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Francis Lee Olmstead or "Frankie" is a minor character in the Dukes of Hazzard.


Frankie is the best friend and mechanic of Amy Creavy. She replaced Amy's mechanic Turk after he sabotaged other cars to give Amy an edge.


Luke's Love Story[]

Frankie and Amy come to the Boar's Nest to hear who the racers will be in the Annual Hazzard Obstacle Derby. She watches Cooter Davenport crash in on a motorcycle, laughing in amusement when he falls off. When the citizens of Hazzard question who the finale racer Crevy is, she smiles as Amy introduces herself. Bo makes a comment about Amy propabily having a lady mechanic as a joke, and Frankie steps forward snapping ‘I can strip your lug nuts junior’. Surprised, Bo offers her his hand and she shakes it with a smirk. Amy introduces her to everyone and Bo comments ‘wonderful’. Annoyed, Frankie asks him what is the matter and asks if Bo doesn’t like lady mechanics. Bo tells her that isn’t it but he thinks it ranks ‘right up their with men having babies’. When everyone laughs at the boys comments, Daisy moves up telling her cousins that they are in trouble as she saw Amy and Frankie in a racing magazine and they are pro’s. Daisy gives them a drink on the house.

The three women toast to the first woman entering the Hazzard Derby. When Luke approaches again to talk to Amy, Frankie just smiles at Bo, who gives her a pained smile back. She is upset to see Turk Foley approach Amy however. When Luke and Turk start fighting she cheers Luke on. After the fight is broken up and Luke comes back, she tells him he was great. When Amy explains who Turk was, Frankie tells them that he was barred by the Racing Association. After Luke and Amy leave to dance, Bo leans on the bar looking at her and she asks if he wants to talk about crankshafts. Bo drops his head, laughing. Later she is invited by Daisy to the Duke Farm as the Hazzard Motel is full, and goes to sleep in Bo’s bed.

She is woken up by Luke and Bo coming home. Annoyed, Bo asks ‘what’s Goldilocks doing in my bed?’ to which she says she was sleeping ‘until you tried to ravish me papa bear’. Daisy comes in and asks if Bo got the note in the bathroom. When Bo snaps that he didn’t go into the bathroom to read, she pretends to be surprised asking ‘oh, you read?’ to which Bo gives her a sarcastic smile. Jesse arrives and kicks the boys out. She goes back to bed.

The next day Bo pulls into the barn with the General in reverse where her, Amy, and Luke are. She comments that she would bet Bo was backward as a kid too. When Bo asks how the car sounds as he tuned it by ear, Frankie throws a wrench to himsaying ‘try one of these next time’. Luke tells Bo to head into town for a case of oil and she says that’s good as she has to pick up some stuff and Bo can drive he,r but he better not try anything funny. When Bo questions that she comments that anything with Bo would be funny.

When they get into town she tells him she’ll see him before taking the truck keys adding that she’ll be back and for him not to go away. She then goes into Rhuebottom’s. After making her purchases, she goes over to Cooter’s to see Bo soaked in oil and working on the engine of her car. Angry, she asks what Bo is doing then asks what happened to him. He tells her that he found Turk under the hood and she says he’s the one she sees under the hood. She starts to look over the engine, asking if Bo’s afraid her and Amy are too much competition. Bo tells her that he doesn’t usually make bets with girls but he doesn’t think she counts and he’ll make an exception. She shrugs and Bo tells her he bets $50 that they don’t even finish the race. She laughs and tells him that if he’s going to bet with her, to make it count. When he asks like what she suggests the cars. Bo laughs and she calls him a chicken, to which Bo accepts the bet.

At the Farm, her, Bo, and Jesse listen to Cotoer explain that he has to be Boss’ crasher for the race. After Bo and Jesse explain that Cooter will just pretend to be trying to run Luke off the road, Frankie smiles saying she wishes they could handle Turk that easily. Bo tells her not to worry as they will when they find him and she remarks that you don’t find Turk, that he finds you.

Later they go to the Boar’s Nest and she is playing pinball. Bo approaches her, asking if he can talk to her. She asks what he wants and he snaps that she can listen to him for starters. He tells her he’s been thinking and she patronizes him, saying she admires a man who isn’t afraid to try new things. Bo says he  doesn’t want to take advantage of their luck with what Turk did to the car so the bets off. Annoyed, she snaps that the bet is one and she already fixed the breaks Turk cut. She tells him thanks for offering before taking his quarter to play another game.

The next morning she is working on Lucifer when Amy comes into the barn, upset and saying she can’t believe Luke did it again. She asks Amy if she told Luke she spent the night in the car. Amy says no and Luke knows nothing about women. Frankie tells her it must run in the family before telling Amy about Bo’s bet for the cars. She goes to shake hands with Amy celeibrating the future of a two car team, but Amy stops as she is covered in oil.

While getting ready for the race and checking ‘Lucifer’ she calls out to Bo asking what does he think of the General Lee being painted pink. She goes back to Amy and Daisy comes over, who she greets happily. After they share a laugh, she does a finale check. When the race starts, she waits with Bo. They are stunned to see Cooter, who is supposed to be in the race, and she goes with Bo to find out what is going on. She realizes it’s Turk who is in Cooter’s car and worries about Amy's safety.

After they watch Turk crash and Amy win, she hugs her friend, cheering. She turns to Luke saying ‘okay hot shot’ and holds out her hand asking for the keys to General Lee. Bo tells Luke to give her the keys. Luke tosses them to Frankie and they see Turk get arrested. They hear Luke admit to letting Amy win and Amy and Luke make up. After Amy says goodbye to Luke and gives him the trophy, she calls out to Bo and throws him the keys. When Bo gives her a stunned look, she salutes before leaving.