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Floyd Calloway, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Floyd Calloway and Boss Hogg worked together twenty years ago. When the feds got too close, Boss sold Floyd out to save himself. Floyd hires Lorna Mallory and her husband Matt to kill Boss.


Ding, Dong, The Boss Is Dead[]

While at home reading the paper, he’s informed he has a phone call. Taking the phone he hears from Lorna Mallory, asking where is she. She tells him she’s at a payphone in Hazzard because she didn’t want to go through the hotel switchboard. He tells her that was good thinking before asking if she settled the unfinished business for him. She tells him not yet as there was a hitch and he says he isn’t paying them for hitches and he’s been waiting twenty years to pay back that ‘fat water buffalo’ and when this is done he’s clearing out of the country for good. She assures him they will handle it.

He receives a call from Matt, informing him that Boss Hogg is dead. Matt tells him that according to the Hazzard Gazette it was real sudden and he was gone in seconds. Annoyed, he says that the fat water buffalo has more lives than a black cat and Matt and Lorna need to get him more proof than just a newspaper headline. Matt says the wake is the next day at the Boar’s Nest.

He arrives at the Boar’s Nest after the wake and passes Lorna and Matt before going to Daisy and Enos. He tells Daisy he would like to take a last look at the body of his ‘oldest and dearest friend’. Daisy says that he’s a little late and they are halfway to the cemetery. He tells her he will just have to catch up with them and thanks her before going outside. Lorna tells him he didn’t have to come out there. He tells her to just say that he wanted the satisfaction of seeing the double-crossing water buffalo go belly up with his own eyes. Matt tells him how to get to the cemetery, saying he and Lorna will follow.

They drive up the road, going around a pickup and a police car before cutting off the hearse. When Cooter, Coy, and Vance come out he apologizes for cutting them off, saying this is important to him. He tells them to open the back and Cooter asks doesn’t he have any respect. He says he didn’t have any respect for Boss and has his driver pull a gun on them. When they open the casket he sees Boss and laughs before waving food in Boss’ face He dumps peanuts on Boss’ face before saying he now believes Boss is dead since he didn’t react to food. He tells them to convey his condolences to the widow before leaving.

He is arrested by Rosco after Lorna and Matt say he hired them.