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Fred Andrews is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Runaway[]

He met Suzy Holmes while studying agriculture in college. They fell in love but C.J. forbid them from marrying. He gets a call from Suzy, happy to talk to her and saying he thought she would be on the boat but she says she isn’t going. He tells Suzy he can get a car at the airport and he promises he will come to Hazzard. Jesse takes the phone from her and he tells Fred that the farm might not be safe for much longer and for him to drive on highway 5 until he gets to the county line and make sure his car has a C.B. and keep it on channel 9. He agrees and says he can’t tell him how much he appreciates it before asking to speak to Suzy again. He tells her he loves her before hanging up.

He flies into Colonial City and gets a car, following Jesse's instructions.

After arriving he follows a map to get to Hazzard. When he crossesthe county line, he hears Luke telling C.J. that they will swap Suzy for their Uncle Jesse at Crystal Lake Bridge. He looks at the map and finds where that is before heading there.

He arrives, parking next to C.J. and running onto the bridge yelling for Suzy. When he reaches her  He punches both men and is told to ‘take the girl and get out of here’. He and Suzy run to the General. They flee in the car and he kisses Suzy. Bo and Luke get in the General and drive them away. He cheers when Luke shoot out the old water tower as Bo drives by, flooding the road and losing their persuers.

The next day, he and Suzy are married with the Duke Family and L.B. Davenport present. After they are approached by C.J and he shakes his hand, C.J. finally accepting him. He then watches his new father in law give Daisy a jeep as a gift.