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The Female counterfeiter is a minor character who appeared in the Duke of Hazzard.


Repo Men[]

Joey Sagalo’s girlfriend and partner. After entering Hazzard, they buy a Rolls Royce from Ace Parker. At their hideout she tells Joey that he already has two cars and he shouldn’t have bought the Rolls too. She tells him that they should have stolen the car to keep in practice but he disagrees, saying his boss Abe wouldn’t have liked that. She tells him that the car will bring a lot of attention and he gets out from the car where he hugs her and tells her that is the point. He asks if she had ever seen a cop pull a Rolls over and she remarks she hasn’t while playing with his necklace. He tells her cops don't pull people over in those kinds of cars. She tells him that it gives her chills thinking about all the money he is going to make.

Later she is with Joey, Big John, and Manny when Big John alerts them to two farmers outside. A few moments later he announces that the farmers are stealing the Rolls and she runs to the door with the others. Seeing Bo and Luke run from the dog and leap over the fence, she goes with Big John and Joey into the woods to track them down. She stumbles on them and Luke trips her. Bo grabs her, covering her mouth and apologizing to her as Luke takes her gun. Bo asks her that if he lets go of her will she promise not to scream. She agrees but then bites Bo’s hand before screaming and hitting Luke with her purse. She tries to run but collides into Big John and is accidentally shoved to the ground.

Later she watches as they lock up the Rolls and install an alarm on the barn door.

While upstairs in the house she hears the barn alarm starts going off and she run downstairs. They run outside and she and Manny run, holding hands, to Manny’s car where she gets in the passenger seat. She rides in the car with Manny, stunned when Bo tears the car apart with mower teeth on the side of a tow truck and they are forced to stop.

The next day they arrive at Ace’s to get the car back, seeing the Dukes leaving. She is horrified to see the Rolls was crushed. Rosco notices the plate and tells them if they don’t’ get out of his county in the next few minutes he will be calling the FBI. They flee.