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Flint is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Follow That Still[]

They go to see Boss Hogg about buying contraband cigarettes, paying one thousand dollars for them. He tells Boss they will pick up the cigarettes out of the ‘warehouse’ tomorrow night. Boss says to do it after midnight so nothing can go wrong. His partner Miller threatens Boss if something does go wrong, and they leave.

After the APC vanishes, he and Miller go to confront Boss. While his partner talks to Boss, Boss says that the cigarettes are on their way and he asks that if that is the case then Boss won’t mind if they all wait inside for them.

In the Boar’s Nest, the play pool while watching Boss. They are thrown when the APC crashes through a wall and are arrested by Enos and Rosco before being released to Agent Buchanon.