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Mr. Hastings is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Along Came a Duke[]

On his way to Hazzard to negotiate a set of terms with Boss Hogg, he is attacked by two masked men. As they open his trunk to shove him inside, he is saved by Bo Duke leaping on his two attackers. Luke helps him up and the two men escape. Luke asks if he’s okay and he says considering the alternatives he thinks so. Bo approaches them and he tells them both he is obliged to them. Bo says they are glad to help and he insists a reward is in order. However, as he searches his pockets he finds his wallet is missing and Bo insists they can’t take a reward for doing what’s right. He tells them he will relate their heroics to the Cultural Commissioner of Hazzard County. Luke asks who he means and he explains that he had the card but he thinks the name was Hogg. He thanks them, shaking their hands before leaving.

He arrives at the bank and shows Boss and Rosco a picture of the sword of Stonewall Jackson. Rosco remarks that the sword must be valuable and he takes off his glasses explaining ‘$100,000 valuable’. Boss asks if he thinks the men who ambushed him were after the sword and he says that he doesn’t think so and since his wallet is missing that is what they wanted. Boss sends Rosco to find the wallet.

They move over to the Police Department and he tells Boss and Cletus that the museum will assume responsibility of the sword in transit but when Boss takes possession it is his responsibility. Boss says he knows and Boss tells him that he has just the men to pick up the sword, calling in two of his men. Eustice disregards them however as he needs people he knows and the two leave. He is surprised when a moment later Rosco brings Bo and Luke in, claiming they are the wallet thieves. He happily shakes the boys hands. When Rosco says to arrest the boys, he quickly explains that they are the two young men who came to his rescue. Boss says that would be just like Bo and Luke. Rosco returns his wallet and he apologizes to them for suffering this humiliation and the Bo says they were bound to see the ‘seamier side of life sooner or later’. Eustice remarks that their meeting may be heaven sent and explains that they are loaning the sword of Stonewall Jackson to the Bank and he needs someone at fair pay to transport it. He asks if they can help him one more time. Bo asks about fair pay and he says Boss will pay the boys $100 each. When Boss asks that he will, Hastings explains that he arranges the transportation but Boss is the one who pays for it. He adds that it is in advance and Boss pays the boys. He hands them a card and tells them to be at the museum at 7am tomorrow morning. He then tells Boss he is counting on him to look after the sword as if it was his own, and Boss says he most certainly will.

The next morning he oversees two men loading an armored truck, using it as a decoy. After the truck leaves he has Bo and Luke leave with the real sword.