watching as Boss hands out free money to a line of citizens. Big Daddy heads over to talk to Boss before coming back to him, asking how much does he think Boss Hogg is worth. He remarks ‘looks like quite a bundle’ and Big Daddy says that is his guess too. When Big Daddy remarks it’s a shame he’ll have to steal from him, Ernie remarks that Boss is his son, asking that he would con his own flesh and blood with one of their little schemes. Big Daddy says that money is thicker than blood. He nods and when Big Daddy asks if he remembers Savannah in 68, he grins. He asks if Big Daddy means the ‘bait and jive’ Big Daddy agrees. He asks if they are taking the bank and Big Daddy says not that much from his son.

He goes with Big Daddy, Rosco, and Boss to Boss’ office. When Boss tells Big Daddy about his safe and Rosco adds he’s seen $50,000 in it and Big Daddy convinces him to open the safe, he pulls out a gun. Boss puts his hands up and surrenders but Rosco approaches him saying he is the sheriff but surrenders as well. He pushes Big Daddy over to the rest. He tosses a bag at Boss, calling him ‘tubby’ and tells him to put everything in the bag, including the money belt. He takes Rosco’s gun and banters with Big Daddy. He makes the three of them get close and face each other before tying the three together.

He runs outside and is shocked to find that his car is pinned between two parked police cars. He sees the General pull up and runs over, putting a gun on Vance and telling him to get back in the car. He has Coy get on the side with Daisy and Jesse before climbing back in the General and says for no one to follow or he’ll kill Vance. They leave.

As Vance drives, he watches him from the passenger seat. Vance asks if they can talk, saying if Ernie wanted a ride he only had to ask. He points the gun at Vance telling him to shut up and drive. After a few moments he confirms the road is clear and remarks that it’s real nice to have a chauffeur for a change and Vance is doing real good. He then addresses Vance as ‘plowboy’ telling him to pull over. When Vance does, he says for him to get out as it’s his last stop. When Vance goes to speak, he gestures with the gun and Vance obeys. He tells Vance that stealing cars isn’t part of his ordinary line of work but he’ll make an exception. He apologizes to Vance before an engine surprises him. Vance attacks him, knocking away his gun. He speeds off.

After losing the Dukes, he stops the General to count the money.

Big Daddy arrives with the car and they happily reunite before he gets in the car and drives them away. They celebrate their successful scam.

He becomes alarmed as they hear sirens. When Big Daddy comments he feels that something went wrong, he comments that the sirens tell him the same thing. He tells Big Daddy to hold on. He starts speeding and when Big Daddy says to go faster he comments ‘it’s on the floor Big Daddy’. When Coy comes around and cuts him off, he gets out with a gun, prepared to shoot the boys but Big Daddy stops him, saying to forget it. Rosco then comes up behind him, taking his gun. Boss confronts Big Daddy for stealing from him, and Ernie is confused when Boss actually expresses happiness, saying he now knows where he gets it from. He excitedly drives off as Boss and Rosco let them go.