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"Farewell, Hazzard" is the twenty-first episode of the fifth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


Boss pulls out all the stops to foreclose or buy all the land in Hazzard County so he and his new business partner, Lisa Sue "L. S." Pritchard (Randi Brooks), who is from Dallas, Texas, can develop "New Hazzard". When the Dukes lose the farm after Pritchard's goons keep them from making their mortgage payment, they look into what Pritchard really wants all that land for. When they find her plans for turning Hazzard County into a strip mine so that she can mine coal, they have to convince Boss of it before Hazzard County becomes a big, empty hole.


Balladeer: Hazzard County is usually different than most places, but in one way it’s like every place else. Getting the bills paid on time is tighter than a fat pig squeezing through a rat hole. And resting there against Uncle Jesse’s warm heart is the farm mortgage payment. It’s due at Boss Hogg’s office at noon sharp.


Luke drives him, Bo, Jesse, and Daisy to town to pay the mortgage on the farm. As they drive down the road, a helicopter lifts off. The pilot and co-pilot note that they were supposed to stop the General Lee before running the car off the road and flying away. The Dukes are angry about it and Bo notieces a smell before confirming that they have a cracked oil pan. Luke has Daisy call Cooter but Jesse is worried because they are going to be late and it’s possible they will lose the farm.


Garrett and Hudson land the chopper at a barn. They call L.S. Pritchard, saying they ran the Dukes off the road like requested from Boss Hogg and they are doing whatever Boss wants. He then gives L.S. a report, saying the last eight earth core samples they ran were all positive.


Jesse tells everyone that it’s four minutes to 12 and they all become excited to see Cooter pulling up in a car. He explains he was on his way back from Capitol City to pick up Doc Peterson’s car when they called. The Dukes all pile in, trying to explain everything in a rush and Cooter speeds off to town.

Police Department

Enos and Rosco come in for work, Enos asking if Rosco knows where a junior lawman can get a job as he is looking for a friend of his. Rosco says no when they hear a yell. Both grab each other in surprise, trying to figure out what that noise was. They go into Boss’ office where they are greeted by a sight of Boss wearing a grey wig. Enos remarks that he has hair which Boss happily agrees. He tells the two about foreclosing on the Duke Farm as it’s past twelve. Rosco is happy while Enos is sad. Rosco says the hair makes Boss look a year or two younger. Boss declares that it won’t do as he has to look twenty years younger before trying on a brown curly wig. Rosco asks why he’s wearing wigs and Boss shows them a million dollar check from L.S. Pritchard, who was famous for making big deals. Enos says he’s never heard of them and Boss admits that Pritchard will be his new partner. After seeing the wig, Boss determines it won’t do and tries on a black one. He explains that he was tasked with buying up all the farms for top dollar so it can be redeveloped. Rosco admits he doesn’t like it and Enos asks where the Dukes are supposed to live. Boss says it’s their problem before marking off the Duke Farm on a map.

Cooter arrives at the building and they all run inside. Boss is putting up a sign about selling the farms wearing a brown curly wig. As Jesse goes to pay him, the Dukes and Cooter are all surprised by the wig, laughing hysterically. Bo says he can’t be serious and Boss says he is, just like he won’t accept the payment as Jesse blew it. The Dukes become upset and explain about the accident. Boss hands them the eviction notice, giving them three hours to get everything off the farm. Daisy reads off the sign and the Dukes get angry Luke ripping up the document. Jesse tries to calm everyone down and says that the law is on Boss’ side this time. Boss makes Jesse angry and he rips off Boss’ wig before they leave.


Outside they talk about the helicopter and Luke says it seems like it was deliberate. Bo says if they can prove Boss did it, they can probably get the farm back. Cooter agrees and they go out to the General to get it fixed. As the Dukes head back to the farm, they notice the chopper and hear dynamite. Bo parks the General and him and Luke chase after the men. Seeing the boys coming, the two get back in the chopper and take off. They fly toward the Dukes to scare them off and all four are forced to dive into the ground. Daisy hits her head off a rock, knocking her unconscious. Bo and Luke immediately run to her side and Bo finds the rock before throwing it away. Jesse comes over and Daisy comes around. Bo remarks he wants to get his hands on them. Luke says he saw the ID, N2068B, and that they can call the FAA to see who owns it. Jesse says they are taking Daisy to a doctor before anything.

Duke Farm

Bo calls the airports and the FAA and find that no chopper had recently gassed up and the number on the chopper is fake. He tells the others. Luke says he can’t think of anyone else and Jesse says they got two hours left so they need to start packing. He laments about where they should start. Bo says he can’t remember living anywhere but there and hugs Daisy as Jesse says five generations of Dukes have lived in that house. Daisy says they can’t go anywhere and where would they even go. Jesse says he’s going to call Ben Whately over it Hatchape as he has a few farms they can do sharecropping on. They all go and pack, but express that they are not done yet.

Police Department

Boss is frantic, having learned L.S. is coming to Hazzard. He calls Enos and Rosco back to the office, frustrated they didn’t get back there faster. Enos says they came as soon as they could and he and Rosco are distracted by the blonde wig Boss is trying on. Boss tries to explain Pritchard is coming in a half hour, that he wants to give Pirtchard the royal welcome. He gets frustrated that they are distracted by the wig and changes it out for a black one. Rosco explains he doesn’t like any of them, he likes Boss bald. Boss tosses them out to clean the building, Rosco remarking Boss looks like Dracula while Boss tries on a fake mustache.

Duke Farm

Jesse gets off the phone with Ben, telling them that Ben has 80 acres south of Hatchape’s main town and they can move in anytime. The Dukes nearly have the entire house packed up and Daisy and Bo lament leaving. Jesse is taking it the hardest, saying he lived there with their Aunt Lavinia, that she died there.

Police Department

Boss settles on a black wig with grey on the sides, pretending to meet high end people and saying that the wig is perfect. Hearing a horn he looks outside to see a limo arrive. He concludes Pritchard is there early and yells for Rosco and Enos saying for them to get the ‘key to the city’ and the red carpet. He goes outside, strutting up to the car as Whitney, the driver, gets out before introducing L.S. Pritchard. She gets out, leaving Boss dumbfounded as he was expecting a businessman. As Boss tries to pretend like it didn’t surprise him, Rosco and Enos come out with the red carpet and go to throw it out but hit Boss with it, knocking him into L.S.’s car. They help him out but the wig was backwards in the attempt. Now calmer, Boss presents the key to Pritchard, and she says she wants to be called L.S. She asks about the land and Boss informs her he bought six farms, repossessed one, and foreclosed on two. She tells him to hurry it up and to take off the hairpiece as it looks ridiculous.

Duke Farm

Jesse and Daisy talk about the day Daisy came to live on the farm. The boys come in and Jesse adds about them coming to the farm. He points out on the wall where they marked the boys growth and Luke remarks he always thought he was going to be bigger than Bo. The Dukes try to make peace with it and Daisy tells them Rosco is outside. Bo and Luke say they are staying behind for now to find out who is behind it.

Outside Cooter is finishing tying down the truck as Rosco blows the whistle to get them out.


Garrett gives L.S. and Whitney their report, saying all of Hazzard is loaded with high density coal deposits close to the surface and is perfect for strip mining. L.S. is pleased by this and says they will get the bulldozers and mining crew in as soon as they finish buying the land. She remarks Boss will be in for a big surprise.

Police Department

Rosco and Enos have a large line of Farmers, interesting in the fact that Boss is buying farm land at double value. Rosco is annoyed when Bo and Luke come in. Bo tells Rosco to look into the helicopter and Rosco refuses. Boss comes out of his office, saying it was a bad day in Hazzard when the boys returned. L.S. comes into the office, surprising everyone. She tells Boss to introduce her to the Duke boys, Bo even making Rosco take off his hat for a lady. Bo and Luke get upset about losing the farm again and Boss says the chopper doesn’t exist and that they aren’t even citizens of Hazzard anymore. Luke and Bo promise they will find out what happened and Rosco and Enos force Bo out while L.S. stops Luke to talk to him a moment but Luke leaves. L.S. talks to Boss, telling him to take care of the Dukes or she will.

Outside Bo and Luke talk about everything and conclude they are all connected somehow. Bo asks why she would want all of Hazzard. Luke tells Bo to go to Pruitt’s pasture where they saw the men earlier and see if they dropped anything. Bo asks what he’s going to do and Luke says he’s going to the source. They both joke about it before going their separate ways. Seeing Luke, L.S. tells her driver to take a walk as she wants to talk to him. Luke approaches her and they get in the car together to talk.

Pruitt’s Farm

Bo arrives at the pasture and starts looking around. He finds a drill bit but he isn’t sure what it is. Meanwhile Garrett and Hudson arrive and see Bo. They determine they have to get it back and drive directly at Bo. Bo moves out of the way and realizes he will not get away with the item. The two get out of the car and ask for it back. Bo hands it over and tries to leave but they stop him and start hitting him. Bo gets free and knocks both down, saying that was for Daisy, before getting in the General and driving away. The two men chase after Bo in their car, but Bo jumps a creek. The other two stop, saying they can’t make it.

Town of Hazzard

L.S. continues to tell Luke about her fake plans for Hazzard saying it will be the ‘loveliest little place in the South’ and she tells Luke to call her Lisa Sue adding that she loves a man with strong jaw. L.S. gets a call, informing her that Bo just found some of their equipment and escaped. She tells Luke she has a business problem and they will need to continue their talk another time. As they get out, Bo arrives and Luke leaves town with him. L.S. orders her men to find the boys and take them captive until after the deal is finished.


Bo fills Luke in on everything he learned, saying the item was marked with P.C. Luke suggests that it could be a type of mineral and says they need a phone. Bo wants to use the farm’s phone and Luke agrees.

Duke Farm

Luke calls Dallas Information and learns that Pritchard Industries has Pritchard Coal. They realize she wants to strip mine Hazzard. Luke says the problem is they don’t have evidence. The boys hear a chopper and hide, realizing they are being looked for. Bo wants to chase after them but Luke asks that he wants to chase a chopper. In the meantime they call the place in Hatchape.


Daisy answers the phone and tells the boys that Cooter helped them move in. Bo wants to know how Uncle Jesse is, and Luke passes on the message. Daisy moves into another room to tell them he’s not taking it well. The boys are upset by the news and Daisy says it really hit him when they got there. Bo says he’s worried and Luke changes their plans for the night, saying the boys will stay in Hatchape.

Duke Farm

The boys look around, Luke saying Jesse is too old to be starting over. Bo says Jesse has spent the best years of his life taking care of them in that house and Luke corrects it to the best years of their lives. The boys talk about memories in the house. Bo says Luke had quite a temper on him and Luke says Jesse took care of that and he ate so many meals on the mantelpiece. Bo gets upset and says if it’s the last thing they do, they need to get the farm back.

Hogg Family Home

L.S. goes to see Boss at his home, surprising him. Boss invites her in, saying he was making dinner as Lulu is away ‘at the fat farm’ and L.S. angrily informs him this isn’t a social call. L.S. says she wants to speed everything up and that Boss will call a meeting at 9am tomorrow morning. She gives Boss more money, saying she doesn’t care what he has to do, he needs to get what is left of the farms. Boss promises to keep the Duke boys from attending the meeting.

Outside she tells her driver to ensure their own people are staking out that road. She says as soon as Boss is no longer useful they dump him and she wants to start hauling coal out in the next ten days.

Hatchape Farm house

Bo and Luke fill in Daisy and Jesse about what they learned. The kids are happy to see how excited Jesse is and Jesse asks if Cooter told them there would be a town meeting at 9am which Daisy confirms. Jesse says he and Daisy will go to the meeting and talk to everyone so they know what is happening. Bo comments it’s gonna be funny sleeping under a strange roof but Jesse says with a little help from the Lord after tomorrow, they will not be there all that long.


The next morning, Rosco and Enos set up a road block. Meanwhile Garrett and Hudson move a tree onto the road to help keep anyone from moving it. Meanwhile the Dukes have set out for Hazzard.

Enos says he doesn’t think they have a good enough reason to set up a road block and Rosco tells him to hush and that he’s to do as told. The see the boys coming and Enos calls out to both, happy to see them. When the boys stop, Enos says they aren’t coming. Rosco realizes they aren’t coming and decides to drive over to them. When they start their cars, Bo drives right through the open road. Meanwhile Garrett and Hudson watch and are disgusted with the police before setting out to stop the boys themselves. Meanwhile Rosco and Enos turn to chase the boys, leaving the road completely open for Daisy and Jesse. Garrett and Hudson drive up to their downed tree, parking their car behind it and hiding in the bushes.

Bo and Luke see the other road block and go around, Luke telling Daisy to take another route. Rosco sees the tree too late and barley stops in front of it. Enos is unable to stop and flips his car, landing on Garrett and Hudon’s car, crushing it. The two are shocked and rush to get to a phone so they can inform L.S. about what happened. Enos calls for Rosco, who asks where he got his license. Meanwhile the path Bo took had a creek and Bo jumps it. Luke asks why does Bo do that and Bo says it was there. Meanwhile Daisy and Jesse take a riverbed and catch up to the boys. Luke tells Daisy to go to the meeting but they are going to be there later. Bo asks what they are going to do and Luke says they need to get proof that L.S. is going to betray them. Luke proposes that the briefcase she always carries will have proof and he thinks he can use it. The Dukes split up.

Boar’s Nest

Cooter tries to stall the meeting, telling Boss that the clocks are wrong and it’s not ten minutes to nine and the watches are all 20 minutes fast. The phone rings and Boss brushes Cooter off to answer the phone. He gives it to L.S. and Luke asks her to meet her somewhere to finish their conversation. She agrees and heads out, telling Boss to go ahead and start without her.


At the phone, Luke tells Bo, who had been whittling, that he thinks she bought it and Bo jokes telling Luke not to forget all the things he taught him. Meanwhile L.S. tells her driver to get their men on the phone and have them fly up the chopper and kidnap Luke. She says they will threaten the Dukes by telling them they will only let Luke go after the meeting.

Boar’s Nest

Boss goes to start the meeting but Cooter says it’s not nine yet. Boss points out that the Boar’s Nest clock says it’s nine and Cooter says that is Boss Hogg’s clock and he doesn’t trust it. Boss shows him his pocket watch saying there are two clocks that say nine and Cooter says they are both Boss’ clocks. Annoyed Boss yells for him to go sit down.

Lover’s Rock

Bo and Luke arrive and Bo and the General hide while Luke waits for L.S. to arrive. When she does, he points out that he wanted to be alone and gets her to go for a walk with him, leaving the briefcase in the car. Luke and L.S. talk about the chopper, Luke asking her to have it stop hounding them and telling her they know it’s not a properly registered chopper. As they kiss, Bo sneaks up to the car and gets in the back. As he grabs the case, the driver’s notices him. Bo knocks the driver down and bolts. Whitney honks to warn L.S. but Bo comes around and picks up Luke. As they leave, L.S. is informed the boys have her briefcase and says they need to stop the boys.

Boar’s Nest

Boss insists for Cooter to sit down, and the farms are getting restless but Cooter says he will not sit down until it’s time for the meeting to start. The clock reveals Cooter has been stalling for fifteen minutes now. Jesse and Daisy come into the meeting, shocking everyone and Jesse tries to speak but Boss writes him off. Daisy addresses the crowd and yelling at them all that they don’t know the full truth.


Luke looks through the briefcase and confirms their suspicions. They are spotted by Garrett and Hudson. Bo is furious because if they do strip-mine Hazzard, there will be nothing left. Luke says she’s starting next week but they see the helicopter. Bo avoids it and the chopper follows them.

Boar’s Nest

Daisy explains that Hazzard will never be the same and she doesn’t even think there will be a Hazzard at this rate. Boss tries to says she’s lying and Daisy says he is lying. Jesse says he knows what L.S. told Boss, but L.S. is planning to strip-mine for coal. Furious that he is losing the people to the Dukes, Boss goes to the stand and starts banging a gavel, chanting ‘Jesse Duke is out of order’. Everyone breaks out in conversations.


Bo thinks about going through the trees since the chopper can’t follow them but the chopper goes around. Annoyed Bo sees a dip and the road and jumps at the chopper, startling the men. They think the boys are crazy but they know they have to stop them. The chopper starts banging on the top of the General and Luke tries to call Rosco and Enos. Luke says they need to decoy the chopper and asks Bo to roll over the General to the left, gently. Bo asks what he means and Luke yells for him to roll the General Lee but not kill them. Bo does. Thinking the boys crashed, Garrett and Hudson land the chopper and go over to the General. They find the briefcase but are stunned when Bo and Luke get up and knock them both out, shaking hands in congratulations when they get the briefcase back. Enos and Rosco arrive and they call the town down to arrest the men and get them to the Boar’s Nest with the proof.

Balladeer: So Bo and Luke got ahold of the paperwork that exposed L.S. Pritcher’s real plan. Strip-mine coal in Hazzard. Boss, in shock from being taken by an even bigger liar than himself cancelled all the land sales. Besides, Pritchard’s first cut of the land was to be right through the Boar’s Nest. And that’s a historical landmark. And when the boys threatened to press charges for the first chopper accident, Boss cancelled the foreclosure on the Duke Farm, as well as paying for having the General repaired. And while Lisa Sue was headed for jail along with her flunkies, thinking about what might have been. Mainly Luke. The Dukes moved back into their farm, and thanks to them, things kinda settled down to a pleasant scream. Folks, that was some feast. You should’ve been there.

Boar’s nest

Luke shows Boss the paperwork while everyone looks in shock. Furious, Boss rips up all the sales and reluctantly agrees to pull back the foreclosures. Everyone celebrates.

Town of Hazzard

Enos arrests L.S. and her driver along with the other two.

Duke Farm

The Dukes and Cooter bring all their belonging’s back to the Farm. Jesse directs them saying they will unpack the kitchen first so he can cook a big celebratory meal.


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Hazzard County[]

Hatchape County[]

  • Hatchape Farm House


  • Boss Hogg forecloses on the Duke Farm again.
  • While talking about the farm and the farm house through the episode, the Dukes tell us a number of stories about the house
    • Bo expresses that he can't remember ever living anywhere but the farm house
    • Jesse says that five generations of Duke's lived in that house.
    • Daisy has never lived outside of Hazzard County
    • Jesse was born in the Farm House
    • Jesse names his wife as Lavinia, saying he brought her into that house and she died there.
      • This contradicts her earlier name of Martha in The Legacy
    • Jesse says Daisy was six when she came to live on the farm. He said she came running through the door with pig tails yelling 'Uncle Jesse' and Daisy says that when he gave her a hug his beard tickled so much
    • Jesse says Bo and Luke where little tykes when they came to live on the farm. They used to keep track of the boys height in one of the doorways
    • Luke says he busted his best Louisville Slugger taking a swipe at Bo near the wall and Bo reminds him that it wasn't the bat that broke the wall but Bo's head as he smacked it off the wall when he ducked out of the way.
    • Bo said when he and Luke played Little League and they didn't do good, Jesse would sit with them on the porch swing and tell them it didn't matter because they were his boys and he loved them.


  • A plot almost identical to this was used in the reboot movie The Dukes of Hazzard film. A major difference was in the reboot film, it was Boss Hogg actively wanting to turn Hazzard County into a coal mine.
    • It was also similar in some respects to The Dukes of Hazzard Reunion in the plot line of an outside source coming in to 'develop Hazzard' but secretly planning to destroy it. In addition the County Commissioner of Hazzard does not know the ulterior motive