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Fielding, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


A Baby for the Dukes[]

They enter Hazzard County, chasing Mary Lou as they were ordered to do in order to recover her baby for their boss, Emerson P. Craig. As Baldwin falls behind Mary Lou, he tells Baldwin not to let the ‘female’ outdrive him and to nail her. When Baldwin says he will, he asks if Baldwin wants him to drive. However they are ran off the road and get stuck. The two get the car free and resume their chase of Mary Lou. When they see Jesse, Daisy, Bo, and Luke Duke he has Baldwin stop and asks if they saw an old beat up blue car go by. All four deny it and they keep driving.

They catch up to Mary Lou and force her off the road. Not seeing the baby in the car, he pulls her out and asks her what she did with the baby. She says it’s not his business as it’s her baby. He says it is their business and when Baldwin comes back from checking the car, he asks who Mary Lou left the baby with and saying she better tell them. A pickup pulls up and the driver asks if they need help. He tells the driver ‘oh, no thanks fiend, we’re doing just fine.’ As the driver leaves, Baldwin asks what if the man remembers seeing them later, and Fielding says he is just a dumb farmer. They notice Mary Lou take off and when Baldwin wants to chase her, he stops him saying it’s not the girl they want the baby and they need to go the way Mary Lou came from. He says for them to check out the orange car.

As Baldwin drives, he calls Mr. Craig. Craig tells him he doesn’t care what they do or how they get Jamie, but he wants the baby. Craig says he will be there in two hours and he says they will see them later.

While looking for the orange car, they spot it on the road driving by them. He tells Baldwin to pull them over, which Baldwin agrees before doing so. After they all stop, Bo and Luke get out, asking they can help them. He asks them to excuse them, saying they are on urgent business and are private investigators. When Bo and Baldwin square off to fight, he quickly de-escalates the confrontation, telling the Dukes that they are just looking for a baby that was dropped off somewhere, before pulling out a gun and pointing it at Bo. He tells him that they aren’t playing games and to start talking. Luke starts to talk before knocking aside his gun and hitting him hard enough that he falls over the hood of his car. Luke grabs him but Baldwin fires a gun in the air, stopping Luke. However Bo suddenly attacks him, knocking him down for a moment and the boys flee. He gets in the car and they chase after them. They are unable to follow the boys as they jump across a riverbed.

Craig meets with Fielding and Baldwin, ordering them to put the Dukes under surveillance. The two confirm the orders and rush to get in the car to obey, colliding into each other as they do.

He waits by the car as Baldwin listens in the phone lines, learning that the Dukes have the baby and are going to meet up with Mary Lou and take her to him. He decides to go get Mr. Craig first.

They go to Boss Hogg’s office, finding Craig with Boss and Jesse Duke. He excuses the interruption before telling Craig they need to talk to him. The three leave.

They head to Jensen’s Hollow with Craig and when they get five miles off, he informs Craig. Craig says they will need to stake out the place. A few moments later, they hear sirens. He looks back to see Rosco and Enos behind them and comments ‘it’s those keystone cops again’. Craig has them stop and pick up Rosco to accompany them.

They spot the Dukes arrive and listen to them tell Mary Lou that Boss is helping them and they are going to take her to Jamie. When the Dukes leave, he shoves Rosco back into their car and they follow after the General. When Craig says for them to be careful, Baldwin says the hicks are too stupid to know they are being followed. Rosco protests this and he tells him that they haven’t done anything to prove them differently before calling Rosco a ‘numb head’. They are all horrified when Rosco starts firing his pistol out the back window, alerting the Dukes to their presence. They stop long enough to leave Rosco on the side of the road before resuming the chase. Craig says he wants the Dukes to force them to go to the baby and he reaches out the window with a gun. Craig says to be sure he only hits a tire. He shoots and misses but an unexpected water truck runs them off the road. They lose the General.

Craig, Fielding, and Baldwin check all the buildings along the road to see if they can find Daisy and Jamie.

As they continue, they notice a sign for the Hazzard Sawmill. Fielding sees fresh tire tracks and Craig agrees to check it out. They drive toward the sawmill before parking and walking the rest of the way. Craig yells at him about his cigar and he tosses it on the ground.

The three go into the sawmill and not seeing anything, they assume Daisy slipped out the back and attempt to follow her. They are shocked to see a massive fire consuming the area. Baldwin points out Daisy, and they chase her further into the fire.

They find they’re way blocked by fire and Craig suggests they make a path. They use their coats to try and put out some of the flames, but it’s too much.