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Floyd is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Mrs. Daisy Hogg[]

He and Jamie Lee are entering Hazzard when he nearly runs Bo and Luke Duke off the road. He hits a tree to avoid them and the cousins approach as he gets out of the car. Bo asks where he learned to drive, suggesting correspondence school. Angry, he yells at Bo asking what the big idea is not yielding, calling him a country hick and that he hit the intersection first. Luke says they had the right of way and he was supposed to come to a complete stop, to which he says ‘horse taters’.  When they talk to Jamie Lee, he says Bo was the one hogging the road. He says they are going to pay the damages and the boys disagree. Luke says he caused it and he he says Luke is lying through his teeth, calling him ‘boy’. Angry Bo asks how he’d like to lose his. Rosco arrives asking what is going on an he explains that he hit the intersection first and they didn’t yield at the rite-of-way and that he would call it reckless driving. Bo says he’s just lying through his teeth and he says Bo is asking for it. Bo tells him to give it to him and Jamie Lee grabs his arm to stop him. After learning that Jamie Lee is Boss’ nephew, Rosco decides to arrest Bo and Luke. He watches them leave saying ‘see you later’ and Bo yells at him as he’s taken away.

After they drive to town and he remains in the car while Jamie Lee goes to handle his business. He is taken by Cooter Davenport to the garage and waits for the vehicle to get fixed.

After the car is repaired, he sees Jamie Lee talking to Daisy. He drives up, saying the car is all fixed and there is a call coming in for him. When Jamie Lee excuses himself and comes over, he hands over the phone saying it’s the boss from Savannah. He gets out his gun to check it. Jamie Lee takes it and talks to his partner. After he hands the phone back saying to put the gun away and ‘about that accident, we’re cooling it’. Daisy and Jamie Lee get in the car and he is told to drive to the Boar's Nest.

As he drives the boys come up behind him in the General. Annoyed he runs them off the road. Daisy yells for him to be careful and they are her cousins. He says they hit him. He stops and puts the car in reverse, backing up to see Bo and Luke. He gets out of the car with Jamie Lee and Daisy. Daisy explains that they dropped the charges while he smiles. When Luke asks what all that just way, he says he’s sorry about that but they surprised him. Rosco arrives and Jamie Lee dismisses him. They say goodbye to the boys and leave.

Later they go to the grits mill to start setting up their counterfeit operation.

While working at the mill, Roy Landry visits. He helps pack the fake money into the boxes before Jamie Lee fills them with grits. When they hear Daisy’s voice, he tells Roy that it’s ‘Hogg’s sweetie pie’ before quickly helping to hide the money. He sees Daisy come in as Jamie left his wallet in the jeep. He pretends to be doing some paperwork while they talk. Daisy finds money on the floor and Jamie takes it from her. She tells him bye and he remarks ‘bye Ms. Daisy’. With Daisy gone, Roy says Daisy saw the hot bills. He remarks there is no telling what else Daisy has seen or heard. He watches Landry tell Jamie to kill Daisy and Jamie proposes instead he will marry Daisy, then she can’t be forced to testify against him. He laughs, amused.

He helps one of their employees load grits on the truck. They go back in the mill to see Bo and Luke looking around. He signals to be quiet as he picks up a board to hit them. Bo notices him and when he yells to Luke, he misses.  Luke punches him and knocks him into a wall. He hits Luke again and they start fighting until Roy and Jamie Lee run in. When Roy gets the boys attention, he grabs Luke to capture him. When Jamie Lee asks what are they doing there he says ‘I caught ‘em snooping around, that’s what’. Roy tosses him some rope, telling them to tie and gag the two and get ready to move out. As they do, Roy says they are taking Daisy and Luke tries to attack him, forcing him to restrain Luke again. He tells Luke to shut up, addressing him as cowboy.

Outside they watch the last of the grits being loaded. He sees Daisy arrive. He watches Roy force Daisy and Jamie Lee in the car, knocking Roy out. He drives them away. As he drives he nearly hits the Sheriff but avoids them. They hear gun shots and realize someone has caught up. Roy says to open her up which he says he’s got it. Daisy tells him to stop the car as she’s getting out and he tells her to forget it. He is startled when the back tire is suddenly shot out by Bo and Luke and is forced to focus on the road. As he stops Daisy shows she has the gun and forces them to stay. They are arrested by Rosco and Cletus.