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Farmer Perkins is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


By-Line, Daisy Duke[]

He attends the emergency town meeting at the Boar’s Nest to discuss the tractor thefts going on in Hazzard.

After hearing Bo and Luke are the tractor thieves, he spots the General Lee. He approaches Bo and Luke with a shot gun and tells them to hold it right where they are. When they surrender Luke says that he’s making a big mistake. He says it’s no mistake as he heard the Sheriff has a warrant out for their arrest with proof that they are the thieves. He asks them to get on over by his truck and he will use their CB to call the Sheriff.

As he attempts to call, Bo yells to him that his truck is rolling and to give them a hand. He sees Bo and Luke struggling with the truck and yells at them to stop it before it rolls down the hill. He leaves his gun on the General and runs over, helping Bo and Luke to stop his truck.  After Luke puts on the break he thanks them and Luke tells him to jump in and check the break. As he does, Bo and Luke run to the General. Bo tells him not to forget his gun, and Luke adds not to forget his keys. He tries to yell after them but the boys leave and he hits his hat off the truck.

He later learns Bo and Luke were innocent.