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"Follow That Still" is the fifteenth episode of the second season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


Boss Hogg buys an old tank to use in his J. D. Hogg War Memorial in front of the Boars Nest. Things get out of hand when the Dukes try to help old family friend Hard Luck Jones kick the habit of running moonshine, and Hard Luck swipes the tank to use as a rolling still. When Bo and Luke try to help Hard Luck, and the tank gets stuck on Duke property, it turns into a race to get rid of the tank before Boss Hogg and local ATF agent Buchanon find them. As it turns out, Boss is using the tank as a storage place for contraband cigarettes.


Balladeer: In Hazzard County, hunting season allows 3 weeks for deer, 2 for quail, and it’s open season all year on Duke’s and Moonshiners. And Agent Buchanon of the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms agency can smell still smoke or a Duke from a mile away. That’s Buchanon. Those are Dukes, they didn’t bring bows with dynamite arrows to blow up another outhouse.

Hard Luck is checking over his still as Buchanon and his partner arrive. Buchanon moves in to arrest Hard Luck but before he can, Bo and Luke arrive and blow up the still, removing the evidence.

Duke Farm

Daisy finishes setting the table as the Dukes and Hard Luck sit down to dinner. The Dukes talk to Hard Luck about how he needs to stop moonshining and Bo reaches for the food but Jesse stops him to say grace. Jesse adds a condition for Hard Luck to promise not to make any more whiskey, which Hard Luck agrees.

Boar’s Nest

Boss and Rosco set up a war memorial in front of the Boar’s Nest, bumping both the Boar’s Nest and Boss’ car. Boss says the Armored Personnel Carrier, or APC, will be the main feature of the memorial. Rosco asks why Boss got it from the National Guard and Boss shows him the hidden cigarettes which he is going to be selling and let the buyers go in at night and pick up the cigarettes. Bo, Luke, and Hard Luck arrive at the Boar’s Nest. Luke confronts Boss about the war memorial, as the sign says for ‘J.D. Hogg and less important veterans’ and Luke asks what war Boss fought in. Bo asks Luke about it and Luke says that vehicle will haul 15 marines and a ton of ammo for five hours on one tank, interesting Hard Luck.

In his office, Boss organizes the sale of the cigarettes in the APC. However that night Hard Luck sneaks in and steals the APC.

In the morning, Boss, Rosco, and Buchanon find that the APC has been stolen and the agent says this is now his jurisdiction, upsetting Rosco and Boss. Boss tells Rosco to find the APC carrier before the agent dies. Boss suspects Luke Duke was the one to steal it as he was interested in it and is the only person with any real experience with them.

Duke Farm

Bo and Luke leave to help Hard Luck on his farm while Rosco watches. Jesse tells the boys to bring Hard Luck back to the farm for supper and Rosco follows them.

Hard Luck’s Farm

The Boys arrive to find Hard Luck hasn’t been working on his land and Luke sees the tracks. Luke suspects Hard Luck stole the APC and they head out to find him. The boys locate the APC where Hard Luck was making whiskey in it. When Rosco pulls up, the boys realize they can’t be caught with it and Luke drives it with Bo inside. Rosco chases them and Bo warns Luke that Rosco has caught up. Luke tells Bo to hang on and takes the APC where Rosco can’t follow, causing him to wreck. They drive until a pin in the track works itself loose and gets bent while they were on the Duke Farm property causing the vehicle to be stuck. They hide the vehicle and head to see L.B.

Boar’s Nest

Rosco is helping Boss take a bath in his office while Boss lectures him. Rosco leaves to stake the farm to see when the boys will turn up.

Hard Luck’s Farm

Bo and Luke return to find the General is gone and the barn is shut. They find Hard Luck had saved the General for them. Bo and Luke confront Hard Luck about what happened and they leave to get the pin fixed. Hard Luck heads out to find the APC.

Duke Farm

Hard Luck finds the APC and starts running shine. Jesse finds strange tracks on his land and follows it to the APC where he finds Hard Luck making moonshine. Furious he stops him and lectures Hard Luck.

Town of Hazzard

Enos and Rosco hide in town, looking for Bo and Luke who set a trap with Daisy in the General. They chase after Daisy while Bo and Luke go to the garage to get help from L.B. L.B. finishes the part and lets them borrow his truck. Daisy continues leading them on the chase and Enos and Rosco bump into each other and see Daisy. They head back towards town and set up a roadblock. Bo and Luke pull up and are stopped, Enos coming up behind them to block them in. Luke waits until Enos is clear of the car before ramming into it and destroying the radiator. He goes around Rosco’s car, causing Rosco to dive into a puddle. Luke has Bo jump out as they cross a bridge and Bo hides in the water until Rosco passes, still chasing Luke. Bo runs back to the Farm to fix the track with the pin. Luke encounters Buchanon and Rosco is forced into a pond.

Bo gets to the APC and starts fixing it while Luke, Daisy, and L.B. work on a plan.

Boar’s Nest

Rosco goes to see Boss, who is eating raw liver. Boss asks why he came over and Rosco says he doesn’t want Buchanon to know any more than he needs to know. Boss realizes that he is in trouble if he doesn’t get his cigarettes back. As Rosco goes to leave, Jesse and Hard Luck arrive and Hard Luck tries to confess. Rosco promises not to arrest him if he tells Rosco where the APC is but Enos calls in about seeing tracks headed to Benson’s Crossing. Rosco and Buchanon head out.

Duke Farm

Bo continues to replace the pin.


Enos finds that the tracks go in three directions and Buchanon and Rosco meet up with him. They each decide to follow a different set. Rosco finds L.B., Buchanon finds Luke, and Enos finds Daisy. Boss listens to the C.B. and tells them all that if all three were decoys than the Dukes are north on the Duke Farm. The officers all move toward Bo as Boss packs to hide.

Duke Farm

Daisy calls Bo and warns him that everyone is coming down on him. L.B. tells Bo he’s going to pick up Daisy and Luke and bring them to Bo at Twin Forks Junction. Bo sets up to drive away when Jesse and Hard Luck arrive. The three leave.


Bo drives down the road as L.B. picks up Daisy and Luke. Enos comes after them so Bo can’t stop. Jesse opens the back of the APC and Luke jumps over. Daisy then jumps and Luke and Hard Luck catch her. Luke decides to toss out the still. Enos gets around L.B. and Luke and Bo change places. A number of shells fall out and Jesse finds them, realizing the shells are live. Luke decides to have Daisy use the gun on the APC and has Bo crawl out and unspike the barrel. Bo gets the spike out and Luke shows Daisy how to use the gun. Daisy hits a tree, causing it to fall in front of Enos and stop him.

Boar’s Nest

Boss prepares to flee, but Miller and Flint arrive.


Rosco tries to set up a road block at Seminole Hill. Luke tells the others that the breaks are nearly gone in the APC and they can’t stop or go around so they need to go over. Rosco is startled when his car is destroyed, saying that was mean. As Bo gets ready to ditch the still he notices Buchanon. Bo says they can’t ditch it now and Luke says to attach the last shell to the sill. Bo does before he tosses it out and the still blows. After Bo sees Buchanon is still following them and he finds the cigarettes. Bo realizes they must be stolen and starts tossing them out. Luke announces that the breaks are gone and for everyone to bail out.

Boar's Nest

All five jump out and the tank hits the Boar’s nest, breaking into Boss’ office. Enos, Rosco, and Buchanon arrive and Miller and Flint are arrested. Buchanon, Luke, and Bo help Boss up.

Balladeer: Boss denied knowing about them stolen cigarettes, and it was a good day for Agent Buchanon. All that contraband plus he caught himself Flint and Miller, he’d been chasing them for a long time. Jesse took hero Hogg’s sharpshooting medal and pinned it on Daisy. And Agent Buchanon, tired of running after Hard Luck got him a job at legal distillery. Of course it wasn’t much fun but everybody’s gotta grow up sometime. Even in Hazzard County.


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Hazzard County


  • Boss and Luke are both mentioned to be war veterans in this episode
    • Luke previously talked about being in the marines. He elaborates a little more on this talking about the APC and showing knowledge in how to operate it
    • Boss was mentioned in One Armed Bandit's to have been in the military stating that he has earned 'three medals in two wars'.
  • Hard Luck and Jesse are long time friends
    • Jesse made the whiskey for Hard Luck's wedding and Hard Luck made the whiskey for Jesse's wedding and the wake for Jesse's wife. He also attended all of Bo, Luke, and Daisy's birthday parties and christenings.
  • Buchanon brings up Rosco's former time as an honest Sheriff, saying he was once the best Sheriff in the state
  • The Balladeer remarks about Bo and Luke blowing up the outhouse in Swamp Molly