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Francee is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Arrest Jesse Duke[]

While riding shot gun in the truck wither her sister they see the General Lee drive by. The car does a 180 and comes up behind them before Bo Duke calls over the C.B. asking if they can hear him. She tells him he’s ‘coming in loud and proud country boy’ and Bo asks if they want to stop for a picnic. She tells him they can’t right now, calling him wolfman, but adds they will be free for lunch. When Bo introduces himself and Luke, he asks who they are and she tells them Francee and Floralee.

After unloading, she calls Bo and Luke and when Luke answers she says they are at Nidecker’s Egg Farm and they are ready. Luke says that makes four and they are on their way.

She sits next to Bo in the car when the Sheriff comes after them. Luke comments ‘oh lord it’s the law’ and Bo says they only have a little bit of time and he’ll be danged if they spend it fooling around with the sheriff. After they lose Hughie, Bo pulls over and helps her out. She asks if he’s sure it’s a good place to have lunch and Luke tells her all the truckers eat there. She walks away with Bo.

She and Bo make out until they hear that Jesse Duke was arrested. Bo and Luke suddenly start packing up, surprising her. She asks where are they going. The boys explain their Uncle has been arrested and they rush the girls back to the General only to find it’s been stripped.

Later after everything settles, her and her sister go to the Town of Hazzard to pick up Bo and Luke. Bo gets in the truck and sits next to her, both intending to pick up where they left off.