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Frank Scanlon is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Frank Scanlon was a hit man for a syndicate in Los Angeles. He was best known for using a different disguise for every job he did. New Deputy Enos Strate of the LAPD arrested him and testified against him in court around 1980/1981. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison.He told Enos he would make him pay for it with his life.

In 1983 he breaks out of prison and a week later arrives in Georgia.


Enos' Last Chance[]

After putting on a disguise and heads to Hazzard in a green car, speeding as he does. When he reaches Hazzard, he pulls over and checks a gun in the glovebox. He then pulls out the newspaper of Enos arresting a syndicate hit man from the Los Angeles Tribune. After nodding he balls up the paper and possess it in the passenger seat. He then gets out of the car and stats walking to the road. He waits by the roadside until the General Lee pulls up. Bo greets him and Luke tells him to hop on in. He gets in and sits in the front as Bo moves to the back with Daisy, thanking them and claiming he had been standing there so long he started to grow roots. As Luke drives, he tells them he’s mightly glad they came along as he missed his bus from Capitol City that morning and he figures hitchiking wasn’t’ a good idea. He introduces himself as Len Brady and shakes Bo’s hand as Luke introduces them all. Bo says it looks like it’s his lucky day and he agrees, saying it’s his first time in Hazzard County.

When they arrive in town, Luke parks and says that is as far as they go. Bo asks if there is anything else they can do for him. He tells them they have done more than enough already, and he’ll manage just fine before walking away. He approaches the police station and notices the keys to one of the cars is in the ignition. He nearly bumps into Rosco and tips his hat in greeting.

He waits out of the police department when Enos comes out. When Enos helps an older woman in the street, he runs out with the gun drawn, yelling for Enos to hold it. Enos wrestles with him for the gun and when he drops it, he runs. Luke, Enos, and Bo chase after him. He runs into traffic, nearly getting hit before cutting through the square and jumping over the fences. He reaches a wall he can’t jump and waits for Luke to catch up. When Luke reaches him, he uses Luke’s momentum to toss him through the fence. He turns to face Bo, pulling out a switchblade and attempts to stab him. Bo grabs a hold of his right hand and tries to get the knife before hitting him in the head and knocking him out.

Salesman disguise

Salesman Disguise as Len Brady

After regaining consciousness, he is escorted into the police department by Enos, Bo, and Luke. He is presented to Boss Hogg and Rosco before being taken to the cell downstairs, Bo telling him to mind his ‘p’s and q’s.’ Enos has him sign in. Enos locks him in his cell saying, ‘this ought to hold you’. He comments ‘I wouldn’t count on that hayseed’ and says he has a score to settle with Enos and nothing will change that. Boss and Rosco come down and Bo and Luke leave, Frank notices the cell keys on Enos’ belt. While Boss and Rosco talk to Enos, he reaches out and takes the keys. He shoves the door open with a yell, knocking Enos down into Boss and Rosco before taking a gun. Enos tries to keep the gun and it goes off. He manages to get it and goes to leave but he sees Bo and Luke coming down the stairs. He uses his body to trip them, causing the boys to fall before escaping.

He goes outside and shoots out the tires on Rosco’s patrol car. He gets in Enos’ car and leaves. He drives through the square, taking a back alley and hitting trashcans. He sees some construction work and stops to wait for the General. As Daisy approaches, he shoots at them, hoping to stop them but Daisy jumps over him, turns around, and resumes the chase. As he leaves town, he encounters a white pickup with Jesse Duke inside. In his hurry he runs the pickup off the road and stops, shooting out the front tire of the General. After checking that they are all stopped he drives on.

Preacher disguise

Preacher Disguise

He continues driving down the road and attempts to pass a truck. He nearly causes an accident with an oncoming car. He arrives to where he hid his car and opens the trunk where his other disguises are hidden. He pulls out two suitcases before going through them to select his next appearance.

Farmer disguise

Farmer Disguise

He sits in the Hazzard square, pretending to read a newspaper when he notices Bo and Luke arrive at the Garage. He also watches Daisy and Enos make their way over to the garage before putting a bomb into the back of Enos’ car. He sees Enos and Daisy escape from the bomb and gets in his car to leave town.

While hiding in the Hazzard Sawmill, he hears a radio program saying Enos will be in the radio station at five pm, two hours from then. He changes his disguise, and when the radio DJ says, ‘see you all then’ he adds ‘you better believe it.’. Scanlon push his car out of the sawmill and crash into a ditch.

Preparing to go to the radio station in town, he sneaks onto Tarkey’s farm and steals his pickup. He then goes to town, driving around the square to find the radio station. He notices a hat fall and sees that people are watching from the roofs. Realizing it’s a trap, he changes his plan. He pulls up to an alley, spotting Daisy. He gets out of the pickup and walks over to her. Daisy asks who he is, and he pulls her against the wall, pointing the gun at her and telling her that it’s Scanlon. He takes her radio before pulling her to the truck. He remarks they have a nice little trap set, calling her beauty, before saying it won’t work. Daisy asks what makes him so sure and he tells her that she is going to get him out of there. He tells Daisy to get behind the wheel as she is going to drive.

After they get out of town, he tells Daisy to stop by a telephone. He pushes her up by the phone and makes her take the receiver. He then puts in a diam and forces her to dial the radio station. As the radio station responds to the car, he tells Daisy to say exactly what he told her to say warning her not to try any tricks. He wants Enos to meet him at the north end of Pruitt Meadow within a half hour or he will kill Daisy. Daisy begs for Enos not to come but he pulls the phone from her. Enos yells for him not to hurt her and he talks saying he wants Enos alone. He says he wants no gun and Enos with his hands in the air. They leave.

At Pruitt’s Meadow, he ties Daisy’s hands together. She starts yelling at him and he tells her to hold still, or he will hit her. Enos arrives and comments ‘what do you know, your boyfriend arrived just on time.’ Daisy tries to get Enos to leave. Enos surrenders and he points a gun at him to shoot him. However, another ‘Enos’ calls out to him before a third and a fourth. Scanlon looks between them all before Daisy shoves him off and runs, kicking away his gun. He goes to get it, but Jesse shoots it. He runs and Enos chases him. He tries to hit Enos with a branch and throw dirt in Enos eyes. However, Enos catches him and knocks him out before arresting him. Because of his hat just makes him lucky.

He is returned to the LAPD.