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Floyd Jones is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Law and Jesse Duke[]

He and his brother are making coffee at their camp when Boss Hogg pulls up. He stands up and shakes Boss’ hand, greeting him. When Boss asks where his ‘specials sister’ is, he points to the RV just as she comes out. Boss informs then that all the law men in Hazzard went on strike. He tells Boss that all they have is the small pick up and Boss says to make two trips as no one would stop them. They all laugh as Boss says that if they did get caught, the Duke boys will be the ones blamed. He is confused as Boss leaves and Alabama sends him to gas up the truck.

They go into town and rob a radio store, packing up their truck and leaving. After a few minutes they notice an orange car following them. Boss calls them over the CB and tells them how he wants them to grab the boys and frame them, to which they laugh in amusement. They pull off the road and he gets out of the truck. When Bo and Luke are forced to stop, he approaches them with his gun drawn telling them to get out of the car. Luke gets out, kicking his wrist and knocking him into Simon. As they go down, Bo runs over to help and Luke pulls him up, hitting him. Luke overpowers him, knocking him over a log. He gets up to see Alabama stopped Bo and Luke. He goes to get rope to tie the boys up.

They take Bo and Luke with them to the J.D. Hogg Warehouse and Storage building and tie them to a pole before unloading the truck. After they go and rob the Photo Shop. They arrive back at the warehouse and he gets out of the truck, seeing Alabama standing outside with the boys. He remarks they got the stuff before asking if there was trouble. Alabama says no and they all go back inside. He looks to Simon, who just shrugs. They unload the goods.

After Simon plants some evidence in the boys car and whistles, he forces Bo and Luke outside at gun point. He tells them to load some tv’s in the RV and get back inside for the rest. He watches amused as Alabama takes pictures of the boys when Luke suddenly bolts, ramming the tv he had been holding into Floyd. They get up as the boys drive away in the General and get in the pick up to chase. After a few moments he tells Alabama that is enough and they stop chasing the boys. He asks Alabama now what an she says they are giving the pictures to Boss and the Dukes are now his problem.

After returning to the warehouse, they load up all the stolen goods. As they finish up, they see the Duke Boys returning with the Sheriff behind them. He goes to Alabama, who was getting int the truck to inform her. Alabama calls Boss and he tells them to get out of there. She says for them to move it and he gets in the back of the RV. As they drive, he tells Alabama that the Dukes are gaining on them. Alabama says to shoot them. He leans out a side window to shoot at the boys. When the General backs off, they go back to Alabama, telling her they scared the Dukes off. A moment later Alabama says the boys are coming back again and he leaves to shoot a second time. While shooting at Bo, they hear something land on the roof and continue to shoot. After Floyd loses his gun, Alabama says he still has a gun and to use it. He attempts to shoot at Luke, but Luke kicks the gun away from him. Alabama is forced to pull over and he gets out to see Luke on his brother. He attacks Luke, trying to pull him off but it pulled off by Bo. Bo knocks him down and he is arrested by Jesse Duke.