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Frank is a minor antagonist from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Diamonds in the Rough[]

While waiting for the diamond drop in Hazzard, they see the General Lee with Bo and Luke driving around. He points a rifle at the boys as they drive. As he adjusts the scope, his partner scolds him reminding him they didn’t come up there to kill anyone. He says the drop is due any minute now and asks if Lenny wants the yokels to see it. Lenny says they might move on. They watch the drop and the boys drive to it. He says he told Lenny they would be trouble. When told the shut up he says they saw the chute and are headed right for it. As the boys grab the doll with the diamonds and go to drive away, he aims at the car but is told to aim for the tires. He misses three times before running around to get in the drivers seat. He catches up to the boys and starts shooting at them with a pistol. He runs out of bullets and Lenny gives him directions. They head down a tunnel after the boys but are stunned by a large truck in the tunnel. He backs up to get out of the way, but they lose the boys.

He sits behind the wheel and listens to Lenny fill Lisa in on what has been happening. He is surprised when Lisa describes the men to them and she explains that they just arrived at the Boar’s Nest. Lisa tells them to take highway 30 south.

As they drive up to the Boar’s Nest, he sees Lisa and asks where is she going as she is getting in her car. Lisa tells them over the radio to follow her and to stay outside of their location until she says to come in. They go to the Duke Farm and wait out by the car.

As they watch the house, they become alarmed when Boss, Rosco, and Cletus arrive. After a few minutes Lenny says they need to go help but he stops him saying ‘no way’ and if Lisa says for them to wait, they wait. After the police leave, they are signaled to come down.

They walk into the house to see Lisa has Jesse, Daisy, Bo, and Luke at gun point. He asks if they got the diamonds and Bo informs them that he accidentally tossed them into the car with the Sheriff. He becomes concerned saying that they are the law and Lisa reminds him that they don’t know the diamonds are in the doll and they don’t know the doll is in the car. Lisa tells Frank and Lenny to stay with Jesse and Daisy while she and they boys go to town and get the doll.

He sits at the kitchen table with Daisy and Lenny while cleaning his gun. When Jesse paces he calls out to him saying ‘say pops, why don’t you find a spot to squat?’ Jesse tells him not to call him pops and he’ll take the ‘pea shooter’ and shove it up his nose. Frank is annoyed but doesn’t say anything.

They hear Lisa and the boys get back and he goes into the kitchen, telling Jesse and Daisy to just stay where they are. Lisa comes in and he says he sees she got it, which she says she sure did. He asks what to do with the Dukes but is stunned when Daisy grabs the doll and flees into another room. He tries to chase her but Bo attacks him and punches him in the face. They wrestle on the couch until Lisa shoots the ceiling again. He points a gun at Bo and Luke. They get the doll back. Outside he shoots out all the Dukes tires and Lisa tells him to get rid of the blue car as the last thing they need is a hot car. He opens the door for her to get in the white car before getting in the blue car to drive away.

They go to a nearby cliff and Frank and Lenny push the car off. As they drive away, Lisa discovers that Daisy had taken the diamonds out of the doll. Lisa says they are going back and they turn around.

As they head to the farm they see the General pass by them and they turn to follow the boys. Bo and Luke leave the main road and when he comments that they jumped the road, Lisa says to take the long way around. After a bit they catch up to the Dukes again. A few moments later they are surprised when the Sheriff comes in behind them. They follow Bo and Luke until they are forced to stop, sliding into Mason’s car as he stops as well. They are arrested by Agent Caldwell.