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The Finchburg Sheriff is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard. He is a Sheriff from a county just across the state line.


Baa, Baa White Sheep[]

While in his office, a black convertible pulls up outside and the driver, in a black suit, hits a fire hydrant. He runs outside as the car drives away. He sees the license number and picks up the drivers license, belonging to Abraham Lincoln Hogg.

Later he is surprised when Abraham Lincoln Hogg arrives, pulling a gun on him. He remarks that he sees the man surveying his handiwork and announces that Abraham is under arrest. Abraham explains he came to make a donation. He tells Abraham that he is now adding bribery to his charges and tells him to get moving. Abraham says ‘after you Sir’ but he says no, Abraham first which he agrees and goes into the police department.

After arresting Abraham, he gets a call from Boss Hogg to tell him Luke Duke is going to cross into his town, violating his probation. He waits by the state line and when Luke and Daisy pass him, he chases after them. He pulls out a bullhorn and yells for them to pull over. He asks them to stop so they won’t get hurt as there is a road block ahead, having used Abraham’s car for this purpose. Luke goes around it and he tries as well but he hits a tree and his car gets stuck.

He gets free as Luke and Daisy come back through. He chases after them before calling the State Troopers to help set up a road block at the state line. At the line he hits a dip in the road and flips his car. The State Trooper apologizes for not being able to help because he has orders to catch them, and leaves the Sheriff on the side of the road.

Later he clears Abraham, Luke, and Daisy and arrests Boss and Rosco for the damages they caused.