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Frank Baldwyn is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Southern Comfurts[]

Property Merges of Atlanta. He goes to see Holly Comfurt to attempt buying her land. She calls Jesse Duke and when Jesse arrives, he greets him and shakes his hand. Frank explains that they intend to build a housing development right there and they are prepared to pay more than a fair price. Jesse cuts him off as he talks before crouching down. Confused, Frank does as well and Jesse says they are going to take it 'right and slow'. “Mean what we say, say what we mean’. He watches Jesse pull out a book and asks his proposition. He explains they want all the property for $250 thousand. He reiterates they are talking about ¼ million dollars for the deal. He is surprised when Jesse falls backwards and moves to check on him. The Comfurts accept the deal.