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Ezra Bushmaster is an old partner of the late J.D. Hogg.


Ezra was a partner of Boss Hogg's. After discovering that he was more crooked than Boss, Boss ran him out of town and he went north to 'fleece the yankees'


The Dukes of Hazzard: Hazzard in Hollywood![]

After Toby Keith finishes singing, Rosco tells everyone they have raised $35,000.63 so far but they are still three million and five-hundred thousand short. He says at that rate their great grandchildren will be doing the ground breaking. When Rosco asks who said that, he runs up the stairs announcing it is him. Rosco asks what is he doing back in Hazzard. Rosco explains to Luke that Ezra was a partner of Boss’ for a while. He acts offended when Rosco says that he was more crooked than Boss and was ran out of town and went north. He thanks Rosco for the flattering introduction. He says he wants to give something back to Hazzard. He asks the community if they want a hospital now and says if the county can raise half a million in ten days he will donate the other three million. Bo speaks up, asking what is the catch. He says he wants the hospital named after him. Rosco asks where the heck he got three million dollars and he laughs before approaching Rosco and asking if he ever learned how to read. When Rosco says he did he hands him a folder telling him to read it out loud as he knew Rosco would be suspicious. He listens as Rosco tells the people it’s a certified statement showing he is worth 100 million. When a man named B.B. Bascomb announces they already have the money, Rosco quietly asks him if the man is his and he remarks he thought the guy was Rosco’s. He listens unsure as the man named B.B. Bascomb says he will remix and master their tapes for 35 grand and make a CD so they can raise the half million.

He hires Patch to scare the Dukes from going to Hollywood. However Patch calls him to tell him the Dukes are stupid and aren’t afraid of being shot at. A few days later Patch calls him to tell him he stole the RV and the money and the Dukes are stopped cold. He promises to keep an eye on them though.

He calls Patch to see if he's destroyed the tapes and dealt with the Dukes. Patch says he's a little busy and asks if he can get back to him. He remarks as soon as possible.

He calls Patch back to learn he failed.

At the Ground-breaking, Bo calls him over. Bo calls him a ‘hound dog’ and says they are onto him and he nearly pulled it off. Rosco says the LAPD called after Patch told them everything. Luke asks why he did it and he says revenge for running him off. He says he was going to string Hazzard along for years to raise money for a hospital that would never be built. Rosco says that is the worst thing he’s ever heard and he thanks Rosco. He says he’s going to run for Sheriff and Boss. He hands out flier despite people’s groans.

As the concert is going on at the groundbreaking, he continues to hand out fliers.