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Freddy the Ferret is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Dukes of Hazzard: Hazzard in Hollywood![]

While standing beside and ATM he is approached by Rosco, who introduces himself and explains he is looking for a bank. Freddy remarks that he found it, gesturing behind him. Rosco remarks there is no teller and he laughs saying no one has seen a teller in years and everyone banks from a machine. He tells Rosco to go ahead, gesturing to it a second time. When Rosco goes to the machine, telling a man that it is police business he stands by Rosco’s side, clapping and saying ‘let’s clear the area, come on people chop, chop.’ He watches Rosco try to talk to the machine and insert a drivers license only for it to be destroyed. He watches Rosco try again, getting his tie stuck in the machine. Rosco tells him the machine is attacking him as he pulls his tie free. He laughs as they watch the ATM spark out. He claps and everyone follows suit. He introduces himself to Rosco as Freddy the Ferret and Rosco says he’s please to meet him calling him Mr. Ferret. He tries to correct Rosco that it is a nick name but then says ‘never mind’. He asks how much money does Rosco need and is told 20 thousand. He rubs his hands together saying Rosco will need private financial help for that kind of bread. Rosco tries to specify that he needs money and Freddy says ‘doe, bread, money’ and he tells Rosco he has just the right people. He says there is no machine this time and he leads Rosco away, saying his friends are going to love Rosco.

Freddy takes Rosco into a restaurant and greets Sharon in Japanese before introducing his ‘good friend’ Rosco. He says that Rosco is looking for a loan. Rosco pulls him aside saying he needs to talk to him for a moment. He asks Freddy what is he trying to pull. Rosco says she can’t have a dime to her name, shocking Freddy. Rosco tells him that she is eating cut bait.

As Rosco’s money is packed up, he explains that the interest is 10 grand and Rosco has to pay back all of it in 72 hours. He and Rosco leave. Outside they celebrate the loan but before they reach the cars, two men run out and rob the money from Rosco. He throws his hands up and keeps them up.

They go back inside to talk to Sharon. She says Rosco still has to pay her back and not to leave town. He remarks Rosco has some bad karma. He tells Rosco they should get out of there and they leave.

He drives Rosco back to the campsite where Cletus and Cooter ask why Rosco is upset. Rosco says he let the weasel or ferret trick him and Freddy tells them that ‘Sheriff bad Karma’ got robbed of 20 thousand he just borrowed from the baddest muscle in town. He tells them all that he’s leaving and with Rosco’s karma he would be reincarnated as a roach. He says to have a nice day to Cooter and Cletus and drives off.