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Floyd Barker is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


Officer Daisy Duke[]

Wanted for armed robbery with a ten thousand dollar reward on him and Molly.

They stop in Hazzard and he makes a phone call. He returns to the car with Molly, saying everything is fine. As they are leaving they hear a siren. He warns Molly it will be 20 years if they are caught as he gets out a gun as he tells Molly to floor it. He starts shooting at Sheriff Grady Byrd as they go. He needs to reload and tells Molly to hold the car steady. However Grady starts ramming into them. Grady runs them into a ditch and they are arrested.

He is put in a cell and Grady comments ‘enjoy yourself’. While in jail he comforts Molly as they plan an escape.

He takes a wire and tries to get the keys to the cell but Molly says someone is coming. He jumps back as Enos comes down, asking if they are alright. He says they are and Enos takes the keys and leaves. He tells her that didn’t work but they will find some way out.

While Daisy is cleaning the floor, Enos comes down and he calls Enos over asking about his right to make a phone call and saying he wants to make it now. Enos agrees and unlocks his cell. He calls Harry and tells him he knew he would hear about the arrest and he needs him to find a plane and meet them to pick them up at Morgan’s Airfield. After Harry agrees he tells him to stay by the phone and he’ll call when they escape the next day. After hanging up, Enos takes him back to the cell.

The next morning Daisy brings them breakfast and asks about Molly. He tells Daisy that Molly had been moaning since early that morning and when Daisy offers to get a doctor he suggests Daisy look at her as she might be able to help if it’s a female related issue. Daisy agrees and he thanks her. He watches Daisy check on Molly and Molly knock Daisy out before freeing him. They run outside and take Daisy’s patrol car but are spotted by Enos. They escape.

As he drives he notices the General Lee, with Bo and Luke, fall in behind him. He tells Molly to check it out and when she asks who they are he admits he doesn’t know but he’s not about to find out. He speeds off and tells Molly to hang on but the boys follow. After the boys crash he agrees it looks like they lost whoever it was but they need to get rid of the neon sign they are driving.

He and Molly trick a driver into pulling over and he tells the driver to get out of the car. After he calls Harry to tell him they are ready.

They find the road comes to an end and they get out to walk the rest of the way to the Airfield. They find Daisy and make her drop the gun. Daisy tells him that her people have him surrounded and he comments to ‘listen to this little girl lie’. They admit they saw Enos fall and Daisy says they have more coming. He decides that if that is the case then Daisy is going to come as a hostage. He goes to Enos and tells him that they are taking Daisy and if Enos has any friends to tell them to back off. They take Daisy and arrive at Morgan’s airfield, seeing Harry’s plane. They get into Harry’s plane and he tells him to get them out. When dynamite arrows start being shot at them he yells for Harry to pull up but Daisy drives the plane into the ground. Bo pulls him out of the plane and he is arrested by Daisy.