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Find Loretta

"Find Loretta Lynn" is the eighteenth episode of the second season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.

When Loretta Lynn detours through Hazzard County, she is stopped by Boss Hogg's celebrity speed trap. Later, at the Boar's Nest, Loretta is kidnapped by Squirt (Henry Gibson), Bubba (Dennis Burkley), and Cindy (Rebecca Reynolds), the three members of an aspiring country music band who believe that Loretta is their key to success. They demand a ransom of $1,136.15 because they simply want to recoup the money that was cheated out of them by a fraudulent record label.

Balladeer: Most everybody goes to work the same way every day but in Hazzard county just getting to work is an adventure. Now about the last thing Loretta Lynn has planned is a stop in Hazzard County. But then she ain’t ever heard of Boss Hogg, who can mess up anybody’s plans.

Bo is driving Daisy and Luke to the Boar’s Nest and Daisy says she’s late, reminding the boys that Loretta Lynn is supposed to be driving by the Boar’s Nest. Daisy says everyone is excited and Bo and Luke say that there isn’t any way as she’s supposed to be at the state farm. Another car comes out and bumps the General, knocking them into the puddle.

Boars Nest

Boss has a large event sent up and is selling tickets. He calls Rosco to see if he’s ready. Rosco and Enos both radio in and Enos informs them that Loretta just passed him. Boss tells Rosco to put up the detour sign, which he does. Loretta’s bus driver takes the detour, as do the people following her. Bo, Luke, and Daisy arrive at the Boar’s Nest as does Enos and Rosco. The Dukes tease Boss when he puts on a Loretta wig, Luke saying he still doesn’t have a date for the church picnic. Boss is angry and they confront him about getting everyone's hopes up. Everyone is stunned when Loretta’s bus actually stops.

The driver asks them if they have a garage. Cooter offers to look at the oil and Boss asks the driver if he’ll see if Loretta will come outside. Loretta and Leona do. Everyone goes in the Boar’s Nest but Cooter and Bo, who are working on the bus, and Daisy and Luke who are watching. Daisy sees the car come up that hit them and goes to confront them, Luke following. Daisy yells at the group and Luke steps in to help her. Enos calls Daisy into the Boar’s Nest and she goes. Luke ends up getting challenged to a fight with Bubba and is knocked down.

Cooter and Bo find Luke and Bo asked what happened. Inside the Boar’s Nest they take pictures and hand them out. Bo tells Loretta that her bus is fixed. Luke goes to the bar with Daisy following him to check on his black eye as Cooter asks Loretta for a picture instead of money for fixing the bus. Bubba goes into the bathroom and knocks out the bus driver. Bubba and Squirt get on Loretta’s bus as everyone says goodbye to Loretta Lynn. As Cindy leaves, Rosco vents about how her car that was parked in a loading zone. On the bus, Loretta and Leona learn they have been kidnapped. At the Boar’s Nest everyone talks about what just happened only to learn that Loretta has been kidnapped. Bo and Luke head outside to find that the air is out of their tires and decide to take Daisy’s car. Rosco and Enos chase after them but their cars are destroyed thanks to Squirts chain. Boss says Bo and Luke are in on it and to find and arrest them.


Luke spots the bus and Bo tries to cut them off by cutting through a farm. They see a haystack and Luke says to go around but Bo says there’s no time, however there’s a truck on the other side, causing them to wreck the car. Loretta goes into the bedroom and starts dropping pictures out the back to lead a trail. The group arrives at the Hazzard Stockyard and hide in the barn.

Duke farm

Daisy is yelling at Bo for the condition of her car and Bo makes a point to show he’s ignoring her. Daisy goes to get Jesseto back her up, who is putting stuff on Luke’s eye, but he says that the boys have their own problems since everyone thinks they are in on the kidnapping. Luke asks what is in the mix and he leaves with Bo, refusing to keep the stuff on his eyes.

Police Department

Boss and Rosco talk about where the boys could have taken Loretta. Enos comes in, having ran the plates on the car that was in the loading zone as Rosco had told him, and finds the car belongs to Squirt. Enos says he saw that man talk to Luke and Boss says that supports their arguments. Enos says he doesn’t think the boys would go after Loretta. Boss sends Enos and Rosco to find the boys. Meanwhile Bo and Luke are checking the roads for anything.


Bubba and Cindy try to make Loretta and Leona more comfortable while Squirt makes a call for the ransom.

Police Department

Boss starts to wonder if they will get a reward over this. Enos is bothered by it and Rosco is amused. Squirt goes to a gas station and calls the police department. Rosco answers and he tells him that they have Loretta. Squirt tells Rosco to call Platter Records in Nashville and have them put $1,136.15 in a sack in small bills at a mailbox at the junction of  route 6 and Swift Creek route. While on the phone he is spotted by Bo and Luke who chase after him. However a tire goes and the General flips. Luke gets out and helps Bo out of the car. Cooter goes to get them and the General.

Boar’s Nest

Rosco tells Boss about the ransom and Boss says he will pay it. Rosco says they won't take any money except from that record company. Enos asks what now and Boss says to find the boys. Boss says when they find the boys they will follow them until the boys lead them to Loretta. Rosco argues for him and Enos to get part of the possible reward.


Loretta and Leona listen to Squirt, Bubba, and Cindy sing. Meanwhile Bo and Luke get back on the road. Loretta tricks the three into getting in an argument and while Bubba and Squirt throw Loretta’s make up on each other, Leona escapes. She runs into Bo and Luke.

Boar’s Nest

Boss tells Enos and Rosco that the boys can’t have just vanished into thin air. Rosco asks what do they do and Boss says they are going to watch the Duke Farm as they boys have to go home at some point.

Duke Farm

Rosco and Enos hide out in a tree on the Duke Farm. The Dukes talk to Leona, concluding that the kidnappers need to be by the Smokehouse. Enos falls out of the tree, alerting the Dukes to them and Luke decides to have Daisy distract them by pretending to be Loretta. Rosco radios into Boss to tell him that he sees Leona but Boss says not to move until they find Loretta. Jesse and Daisy, dressed like Loretta, leave the farm and Rosco and Enos try to follow but Rosco gets stuck in the tree.


Bubba, Squirt, and Cindy get groceries as they prepare to move. Bo and Luke continue to look on the road to the smokehouse when they find one of Loretta’s pictures. They drive up the road to find another and Luke realizes they are going to the Stockyard. Bo calls Rosco on the C.B. and he tells Rosco that they are headed to the Stockyard and he’s chasing Daisy. Rosco refuses to believe him and Bo says he gives up. Jesse and Daisy stop and show Rosco that it really is Daisy. Rosco and Enos head to the Stockyard.

Bo and Luke arrive at the Stockyard and are spotted by Squirt. Squirt tries to jump on them but misses and ends up in a water trough. Bo and Luke rush the barn but Bubba drives through the door, startling them. They nearly get hit by a car and run to the General to chase after them. As the boys chase, Rosco and Enos call them and say that no one is at the Stockyard. They go after the boys and when Enos asks why, Rosco says it's because they got nothing else to do.


Rosco joins the boys and tells them to surrender. Luke says they are trying to help save Loretta. Enos is spun out and Rosco stops. Luke shoots out Cindy’s tire and they chase down the bus. Luke tells Bo not to cut it off but get close so Luke can attach the General. Bo and Luke climb onto the bus and get in. They capture Bubba and Squirt and save Loretta.

Balladder: Remember me sayin’ a while back that we like happy endings? Well ol’ Bo and Luke got a big smack of appreciation from Ms. Loretta. And they ain’t gonna be forgetting’ that none too soon. And after a real tongue lashing’ by the state police our little villains were set free as the wind. Ms. Loretta refused to press charges. And she’s gonna see if she can give them a hand in making that record. Y’all be listening for it. Rosco and Enos got enough pictures for all their cousins. And Boss made a few bucks. He sold clean out of Loretta Lynn wigs. Well, uh, all excepting one. You know there’s an old country saying that the best gift is what a person gives of themselves. Well watch this girl is a fixing to do.

Boar’s Nest

At the Boar’s Nest, Enos and Rosco take a picture of everyone celebrating together. Loretta decides to sing a song as a thank you for everything they have done for her. Boss, Enos, Daisy, Bo, Cooter, Jesse, and Luke all sing ‘Y’all Come’ with her.

Main Cast[]

Guest Stars[]

  • Loretta Lynn as herself
  • Henry Gibson as Squirt
  • Dennis Burkley as Bubba
  • Rebecca Reynolds as Cindy
  • Janet Meshad as Leona
  • Hap Lawrence as The Driver


  • Stan Rodarte as Townsperson


  • Loretta Lynn had previously assisted the Dukes in Daisy's Song when Jessi Colter's manager asked her to make a rehearsal tape to try and catch a group of record pirates. It is unknown if she was ever told who she was helping.


  • Daisy's car is the yellow Plymouth in this episode, indicating this episode was filmed earlier in the season.