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Ester Venable is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


When Ester's father is put in the Witness Protection Program, she goes with him. They move three times while bounty hunters continue to chase after them for two million dollars worth of diamonds her father is rumored to have.


Good Neighbors Duke[]

She is doing laundry when Dixon and Clayton comes by, checking on them. When they say maybe this time it’ll be for keeps, she says it is and she’s got real good feeling about Hazzard. When the agents hand over their number she thanks them before telling them ‘bye-bye’. As the two men leave, she tells her father that they are pretty nice for Federal Agents.

She is doing laundry when Bo and Luke suddenly cut through their property, falling over in surprise and getting covered in laundry. She calls for help and Bo and Luke help her up. Bo asks if she’s alright and she says she thinks so before noticing what clothing she is holding and hiding it behind her back. Luke apologizes and says they didn’t know people lived there anymore. Adam runs over with a pitch fork asking what is going on and she tells him it’s alright. She goes in introduce them but realizes she doesn’t know their names. Luke introduces them and says they are from down the road. When her father says they don’t like strangers and Bo says a stranger is a friend you just haven’t met yet, she smiles and says she kind of likes that. When Bo remarks not having seen them in town, she says they haven’t been to town yet. Luke offers to take them into town. When her father says no and walks away, she excuses herself and runs after him. She tells him if they are going to settle down in Hazzard then they need to get to town at some point. When he agrees she smiles and runs back to Bo and Luke saying they accept the kind invite. She says she’ll put the laundry away and the boys agree to clean up some of the mess.

They go to the Boar’s Nest and she has a toast with Bo, Luke, and her father drinking milk. She asks Bo if everyone in Hazzard is as nice as their cousin Daisy and Bo tells her nearly about. Luke says there are a few exceptions. When Rosco announces he’s got the Dukes, Luke says there is one of them. When Rosco accuses the boys of entering a bird sanctuary and using a duster as proof, she laughs. Boss Hogg comes over and introduces himself to her father. Boss starts talking about how terrible the land is and how there is not water there. She says they are digging for it now and Boss yells at her saying they aren’t going to find any. Bo waves it off to show her not to take it personal. When Boss offers to buy the farm, Adam declines and excuses them all.

In town she stands with Bo, Bo having an arm around her, pointing out places around town. When they spot Jesse’s pick up pulling up, Bo tells her he wants her to meet him and she will love him. She says good and walks over to the truck with Bo having an arm around her. They talk to Jesse for a few minutes. They agree to let Jesse show them around Town while Bo and Luke get started on fixing the fence.

They return to the farm to see the fence fixed and Bo and Luke gone. A few moments Bo and Luke pull in. When Bo gets out she asks about the license plate in his hand. Bo and Luke explain that a van passed by and dropped it and when they tried to return it, the van bolted. Alarmed they go inside to look. She confirms everything is the way they left it. She then follows her father outside to help him and Bo with the supplies.

After her and Bo talk and she learns about him. Bo changes the subject saying that’s enough of his family and asks about her and her daddy. She says there isn’t much to tell. She starts to say what her dad used to do but stops when she realizes she can’t tell him. Upset she excuses herself saying she has chores to do before running inside.

While she is feeding the chickens, her father tells her they got to talk. She says if he’s thinking about moving again, she is not going to go with him. He realizes she’s taken to Hazzard and the locals. He says she’s practically grown up and has a right to do what she feels she had to before kissing her head and walking away.

In the house, her father says if she wants to stay they will stay and she tells him no because if anything ever happened to him before trailing off and suggesting he call Mr. Dixon. He declines saying he thinks they best do this one on their own. She tells him she loves him before kissing his head.

She waits by her father when Daisy arrives, greeting her and asking how she is. She watches her father give Daisy a bag and leave. Daisy says she’ll see them when they get back before driving away. As Daisy leaves she approaches her father asking that Daisy thinks they are coming back. He says that is what he told Jesse as it is better that way and once they’re settled, they’ll tell the Dukes where to send the bag.

They are packing when Bo, Luke, and Daisy pull in. Ester says she thinks they should tell the Dukes the truth and he says she is right. She stands by her father as he tells the Dukes about what happened with the diamonds. When Luke says if he gave back the diamonds the bounty hunters would stop bothering them and she explains they don’t have the diamonds. When Daisy asks about the bag, she shows them what was in it, saying it was just some family pictures and birth certificates. The Dukes want to help. Luke suggests there is a bug in the house and they all go inside, looking around and finding it.

After they go outside and she says they will be running from bounty hunters for the rest of their lives. Luke proposes to pretend to kill them. Luke explains his plan.

She watches her father and the boys pretend to talk about fencing the diamonds, amused. Outside her father expresses concern about the Dukes getting hurt but they insist. When her father relents, she hugs and kisses Bo. She then hugs Daisy and Luke and leaves with her father.

Following Luke’s plan, they drive by the bounty hunters to lead them down Widow’s Peak. When they are out of sight they change places with Bo and Luke. She then goes over to Daisy. When they get the signal they talk into Daisy’s C.B., pretending their breaks have gone out. They celebrate their success when the plan succeeds.

Later they learn Boss and Rosco uncovered water on the property, allowing them to stay.