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Alexander Franklin "Frank" James was a real life outlaw whose fictional counterpart featured in an episode of the Dukes of Hazzard.


Frank was the oldest of three kids born to Robert Sallee James and his wife Zerelda on January 10 1843 in Clay County Missouri. He was part of the Missouri State Guard in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Frank had worked with his younger brother Jesse as a bandit and was faily active between 1868 and 1876. After Jesse's death in 1882 he returned to Missouri and was tried for the robberies and murders. He was acquitted. He eventually died on February 18 1915


Go West, Young Dukes[]

June 13, 1972 they are passing through Sleepy City, and they are hired by Rufus Z. Coltrane to stop the incoming stage couch and ensure anyone named Duke on it did not make it town.

They arrive to a place where they can see the stage coach. He remarks it should be coming any time with the folks that ‘that Hogg feller’ wanted them to scare off. Jesse tells him there is a slight change, as there is going to be $100,000 on the stage. He says it was considerate of the Sheriff to let them know and asks that if they are going to rob it, what will they do about whoever is on it. Frank says they will kill them. Seeing the coach, they move on it. They start shooting after it to get the stage coach’s attention and force the coach to stop. He keeps the drivers of the coach covered while Jesse talks. When Jesse says for anyone named Duke to get out, Joe gets out and asks how they knew his name. They are interrupted when a stranger rides up and shoots the gun out of his hand. They flee.

He curses after they get away saying the money is gone and asking who that gunslinger was and where he came from. Jesse admits he doesn’t know but they will get it.

They arrive at the Saloon and Jesse remarks the horse tied up looks familiar. He looks inside to see Hank drinking and confirms it was the man from the road. Jesse shows him a letter he got from the saddle bag to say the man is Hank Duke. They decide to show it to Hogg. When they go into the office, they startle Rufus and when Thaddeus asks who they are, Rufus pokes him with a pool cue calling him a lily-livered, lowlife, sod-busting idiot. Annoyed he takes the cue and snaps it in half before throwing it aside. When Jesse explains the Dukes go the drop on them, Thaddeus says there was only one Duke on the stage and he snaps there was one in the bushes that got the drop on them. He tells them the second one is out in the bar now, named Hank Duke. They agree to take care of the Dukes as they have a score to settle. Hogg tells everyone that he has a plan to deal with the Dukes. Hogg and Rufus leave to frame Hank for horse stealing and tell them not to let Hank leave. He asks Jesse if he's going to let Hogg run the show and Jesse says he's just letting Hogg bury himself.

The two go downstairs and approach Hank and Dixie. He grabs Dixie’s arm, pulling her away from Hank saying ‘come on honey’ and that it’s time she had a drink with a real man. Hank insults him and tells him to let her go. He pushes her away and approaches Hank. Hank insults him again and Jesse gets involved. Hank attacks Jesse and he grabs Hank from behind to allow Jesse to hit him but Joe announces he is joining. Hank gets free and punches him. As he gets up he’s shoved into Joe, hitting him in the gut and breaking a chair on him. However Joe gets the upper hand, taking him down.

Everyone stops when Hogg and Rufus come in. He is surprised when Hank throws Jesse at Hogg and Rufus as a distraction and helps pull Hogg off his brother while Joe runs. They head out after Joe Duke, but he asks why don’t they go for the money and forget about them. Jesse says he isn’t resting until they are dead. They shoot at him as he runs and lose sight of him. He asks if they are going to let Joe get away and he decides the hell with him.

They return to the saloon with the dynamite and go inside. They blow up the safe and rob the money from inside. When they come outside, Hank yells for them to drop their guns and raise their hands. They freeze but seeing Thaddeus and Rufus returning, they run over to take the two hostage. He then shoots at Hank and Joe as they leave.

They notice the Dukes are behind them. They urge Rufus to go faster but the Dukes catch up. Hank jumps on the wagon and knocks him out. He is captured but later escapes.